Happy Mother’s Day!

We here at iWin would like to wish all of you moms out there the very happiest of Mother’s Days! We know how hard you work and we sincerely hope that today is a day of relaxation, fun, family and friends. It’s all about you today, mom, so make sure to treat yourself!

For all you gamer moms out there, be sure to check out all the games discounted at 50% off during our Mother’s Day Sale or perhaps take advantage of a different kind of bargain with the Ultimate Match 3 Pack 8-In-1 bundle! But whatever you do, mom, don’t forget that today is YOUR day! It’s all about you, because you deserve it!

Throwback Thursday: Garden Defense

It’s time for Throwback Thursday, a new feature here on the iWin blog in which we look back on and spotlight a game you may have forgotten about, or perhaps didn’t even know existed! It could be a favorite of ours here at iWin or one we feel didn’t get the attention or love it deserved when it was first released!

Today’s selection is Garden Defense! Released in 2010, this fast-paced, thrilling action game pits you and the Smith Family against an oncoming horde of pests!

The formerly peaceful suburb of Lindencroft is under siege by legions of hungry critters intent on consuming every garden flower or plant in sight! Allen and Laurel Smith have recruited their daughter, Charlotte to help them stop these pests before it’s too late!

Using carefully deployed lawn ornaments, stop these creatures before they can get to your flowerbeds! As you progress, you’ll need to add more defenses and upgrade your weapons. Eventually you’ll be able to arm your garden gnomes with rocket launchers!

Do you have what it takes to withstand the hordes of insects, slugs and fruit flies? The step up to the front lines and engage the enemy pests in Garden Defense! Head over to iWin.com where you can play it for free with ads, or purchase it for as low as $2.99 and play it ad-free!

Check out some screenshots after the break!

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Sneak Peek: Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune Collector’s Edition

In the upcoming release, Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune Collector’s Edition, you must help a hapless group of princes turned into frogs by an evil witch in desperate pursuit of a royal husband. This exciting hidden object adventure combines colorful, vibrant, cartoon-like graphics and charismatic characters with a humorous fairy-tale inspired storyline. This game is due to be released VERY soon, but to tide you over until then, check out the exclusive video preview below as well as even more game art and screen shots after the jump!

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Jewel Quest Now Available For Mobile Web Browsers!

Want to play match-3 classic Jewel Quest on the go, but don’t want to have to download an app to do it? Well now you can! The updated and improved Jewel Quest is now available on the mobile version of iWin.com! Play it on your phone, on your iPad or your Android tablet!

Featuring 25 two-minute timed levels, the classic Jewel Quest is more fun than ever! Earn high scores, chat with other players, and best of all, there’s absolutely no download required! Just navigate your mobile web browser to m.iwin.com, click on Jewel Quest and start playing!

We’re really excited about this brand new, improved version of Jewel Quest and we hope you are too! So what are you waiting for? Head over to m.iwin.com and try out the new Jewel Quest today!

Sneak Peek: Family Vacation California!

In the upcoming release, Family Vacation California, you’ll accompany the Simmons family as they visit the warm, sunny climes of, you guessed it, California! Join them as they compete on a gameshow! Thrill along with them at a popular amusement park! Relax with them by their hotel pool! Cheer with them at a baseball game! This fun-for-all-ages hidden object game is coming very soon, but you can get an exclusive sneak peek at some art and screenshots from the game below! Keep an eye on iWin.com so you can join in the Simmons’ family fun as soon as the game is released!

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7 Things You Might Not Know About Easter

Easter is this Sunday, April 20th! It’s a day filled with family, fun, Easter egg hunts, candy and of course a visit from the Easter Bunny! But how much do you really know about Easter? Here are some fun facts about the holiday you might not have been aware of!

1. Easter is the second biggest Holiday for candy consumption, after Halloween. Over 120 million pounds of Easter candy is bought each year!

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Spring Has Sprung! Time To Freshen Up Your Game Collection!

Is your game collection looking a little dusty? Perhaps a tad cobwebby? Could it use a bit of sprucing up? Well, there’s no better time than now to do just that during our Spring Cleaning Sale! For a limited time, save 50% on select Realore games! But hurry, because the sale’s almost over!

For a few days more, you can save 50% on awesome games like Northern Tale, When In Rome, Island Tribe 5 or even the ENTIRE Adelantado Trilogy! So what are you waiting for? Click HERE and stock up on some fantastic new games today!

Get An Early Look At Sky High Farm!

In the upcoming WORLD PREMIER release, Sky High Farm, you’re in charge of beautifying the rooftop of a skyscraper with a lush, vibrant garden! Grow carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and other assorted fruits and veggies and watch your little garden grow into a bustling business! This thrilling time management game is coming soon, but you can get a first look at it right now!

Be sure to keep an eye on iWin.com so that you can be one of the first to download and play this exciting time management game!

Learn About The California Gold Rush and Get An Early Look At Rush For Gold: California!

In anticipation of the upcoming release Rush For Gold: California, we thought we’d gather together some interesting trivia about the historic California Gold Rush and give you a first look at some art from the game! How many of these California Gold Rush facts did you know?

1. The Gold Rush began as a result of a sawmill operator named James Wilson Marshall finding gold nuggets in the American River of California. Unfortunately Marshall never achieved great fortune from the rush, and in fact had to close his sawmill after all his workers quit to search for gold.

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Get An Advance Look At The Exclusive Release Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven Premium Edition

In the thrilling upcoming EXCLUSIVE release Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven Premium Edition, you play as the titular character’s stepsister Nancy as she investigates Jane’s disappearance. In the world of this exciting Hidden Object detective story, you will uncover a vast conspiracy involving The Mystic Order of Defenders, sworn to protecting the earth from the evil vampire and spirit descendants of Cain and Lillith that were unleashed by Jane’s father, (as well as Master of the Order) Sir Edward Sinclair. Take a look at some of the fantastic artwork before it’s released and be sure to check iWin.com frequently so you can be one of the first people ANYWHERE to play this dazzling exclusive game!

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