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New Release

We’re thrilled to be able to give you a sneak peek at iWin’s newest EXCLUSIVE title, Safari Venture due to be released tomorrow, June 3rd! And you can only play it at iWin.com!

In this challenging and fun Match-3 adventure, you must help Erwin, a zoologist and founder of the “Serengeti – For A Better Life” initiative, save the endangered animals of the Serengeti from a vicious gang of evil poachers. You’ll need to solve 105 levels of fast paced Match-3 action, spanning 8 chapters of storyline in order to stop the poachers and rescue the animal residents of the Serengeti National Park in this thrilling African-themed game!

Watch the trailer below, then check out screenshots from this EXCLUSIVE game that you can ONLY get at iWin.com starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3rd!



For this week’s edition of Free Game Friday we’ve selected yet another exciting addition to our ever-expanding line of Daily Brew games – Daily Sudoku!

Every day you can treat yourself to 3 brand new games of Sudoku! Feeling like a more relaxed game? Choose the ‘Easy’ game. Interested in more of a challenge to get your mind going after waking up? Then choose ‘Medium’ or (if you’re feeling particularly daring) ‘Hard’! Any way you choose, you’re in for a delightful game of sudoku.

Click HERE to give Daily Sudoku a try and be sure to check out all of our other daily games like Daily Jigsaw, Word Search, Crossword, Hidden Object and last, but by no means least, Daily Difference!

It’s time for another edition of Free Game Friday! This week’s selection is our brand new, just released EXCLUSIVE card game, Solitaire Frontier!

Solitaire Frontier is the old fashioned solitaire game we all know and love, but enhanced with fantastic high definition graphics! You can choose either Draw 1 or Draw 3 and play until you win, or if you hit a wall and have no more moves to make, simply switch it out for a brand new deal. Take a look at the screenshots below and soak in the rustic Old West design. Get transported back to a simpler, more pastoral era with this old-timey take on the classic game of solitaire!

Venn: The Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle is an innovative new way to get your jigsaw puzzling fix!
Instead of trying to find a piece with a notch corresponding to a gap in another piece, with Venn: The Overlapping Jigsaw Puzzle you simply match up and overlap circles, just like in a Venn diagram! It’s fun, unique and the images practically jump off your screen!

Check out the trailer and screenshots below then be sure to visit iWin.com on April 2nd, 2015 when this exciting new puzzler is released!

Check out this trailer for tomorrow’s exciting new release, Flower Fiesta! In this colorful and charming match-3 adventure you will travel the world, planting flowers and creating beautiful, lush gardens everywhere you go. In your travels you’ll definitely get your hands dirty gathering pebbles, beautifying your gardens and learning to use the tools to make them really shine!

Check out the trailer below and be one of the first to download and play Flower Fiesta when it’s released tomorrow!

In honor of Tell A Fairy Tale Day we’ve whipped up a special Word Search Daily puzzle with a fairy-tale theme and we also thought it’d be fun to gather some interesting facts about fairy tales that may surprise you!

Who doesn’t love fairy tales? From Shrek to Once Upon A Time to Into The Woods, fairy tales are currently and long have been an essential part of pop culture. But how much do you really know about them? Read on and find out!

1. The most well-known collectors of fairy tales, The Brothers Grimm did not intend for the folk tales they compiled to be consumed by children. They collected these tales to preserve the storytelling traditions of the Germanic people.

2. In the original tale of Cinderella, the wicked stepmother, in order to make the stepsister’s feet fit into the golden slipper, hands them a knife and commands them to cut off parts of their feet.

3. In the original tale of Aladdin, the wishes the genie actually grants unlimited wishes, not just three.

4. The 3 bears in Goldilocks weren’t originally a family. They were just 3 good-natured and kindly bears. Over the years they have morphed into a father, mother and baby bear.

5. Astronomers and astrophysicists have adopted the term “Goldilocks planet” to describe a planet that falls within a star’s habitable zone; a region around a star within which planetary objects can maintain sufficient atmospheric pressure to support liquid water on the surface. In other words, it’s not too far from the star, nor is it too close. It’s “just right”.

6. In many versions of the Red Riding Hood tale, Red is actually bringing red wine and cake to her grandmother. Also, the “big bad wolf” is frequently portrayed as a werewolf, both human and wolf.

7. Sleeping Beauty, instead of pricking her hand on a spindle, in an Italian collection of folk tales published in 1634, she simply gets a piece of flax lodged under her nail which sends her into a slumber.

So there you have it, 7 things you may not have known about famous fairy tales. Be sure to head to iWin.com to find some fun, fairy-tale themed games, including the brand new Worldwide Premiere time management game, Fairy Kingdom!

Someone has kidnapped the beloved mayor of a small town and replaced him with a sinister scarecrow in the upcoming hidden object adventure, The Big Secret of a Small Town.

But this is no ordinary small town. Rumors swirl that this town is able to produce energy in an almost alchemical way. What secret was the mayor withholding that would result in his abduction? You must investigate these nefarious circumstances and uncover the truth behind the mysteries of this town and reveal at last what the mayor was hiding.

But it won’t be easy! This game is not for the faint of heart! However, you won’t have to go it completely alone as we’ve provided a helpful strategy guide full of hints and tips to get you through the more daunting aspects of this exciting mystery.

Download the strategy guide HEREBig Secret of a Small Town Strategy Guide (to download, click link, then right click on “Big-Secret-Strategy-Guide.pdf” and select “Save Link As…”), then check out some art from this thrilling new adventure below.

Be sure to visit iWin.com tomorrow, February 26th, to download and play The Big Secret of a Small Town!


In the upcoming Worldwide Premiere release, Fairy Kingdom, you must help a young hero save his kingdom!

This exciting time management game pits you and the hero against an evil sorcerer who has laid the kingdom to waste and kidnapped the princess. The king must then request the aid of the hero in the hopes of defeating the sorcerer, rescuing the princess and restoring peace to the kingdom! But the hero can’t do it without YOUR help!

Check out some screenshots from this thrilling new release below, then visit iWin.com to be one of the first people anywhere to play Fairy Kingdom when it’s released on February 25th!

What’s this? Another FREE GAME FRIDAY selection? You betcha! And to make it even more enticing, this one is a Delicious game! That’s right, you can play the brand new Delicious: Emily’s New Beginnings – Christmas Eve absolutely FREE!

In this brand new edition of the Delicious series, you must help Emily, who has just decided to reopen her restaurant, balance keeping her customers happy while making sure she’s a great mom to her baby!

Delicious: Emily’s New Beginnings – Christmas Eve is absolutely free to play and requires no download! Simply, head over to iWin.com, click on Online Games and start playing! You can also play it on your tablet or smartphone! Just navigate your browser to m.iwin.com, and click on Delicious: Emily’s New Beginnings – Christmas Eve!

In Dreamscapes: Nightmare’s Heir, the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2013 hit, Dreamscapes: The Sandman, you must help Laura rescue her beloved husband, Tim, from the clutches of the evil Sandman. After having fallen from a cliff, Tim slips into a coma wherein the Sandman relentlessly inundates him with nightmares, weakening his already fragile mind.

Check out the chilling trailer from this exciting new hidden object adventure and log on to iWin.com tomorrow and download Dreamscapes: Nightmares Heir Collector’s Edition as soon as it’s released!

Click below for even more stunning, dreamlike images from the game!


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