David F


David F – VP of Technology and Co-Founder of iWin.  

Hates Swedish Fish…Even the Red Ones.



Call me David. I started off at iWin as a programmer and game designer, working with a few other dedicated game-lovers to hack together online games of skill, game servers, lobbies, and a web site to hold it all together.

For many years, I worked out of my Brooklyn apartment, working with folks in upstate New York, Maine, the High Sierras, and, of course, a tiny office in a San Francisco back-alley.

iWin then experimented with creating some of the first downloadable casual games such as Jewel Quest and Mah Jong Quest. I helped program and write the stories for these now-classics. You can blame the epically bad poetry in the Mah Jong Quest series on me. Long story short, those games made it big and iWin soon became a developer, publisher, and distributor for downloadable casual games.

Our San Francisco office grew to over 50 talented people, and my family and I moved out to join the fray. Dozens of games and seven years later, here we are.

We now have offices in Kiev (great caviar) and Seattle (great coffee). Jewel Quest has spawned two sequels, five offshoots, and can be found on the Xbox, Nintendo DS, most mobile phones, the iPhone, and even Facebook.

These days my focus is on adding a community to iWin. Hotel iWin is the first phase… Our hope is that, very, very soon, you’ll not only be playing your favorite casual games alone, but with some of your favorite new friends.

Look for it in the next month or two! These days there are a lot of reasons to be down. Our economy is in shambles, there’s political turmoil left and right, the stability of the environment is threatened, and there’s nothing good on TV. I believe casual games are the single best way to take a quick escape while still stimulating your imagination, your intelligence, and your intuition.

My hope, above all, is that the work we do at iWin adds to and enriches your life in ways nothing else can. Let us know what more we can do for you.

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