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New Release

Get a sneak peek at the exciting upcoming game, Gnomes Garden 2, an iWin.com EXCLUSIVE and sequel to the beloved original, Gnomes Garden!

In this charming Time Management game, it’s up to you to defeat the wicked troll queen, who has escaped from her banishment and kidnapped the gnome princess!

Watch the trailer below and be sure to download Gnomes Garden 2, EXCLUSIVELY on iWin.com when it’s released on December 6th, 2015!


Check out this exciting trailer for the brand new interactive mystery game Detective Ross – Episode 1: A PI in Paris!

In this thrilling new game, Mark T. Ross is an American private investigator who sets up his office in Paris, France. Soon thereafter, a mysterious and powerful man asks him to find his kidnapped son. With only a few hints, Ross will have to use every investigative tool at his disposal to solve the case.

Watch the trailer below, then head to iWin.com tomorrow, September 22nd, to be one of the first to download and play this incredible and innovative adventure game mixed with an interactive movie experience!

title screen

Play the brand new, thrilling Match-3 game, Lost Bounty – A Pirate’s Quest EXCLUSIVELY on iWin.com!

In this exciting, sea-faring adventure, you play as Anne Rackham as she explores the mysterious Skull Island! It’s imperative that she build a cove to protect her pride and joy, her ship the Harpie’s Song! Help Anne build this cove and make sure no danger befalls her vessel during 80 levels of fast paced Match-3 gameplay!

This game can ONLY be played at iWin.com, so what are you waiting for? Click HERE and start playing Lost Bounty – A Pirate’s Quest now!

Check out some screenshots and game art below!

LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-45-13-51
LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-47-19-89
LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-50-28-01
LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-45-44-23


It’s time for another edition of Free Game Friday! Today’s selection is a super fun, fast paced word game called Word Drop!

The gameplay is simple; letters fall and you choose letters in the correct order to spell out a word. The letters don’t need to be touching, just make sure to click them in the right sequence or you’ll end up with ‘gnrolaa’ when you meant ‘granola’! The longer or more complex the words, the higher the score! And don’t forget to pluralize the word for more points!

Take a look at the screen shots below to get an idea, then head to iWin.com, click on Online Games (or click on any of the screenshots below) and start playing Word Drop for FREE today!

title screen


The highly anticipated fifth entry in the exciting and beloved Clutter series of games, Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville is out tomorrow and we have a sneak peek at it for you today!

The Clutter series aren’t your typical hidden object games. In these games, the object is, as you might expect from the title, to simply clear the clutter! With challenging puzzles, fun minigames and randomly generated totally replayable levels, the Clutter games are completely addictive and sure to bring you hours upon hours of fun.

Watch the trailer below, then be sure to head to iWin.com tomorrow to download and play Clutter V for yourself!


Coming soon to iWin.com is an all-new puzzle adventure called Riddles Of Egypt and we have an exclusive first look at it for you!

The scene is Egypt circa 1932 and a terrible evil has been awakened, an evil that originated in ancient times. Now it’s up to you to stop it! Using all of the formidable sskills at your disposal, you must solve devious riddles and unlock challenging puzzles to stop this darkness before it consumes the land!

Watch the exciting trailer below then check out some of the stunning artwork from the game. Be one of the first to download and play Riddles Of Egypt when it’s released on iWin.com this August 1st!



Get an exciting free preview of the forthcoming spin-off of the wildly popular Delicious – Emily series of games, Fabulous Angela’s Sweet Revenge!

In this fully playable, completely free preview, spontaneous Angela decides it’s time to follow her dreams. She moves to the Big Apple and starts her career as a fashion designer. Angela couldn’t be any happier, until one day she discovers her husband’s treacherous secret! Will she be able to control her impulses? Find out in Fabulous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge!

Check out the trailer below and then head to iWin.com to download this FREE preview of Fabulous Angela’s Sweet Revenge! Keep an eye out for the release of the full game coming in early 2016!

It’s FINALLY here! That’s right, the BRAND NEW game in the incredibly popular Delicious series, the hugely anticipated Worldwide Premier Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home is available NOW for you to download and play!

Take a look at the trailer below and then head to iWin.com and get your copy of Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home TODAY!

Are you ready for an all new twist on the classic strategy and tower defense game? Then the soon-to-be-released game Sleep Attack should be right up your alley!

In this charming new game, you are in control of the design and layout of the battlefield and you also control how the enemies move and where they go. Build battlements and turrets to redirect the troops and then rotate the field to confuse them even further!

For fans of strategy and tower defense games, this is an absolute must-have! Take a look at some game art below and don’t miss the trailer! Then on June 20th, log on to iWin.com to download and play Sleep Attack for yourself!

Check out the trailer for the upcoming, BRAND NEW eleventh entry in the massively popular Delicious series – Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home!

In this exciting new chapter, you must help Emily and her husband fix up their new house and stop it from being condemned! Can you help turn their house into a home?

Watch the trailer below and check out some fantastic game art after that. Then head to iWin.com on June 18th when the newest, heavily anticipated chapter of the Delicious series is released and be one of the first people ANYWHERE to download the World Wide Premier, Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home!

Missing out on some Emily titles? Be sure to check out the Delicious Super Pack which includes 11 Emily games in one convenient download, and the Delicious Double Pack featuring the two most recent entries in the beloved series, Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise and Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning!

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