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Terrie Says

You play our games and you know what you want. Now’s your chance to tell us, and get paid for your ideas!

Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Do you play Facebook games? We would like your opinion on a new product that iWin is developing for social networks. We need you for an hour at our beautiful San Francisco office where you will get to play a new game, talk to the developers and make $50 for your time!

In order to make your opinion heard AND MAKE $50, here’s what to do:

  1. PM me with your contact information including your email address, phone number, and what games you play on Facebook.
  2. Visit our San Francsico Offices on either Thursday, September 10th or Friday, September 11th.
  3. Make your opinion heard!

…And walk away with $50 in your pocket!

For more information, or to reserve your spot, please PM AnneiWin on the forums with your email address, phone number, and games you play.

We’ll find out what time works for you, and send you our address. More importantly, we’ll set aside $50 with your name on it.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

Click here to PM (Private Message) me!


You know what game is coming soon? I’ll give you three hints.

1. It’s on a tropical island.
2. It’s got beautiful sandy beaches.
3. And you are the queen!

Can you guess yet? That’s right, it’s Coconut Queen!

Click here to enter the Coconut Queen contest!

Since Coconut Queen takes place on the far away tropical island of Lui Lui, here at iWin we wanted to give you your own chance at a getaway vacation.
For this week’s contest, in honor of the upcoming release of Coconut Queen, we are giving away the grand prize of:

A 200 Dollar American Airlines Gift Card!

So pack that swim suit, and be sure to order a fruity drink with little umbrella. It’s time to enter the Coconut Queen contest! Surf, sand, and sun are yours to be won!

To enter, go to our iWin Promotions room located HERE and click on the door. The door will take you to an entry form page. Just fill out the entry page and you’ll be entered! This will be a random drawing of 4 lucky winners.

What are all the prizes? Well I’m glad you asked!

1st prize – 200 Dollar American Airlines Gift Card and 3000 Opals
2nd prize – 2000 Opals
3rd prize – 1000 Opals
4th prize – 500 Opals

You may enter the Coconut Queen contest twice according to the rules listed here. But beware, entering more than twice may disqualify you from the contest.

Also, unfortunately due to shipment restrictions, our first prize is only open to US Residents.

This contest will end next Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 10am PST.

The winner will be announced the next Wednesday afternoon.

So go click the door and ENTER HERE and be a Coconut Queen today!

Want more Coconut Queen? Check out the official Coconut Queen Game Website for your exclusive FREE: calendar, wallpapers & ringtones!

As for last week’s contest, we had a TON of entries! At the end of the contest we had well over 3200 entries! This was our biggest weekly contest to date! Our grand prize winner of last week’s Kelly Green contest was kawrider66!! Congratulations and enjoy your Year of Seeds!

For 2nd place, winning a lovely 50 dollar flower bouquet, we have angeljoey!!

Both 1st and 2nd place winners will need to check their email for further instructions.

wldgtr won 3rd prize and 1000 Opals, and last but not least wildrose3 won our 4th prize spot with 500 Opals!

Congratulations! The Opals will be awarded late tonight, so keep an eye on your Opals balances!

Click here to enter the Coconut Queen contest!

Hi everyone, I want to give you a heads up about a couple of great games we released this week.

The first is Mysterious City Vegas. It’s a nice hidden object game made by the same folks who brought you Mysterious City Golden Prague and Mysterious City Cairo, and produced by us here at iWin.

Like the other Mysterious City games, Vegas has a mix of hidden object and spot the difference screens.  To spice things up a bit, and continue the Las Vegas theme, there are also casino-style mini games such as video poker and slots, where you can wager the points you’ve earned in order to win even more!  It’s a very fun game, although I must say, I’ve been to Las Vegas a couple times, and I didn’t quite recognize some of those places!  I’m sure it’s just because it’s been awhile.

Talk about the game and Las Vegas in general in the Mysterious City Vegas Forum.

The other great game we put out this week is Bookworm Adventures 2 from the folks who brough you Peggle Nights and (of course) Bookworm Adventures.

If you think all word games are the same, then you are wrong, wrong I tell you!  Journey through a land of nursery rhymes and fairy tales while battling famous foes with nothing but your wits and vocabulary!

Hey, I thought the three little pigs were supposed to be GOOD guys???

You can talk about  your Bookworm exploits and big, brainy vocabulary here in the Bookworm Adventures 2 Forum.

Have fun playing and have a great weekend!

There’s something going on today. Something big, I just can’t remember what it is.

No no, don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue.

Starts with a “J”, ends with an “uest”

Ow, I keep bumping my head on something, what is tha…

Holy moly, Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart is out today!!!

Ok ok, I knew that, we’ve all been working very hard to bring you this wonderful game.

I think you’re really going to like it. Of course it has all the familiar elements; a great adventure story that you’ve come to expect from the Jewel Quest series – Jewel Quest jewel boards between the levels – hidden object search screens with breathtaking art.

It also has some really cool new features.

Some of the objects you’re searching for – say a hammer or a screwdriver – are tools that will be placed into your inventory as you find them. You’ll need to figure out how to use them in the scene in order to uncover pieces of the jewel boards. If you’ve found all the objects on a screen and it won’t let you leave yet, you need to do something with an inventory object, look for something that’s sparkling and use an inventory item there.

Other times you’re searching for dragonflies in your list of objects, and once you find them, they will bring you a piece of the jewel board.

There’s also a really unique feature in the scrolling search screens. You are moving through the landscape (in a plane, on a train, etc) and plucking out the objects as you go.

In each search screen there are gold lion coins. For each three you find, you earn an extra hint. There are also a bunch of small jewels to find in each screen. You can use those to purchase cool powerups to assist you. A few of the powerups are: Freeze Screen – Allows you to pause the timer while you continue to hunt. Dragonfly – A dragonfly leads you to a gold lion coin. Jewel Sense – Your cursor sparkles of it’s near a jewel.

And as if all that isn’t enough, we’ve also got two, TWO different contests!

iWin is giving away $1,000 a week for 6 weeks!

Download the game, and look for the iWin logo in one of the opening search screens. Click on the iWin logo to bring up an entry form. You could be one of six lucky people to win $1,000!

We’re also giving away a gorgeous diamond and garnet necklace.

I have seen the necklace, and it is beautiful! We’re talking real diamonds. I’m also very fond of money, so I’m extremely jealous that iWin employees aren’t eligible to win!

I asked around for a few quotes from the folks who worked on Jewel Quest Mysteries 2, and here’s what I got.

“this hidden object game is so rich and lavish, you feel like you’ve been dropped right into the actual locations”

Andrew – Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

iWin Wonder Producer Dennis had this to say:

“I wish everyone in the world can be as awesome as Terrie. Without her, iWin would fall to pieces”

Truer words have never been spoken, but then he gave his actual quote.

I hope everyone will enjoy the game because we really put a lot of effort into it”

Then we pretended to be cops and mercilessly interrogated Dennis until he caved and gave us the following interview:

Q: Describe for us what it was like making Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart

It was both heaven and hell for the team this time around. There was always some type of heated debate between team members on what features to add and keep. At times, it could be described as “Live bees pumped into air conditioning.” But in the end, when we do our focus group testing or when we take early builds to have our family members play-test it, the positive reactions we get makes it all worthwhile.

Q: What is your favorite element of this exciting new game?

A: The team really liked how the traveling scrolling screens came together. We really wanted to get some new mechanics into the hidden object genre, and hope introducing parallax scrolling screens will add a new dimension to the gameplay.

Q: What are the main differences between Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear and its sequel, Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart?

A: Well, this time around, we went bigger and better on all fronts. More hidden object screens, more animations, more gameplay modes, better replayablility, and more upgrades to choose from. We wanted to make this a true sequel with all aspects of the game. We also added the scrolling screen this time around to give the player a different gameplay mechanic in addition to the tried and true hidden object screens.

I hope everybody gives Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 Trail of the Midnight Heart a play. It’s a wonderful game, and I’m very proud to be a part of it!

So you know that thing I hinted at yesterday?

That thing that you would like – that thing that would make you happy?

Well that thing I was hinting about is the all new Club iWin, and it’s here!

A few things you should know:


iCoins is now Club iWin – Club iWin Member Benefits include:

  • Over 800 games for $6.99 each or less
  • Absolutely no commitment
  • Sneak Peeks at all iWin produced and developed games
  • One bonus game given to all members every month
  • Earn rewards in Hotel iWin for every game you purchase and play!

Biggest changes between Club iWin and iCoins:

  • Only 1 tier, $6.99/1,000 iCoins
  • No membership commitment
  • You can buy as many games/iCoins at this low price as you want per month

What do you have to do to change from being an iCoins member to a Club iWin member:


You will be switched automatically at the next billing cycle.  Some PayPal users may have to cancel their existing account and sign up for a new Club iWin account but those who do need to do so will be notified by iWin.com.  All other members will change automatically!

Sign Me Up!

Come discuss in the Club iWin Forum!

If you’re still not ready to make that leap, we’ve lowered the every day price from $19.99 to just $9.99 on over 100 top games, with hundreds more to come shortly!

We’ve also made a bunch of snazzy changes in Hotel iWin, but since we don’t want to overwhelm you and send you into Joy Shock, we’ll tell you about those later.

Hi Guys!

You may have noticed that we have 3 extra 500 iCoins/$9.99 games this week.

You didn’t notice?

Hey guess what?  We have 3 extra 500 iCoins/$9.99 games this week!

In anticipation of the new Tradewinds Odyssey game coming out on Monday, June 15th, we’ve discounted 3 earlier Tradewinds titles; Tradewinds 2Tradewinds Legends and Tradewinds Caravans through the end of June.

If you haven’t checked these games out yet, take a look.  If you like games such as the Chocolatier series and Lavender’s Botanicals, then you’ll love the Tradewinds games.  They’re not similar, they’re the originals that these other games built off of.  And sure, Chocolatier has chocolate, but Tradewinds has pirates!  What could be better?  Ooh, chocolate pirates!

I have spent countless hours playing these games.  Unfortunately that was on my old compter, because I would love to show you a screenshot of the 14 BILLION dollar fortune I had amassed by the time I finally staggered away from Tradewinds 2.  That’s not a typo, that is billion.  With a “B”.

But the Tradewinds games are not only favorites of mine, our very own iWin producer and renowned blogateer Andy produced Tradewinds 2 and Tradewinds Legends!

I asked him for some cool tidbits about the games he worked on, and he absolutely innundated me with a ton of fun factoids and great gameplay tips.

Fun Facts:

  • My kid sister Christine graduated from UC San Diego while I was working on “Tradewinds 2″, so as a graduation gift, I turned her into the main character in that game.  Another character, Sir Stephen the Silent, was her boyfriend.  They are still happy together.
  • Tradewinds was inspired by a 1979 Apple game called “Tai-Pan”, that was in turn inspired by James Clavell’s novel “Tai-Pan” that was published in the late 60’s.
  • Between Tradewinds 1 and Tradewinds 2, the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” came out.  I decided to switch from fleet vs. fleet combat to having one badass ship fighting off hordes of enemies after that movie, and saw the movie in the theater a second time to get the effect of firing a cannon to “feel right”.
  • The names of all of the cities in “Tradewinds Legends” are plays on words.
  • The Tradewinds franchise represented the first casual games to feature depth and complexity.  Before then, it was considered risky to do anything more complex than match-3 games for our audience.
  • One hallmark of all of the Tradewinds games was the random character and name generation system.  In Tradewinds Classic, nearly every ship name was taken from famous (or infamous) fictitious ships from movies, novels, cartoons or television shows.  I had the chance to exchange pleasant emails with some of my favorite authors when contacting them to make sure I could use their ship names.
  • For Tradewinds 2, I created a “Quest” system that serves up one major storyline for each character and a series of other quests that are part of everyone’s world.  On any given playthrough, you will see at most half of the quests.
  • Artist Israel Evans painted the pictures of every port in this Caribbean world, then went on a Caribbean cruise afterwards, returned and said “I actually went to the ports in our game.  Sorry, but they look totally different.”
  • We worked with a studio in India to create the visuals in this game, which includes one magical city floating in the clouds.  We had asked the artists to make something that looked “like heaven”, and they replied back, “This is India.  Which ‘heaven’ do you mean?”
  • There is one quest where you have to escort a comical group of amateur adventure students on their quests.  Their names were Belegar, Drothbar and Legehawk, which were the online names for three students that worked with us on the game.
  • We researched all sorts of Middle Eastern history and art when putting Tradewinds Legends together, and learned that the classic “1,001 Arabian Nights” is actually a French adaptation of Middle Eastern oral traditions.  Most of the beloved characters in these stories are from France!

Gameplay Tips:

  • If you pay attention, prices are always cheapest on the first turn of the game.  You can judge the market based upon the prices on day one.  Sshhhh.
  • The composition of an enemy fleet depends upon how well you have been playing.  (This is true of TW 2 and Legends).  Whenever you are victorious, the game gives one more cannon to the enemy, then figures out some combination of boats to carry all of those cannons.
  • When you flee from battle, the game gives the enemy a tenth of a cannon. Flee enough, and that translates into a whole new cannon.
  • Banks pay interest monthly, while debts accrue interest weekly.  A strategy for working with the banks is to put all of your money into the bank during the last week of the month, then sail to another port where you have a bank, then collect your money with the interest!
  • (Legends)  About half the items in the Magic Shops are duds, but indistinguishable from the really useful ones until you actually purchase and use them.  If you sell a dud back to the magic shop, there’s no guarantee that it won’t show up again.
  • Cannons take up the space of ten crates of goods on any given ship, but magic spell attacks, which cost money, take up no space at all.

So give these games a play, I think you’ll really like them, and be sure to check back on Monday, June 15th for the latest game in the series, Tradewinds Odyssey!

Do you love Jojo’s Fashion Show? Do you have an iPhone?
Well it’s your lucky day, because…can you guess? Yep, there’s an app for that!

You can now play Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces right from your iPhone!

Take me to the iTunes App Store, I gotta have it now!

Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces:

Return to the runway with Jojo and Rosalind in Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces. Make stylish outfits for female and male models as you showcase your fashion sense on runways from L.A. to Berlin. Then capture great looks in new fashion photo shoots.

In Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces, your goal is to compete in a number of fashion shows, proving you have what it takes to move through the ranks. Earn up to 5 stars in every show.

Can you make it to the final show?

From the best selling dress up game on the PC, with over 15 Million downloads, Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces for iPhone is the complete product! Expect 6-8 hours of total game play without repeat.

  • 50 levels of play!
  • Both Male and Female models.
  • Photo Mode – Snap pictures of your models and get scored on accuracy.
  • Deep game play; Model chains, fashion chains, time bonuses, Signature outfits, accessories, power-ups and more!
  • Learn interesting fashion “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

With fantastic finger controls, Jojo’s Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces is a must have iPhone game!

Get the Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 App for your iPhone now!

Hi everybody!

I thought it would be fun to talk about the stuff we do for fun when we’re not playing games.

Do you have any hobbies?  Do you craft, bake, paint, birdwatch?  When you have free time, what do you do that’s just for you?

If you’ve read my blogateer bio, you know that I crochet, and that I have a sad and terrible yarn addiction.  Here is the devestating photographic evidence.

And that photo was taken shortly after I had put up the shelf, it’s not nearly that tidy any more!

I haven’t gotten around to make anything as complex as a piece of clothing yet, I actually can’t stand to follow patterns, but I’ve made scarves, hats, a couple blankets and some amigurumi critters.

The biggest project I’ve done was a silk afghan I made for my best friends’ wedding present.  It took 3 1/2 months, but was totally worth it because they absolutely loved it.

Of course the moment I pinned it out to block (shape) it, there was a cat on it.

There, I’ve shared, now I’d love to hear from you, and I’d really love to see some pictures!  I’ve started a forum topic where we can discuss and post pics of our master works.

Click Here to go to the Hobby Forum!

So apparently there’s some kind of flu out there, has something to do with pigs?  Or not?  It’s hard to say, the media’s not really giving it much coverage…

But here at iWin this week, we’ve all had Samantha Swift Fever!

I really try to play every game before it hits the site, but there’s not always time for that.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to play Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch until this morning, but I just finished playing for about an hour, and this is a really good game!

There are so many hidden object games coming out these days, that sometimes they get a little lost in the shuffle, so if you’re a hidden object fan, make sure you give Samantha a try.

For starters, it’s a nice combination of hidden object and adventure.  You’re hunting for objects, sure, but you’re also gathering clues and items to use in the various mini game puzzles, which feel like a seamless part of the story line.  You don’t get that disjointed feeling of “I’m looking for objects, now I’m playing a mini game”, it all ties in with the story so it feels like you’re part of an interactive movie.

I also really like the multi level hint system.  If you’re just a little stuck, you can click on the item in the list, and an outline will appear in the blue scanner thingy on the menu.  If you’re a little more stuck, while the outline is on the scanner, you can move the cursor around the screen,  and the outline will turn yellow as you get warm, and red when you’re right on top of it.  This is really helpful for the hidden items.  If you’re super stuck, you can click on the hint button and you’ll be shown exactly where the item is.  I really appreciated this during the times when I just wanted to see what was going to happen next, did I mention that the story is really fun?

To get everybody in the Samantha Swift mood, we’ve created a great May calendar that you can download and print for free.

We’ve also got a special combination bundle deal that combines the original Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena and the New Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch.  You can get both games together for $29.99 cash or 1500 iCoins.  If you’re a Platinum iCoins Member, that’s only $10.50!

Are you still with me?  Have you read the whole thing?  Because I’m in such a good hidden object mood, and we have another awesome hidden object game coming out tomorrow, so if you were cool enough to read my entire post, I’m going to give you a preview of Mystery of the Crystal Portal.

Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s Earth Day, and I wanted to do something to celebrate other than renew my car registration, which I did…On the very last day it’s due.

Honestly?  There’s never  a very high “yay” factor with any DMV related task.

So instead we’re offering one of my very favorite games,  Garden Defense, for only 100 iCoins or .99 cents for cash purchases!  No coupon codes, just put it in your cart and buy it.

Garden Defense was designed and created by everyone’s other favorite iWin Blogateer Andy.

Kate left a comment asking, “when are we gonna be treated to the patented Megowan wit, charm and hilarity?”,  and Garden Defense has that in spades!  Get it?  In spades?  With the gardening…sorry.

Seriously, you should check it out, it’s a really fun game, and at that price it’s a steal!


We also released a very fun “green themed” game today called Plan It Green.

It’s very similar to Build-a-lot, but instead of fixing up houses to sell and make money, you’re making houses and businesses more energy efficient, and reviving a downtrodden town.

Remember, you can save 8 gallons of water a day just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth.

Happy Earth Day!

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