Sneak Peek: Runaway Geisha Gold Edition (With Trailer!)

In the upcoming EXCLUSIVE release, Runaway Geisha Gold Edition, you will find yourself whisked away to 1920s Japan during the time of Geishas. You will play as an apprentice Geisha navigating her way between the love of two vastly different men when tragedy suddenly strikes. Now you must make a heart-rending choice and possibly devastate a man you love.

Check out the trailer for this exclusive release and then get a sneak peek at the game’s art after the cut!

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It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

Did you know it was Cow Appreciation Day? Because it totally is! I don’t know about you, but I think cows are super cute. So in honor of Cow Appreciation Day, and apropos of pretty much nothing, here are some pictures of some especially adorable bovines! Don’t think cows are cute? Allow us to try and change your mind!

I mean, come on, look at that face!

Or how about these lovers?

Then there’s this shaggy guy -

Or this loving mother and her calf -

Of course there’s this cutie -

And finally here’s a cow called Wanda. Because why not?

Be sure to check out one of iWin’s many games featuring cows to keep the Cow Appreciation Day festivities going!

Sneak Peek: Royal Envoy 3 Collector’s Edition

The eagerly anticipated new chapter in the Royal Envoy series is almost here and we’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE first look at it! Embark on an all new journey with the Royal Envoy and his loyal assistant, Cedric as they set out to discover and develop new lands and induct them into the kingdom!

Check out the trailer below and even more exclusive game art after the cut!

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Have You Voted In The iWin Cup Yet?

To celebrate the 2014 World Cup, for the past week, over on the official iWin Facebook page, we’ve been pitting two similarly themed games against each other and asking YOU to vote for your favorite. The competition is HEATING UP! So click on over to the iWin Facebook page and vote for your favorite games from the past week! Then be sure to check back daily to see what two games are gonna duke it out!

Presenting…The iWin Cup! Vote Today!

In celebration of the 2014 World Cup currently being held in Brazil, iWin is pleased to present the first annual iWin Cup!

Every day for the next month on the official iWin Facebook page, we’ll be pitting two similarly themed games against each other and asking YOU to vote for your favorite! The winner of each round will proceed to the next until eventually there’s only one game left standing! Just leave a comment and tell us which one YOU think should win!

First up, representing the Travel Division, are are Delicious: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise versus Rainforest Adventure! Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know which game you want to triumph over the other and face the next competitor!

And after you’ve done that, be sure to check out the World of Games Sale and celebrate global unity while saving 50% off of some fantastic games!

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Hey folks, did you know it was National Doughnut Day? How are you celebrating? Hopefully with some delicious, frosted, cakey goodness. Because in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “Mmm…doughnuts”.

Do any of these doughnut creations entice you?

How about a yummy looking bacon-topped maple bar? Because bacon makes everything better. Even doughnuts!

Even more doughnutty deliciousness below…

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Sneak Peek: Big City Adventure: Rio de Janeiro

In the hotly anticipated newest entry in the ever popular Big City Adventure series, you’ll embark on a journey to the fabulous and vibrant tropical paradise of Rio de Janeiro! Relax on sandy beaches, party until dawn during the famous Carnival celebration, and of course collect tons of hidden items, play exciting mini-games while learning about the fascinating history of of Rio!

Check out some exclusive preview art below and be sure to keep an eye on to get this game as soon as it’s released!

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Sneak Peek: Youda Sushi Chef 2

Get an early look at the exciting follow-up to the time management classic, Youda Sushi Chef 2!

In this thrilling sequel, you’ll really put your culinary skills to the ultimate test as you prepare dishes in 6 international restaurants! Upgrade your kitchen, your coffee machine, and your telephone so you can order multiple ingredients at once! Get “Star Power” which will enable you to instantly replenish ingredients, entertain customers with magic tricks or even freeze them so you can complete your tasks with extra time!

In Youda Sushi Chef 2, emerge victorious in each final boss battle to prove that you truly are the world’s premier sushi chef! Check out the trailer below and even more art from the game after the break!

Youda Sushi Chef 2 is coming VERY soon! Keep an eye on and be among the first to play it!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We here at iWin would like to wish all of you moms out there the very happiest of Mother’s Days! We know how hard you work and we sincerely hope that today is a day of relaxation, fun, family and friends. It’s all about you today, mom, so make sure to treat yourself!

For all you gamer moms out there, be sure to check out all the games discounted at 50% off during our Mother’s Day Sale or perhaps take advantage of a different kind of bargain with the Ultimate Match 3 Pack 8-In-1 bundle! But whatever you do, mom, don’t forget that today is YOUR day! It’s all about you, because you deserve it!

Throwback Thursday: Garden Defense

It’s time for Throwback Thursday, a new feature here on the iWin blog in which we look back on and spotlight a game you may have forgotten about, or perhaps didn’t even know existed! It could be a favorite of ours here at iWin or one we feel didn’t get the attention or love it deserved when it was first released!

Today’s selection is Garden Defense! Released in 2010, this fast-paced, thrilling action game pits you and the Smith Family against an oncoming horde of pests!

The formerly peaceful suburb of Lindencroft is under siege by legions of hungry critters intent on consuming every garden flower or plant in sight! Allen and Laurel Smith have recruited their daughter, Charlotte to help them stop these pests before it’s too late!

Using carefully deployed lawn ornaments, stop these creatures before they can get to your flowerbeds! As you progress, you’ll need to add more defenses and upgrade your weapons. Eventually you’ll be able to arm your garden gnomes with rocket launchers!

Do you have what it takes to withstand the hordes of insects, slugs and fruit flies? The step up to the front lines and engage the enemy pests in Garden Defense! Head over to where you can play it for free with ads, or purchase it for as low as $2.99 and play it ad-free!

Check out some screenshots after the break!

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