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Get an exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow’s new release, Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure!  In this exciting Match-3 game, you must help Adda and Ciro find the seeds of the Golden Tree, which can only be brought back to life by the world’s best alchemists! Check out some gorgeously rendered screenshots from this upcoming release below!

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…This Thursday Comes!

Looking for some fun games to play during the long Labor Day weekend? Well look no further than iWin’s Labor To Play Sale and save 50% off on selected game titles! Check out the fantastic games on sale:
Vacation Mogul
Green City
Big City Adventure: Paris
The Veil Of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes
Secrets of the Titanic: 1912-2012
Titanic’s Keys to the Past
Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower
Tiger Eye – Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box

Head on over to iWin.com to save on some fun and exciting games to play during your Labor Day weekend!

Love puzzle games, but hate to be limited to one genre per game? Well then 2D Knifflis is for you! 2D Knifflis combines some of the most beloved types of puzzles into one game! I’ll admit to not knowing precisely what a ‘knifflis’ is, or if such a thing exists in dimensions other than two, but that’s besides the point. This game is seriously fun and quite the brain teaser, combining match-3, complex Sudoku stages, and relaxing Mahjong levels. But 2D Knifflis isn’t just a game that’ll get the ol’ noggin cranking, it’s also a feast for the eyes and the ears, with gorgeous visuals and fun, whimsical sound effects. If you’re a serious puzzle addict, then you really need look no further than 2D Knifflis to satisfy any puzzle cravings you might have!

Who doesn’t love great value? Why buy two things individually, each at full price, when you could get both for one low price? It wouldn’t make any sense at all to do otherwise! Well, for those of you gamers who are Match-3 fiends, the Match-3 Masterpiece Bundle is a fantastic value! This awesome bundle includes two match-3 classics; Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star and Around the World In 80 Days.

In Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star, you must guide famed explorer Percy Peck on his hunt for the titular jewel, stolen from a Native American village. Using your formidable match-3 skills, you must help return the jewel to its rightful owners! Based on Jules Verne’s classic novel,  Around The World In 80 Days takes you on a madcap adventure circumnavigating the globe in, as the title plainly states, 80 days. This game transports you to the 19th century as you follow English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his trusted servant Passepourtout on their breathtaking journeys on land, sea and in the air!

So if you’re a match-3 fanatic, be sure to take advantage of the excellent value of the Match-3 Masterpiece Bundle today!


It’s officially summer! The days are long and hot and all anyone wants to do is cool off, relax, maybe go to the beach or check out the newest, hottest big budget blockbuster at the movie theater. Which of course, you could do. OR you could check out all the big budget, action packed, blockbuster games on sale during our Summer Blockbuster Sale! So many great titles and they’re all Collector’s Editions, loaded with extras and bonus features! Why venture out into the punishing heat of summer, when you could relax in your home, with a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade and lose yourself in some blockbuster games? Click HERE to see all the fantastic games on sale!

Who doesn’t love snacks? I could go for a snack right now in fact! Some chips perhaps, or maybe some gummy bears! No! A pizza! Okay, I guess that’s not really a snack per se, but you get my drift. In today’s release Snack 2 Go you are responsible not only for fulfilling the snack cravings of your busy, harried customers, but also making sure that the lessor of your boss’ snack van is happy. The happier they are, the more upgrades you can get; from snack van, to snack bar to…who knows? The sky’s the limit! This exciting, hilarious match-3 game also requires all of your time management skills, and is sure to make you crave all the fun it has to offer!

Hey folks, time is running out on the June Bride Sale! Take advantage of the savings while you still can! We’re talking 50% off of titles such as Delicious – Emily’s Wonder Wedding, Love Story: Letters From The Past and Phantasmat and others! Click HERE to see what other fantastic games are on sale!

In today’s release Mahjong Secrets, you play as a young, obedient, but very bored and curious princess. One day, in the throes of tedium, you enter a room you’ve been warned not to enter and discover a shocking secret – you have a twin sister that your parents, the king and queen, never told you about!

But why haven’t they mentioned her and more importantly, where is she now? When you find out that she was kidnapped years ago, your quest begins! You must reunite your family and uncover the secrets behind your twin sister’s abduction! With over 100 different mahjong boards, multiple fun mini-games and side quests, even beautifully rendered hidden object scenes, Mahjong Secrets is a game designed to keep you guessing and enthralled for hours!

Help celebrate summer weddings during the June Bride Sale! For a limited time only, a specially selected assortment of games are 50% off! Titles like Delicious – Emily’s Wonder Wedding, Love Story: Letters From The Past and Phantasmat and others are all half off! Click HERE to see what other awesome titles are available!

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