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Miscellaneous Bits

Hey folks, did you know it was National Doughnut Day? How are you celebrating? Hopefully with some delicious, frosted, cakey goodness. Because in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “Mmm…doughnuts”.

Do any of these doughnut creations entice you?

How about a yummy looking bacon-topped maple bar? Because bacon makes everything better. Even doughnuts!

Even more doughnutty deliciousness below…



April 2nd is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day and what better way to celebrate than with some pb&j sandwiches? But why stick with the same boring old sandwich when there are so many innovative and adventurous ways to satisfy that pb&j craving? Here are some of our favorites!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

Krispy Kreme PBJ & Bacon Sandwich

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream

PBJ & Banana Dogs

Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is! Click on any of the links above to get the recipes, then be sure to click HERE to see how we’re celebrating National PB&J Day! We’ve put together 5 awesome new bundles of classic games that play better together, just like PB&J! Enjoy your day with some deliciously creative takes on PB&J and some exciting new games!

iWin’s EXCLUSIVE release, Sweet Shop Rush has me thinking about (and craving) some candy. But not your typical Snickers, Reese’s or Kit Kat bars. That’s so predictable, so boring. How about something out of the ordinary, something off-beat? Something weird. Two (or three…or more) great tastes that taste great together (or not…).

Maybe something like Barratt Shrimps & Bananas candy from the UK?

A classic flavor combination if ever there was one.

Apparently, it’s not ACTUALLY shrimp flavored; the shrimp candies reportedly taste like raspberry. Which is disappointing since everyone knows how delicious shrimp and bananas are together, right?

Then of course there’s Japan’s infamously wide assortment of Kit-Kat flavors. Ever wondered what an Edamame Soybean Kit-Kat would taste like? Of course you have. You’re human. It’s natural.


How about Purple Sweet Potato? Wasabi? Soy Sauce? Yes, these are all real flavors that exist and (presumably) people have eaten. No, I don’t get it either. (Although Cinnamon Cookie Kit-Kat does sound pretty darned tasty, I must admit.)

Not that Japan has a monopoly on bizarre candy flavors. One need look no further than Northern California’s own Jelly Belly jellybeans for some truly weird and surreal tastes. Ever thought to yourself, “gee, I sure wish I had some lawn clippings I could munch on”? Jelly Belly has got you covered! Curious about the taste of canned dog food? Jelly Belly to the rescue! Stinky socks? Moldy Cheese? Skunk spray? Check, check and check!

Sure. Makes perfect sense.

You know what? On second thought, I’ll just stick with good old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, or even just a classic Hershey Bar. Doesn’t that sound much better than a Red Bean Sandwich Kit-Kat or a toothpaste flavored jellybean? So go ahead and indulge! Grab some candy and treat yourself to our newest EXCLUSIVE release, Sweet Shop Rush!

In honor of our newest EXCLUSIVE release, Day D Time Mayhem, we thought it would be fun to share some interesting dinosaur facts. For instance, did you know that a T-rex’s tooth could be up to 10 inches long or that it’s massive jaw could eat the equivalent to an adult tiger in one bite? Yep, to a T-rex, one of the most dangerous creatures of the modern world would be nothing more than a nice amusebouche. Read on for some more fun dino facts!

1. Some species of dinosaurs were incredibly small, comparable to the size of a pigeon or a small house cat. A kind of pterodactyl, known as the Nemicolopterus had a wingspan of only 10 inches!

2. Many well known dinosaurs didn’t exist at anywhere near the same time. For instance, there was actually a greater span of time between when the T-rex and stegosaurus walked the earth than the time between when a T-rex was alive and the present day.

3. Dinosaurs can be divided into two distinct categories. There were the ornithischian, or “bird-hipped” variety and then there was the saurischian, or “lizard-hipped” dinos. Surprisingly, modern birds evolved from the “lizard hipped” kind!

4. Afraid of snakes? If so, a dino known as a Madtsoia would probably be your worst nightmare. Reaching lengths of 50 to 65 feet, it killed much like modern boa constrictors or pythons, squeezing its prey to death with its immense muscular strength.

5. Imagine a scorpion almost three and a half feet long, armed with huge, extremeley sharp claws and of course massive amounts of venom produced from its nightmarishly large stinger! The terrifying Pumonoscorpius existed during the Carboniferous period in the forests of what would eventually become modern day Scotland.

6. The oldest known species of dinosaurs were found in Madagascar and have not yet been formally given a name. Existing roughly 230 million years ago, they predate the previous oldest known dino, the Eoraptor, by nearly 2 million years.

7. The smallest known dinosaur skeletons ever found come from a creature known as the Mussaurus, or “mouse lizard”. The largest of the species could still fit inside a modern shopping bag.

Learn anything new about dinosaurs? Hungry for more dino action? Then be sure to experience the zany dinosaur-packed fun of the latest exclusive iWin release, Day D Time Mayhem!

The Chinese New Year begins on January 31, 2014 and millions of Chinese people the world over will be celebrating during the 15 day long festival. But how much do you actually know about the Lunar New Year? Here are 7 facts about its history and traditions you might not have been aware of!

1.  It initially began centuries ago as a means of protecting the Chinese people against a mythical creature known as the Nian, a child eating beast that lives under the sea or in the mountains. Legend holds that the Nian could be scared off by loud noises and wearing something red, which is why firecrackers and the color red are still prominent in New Year’s celebrations to this day.

2. The Chinese New Year is based on cycles of the moon, which means that unlike Western calendars, Chinese calendars have 6 months with only 29 days and 6 months with 30 days. Every 3 years there is an extra lunar month called rùnyuè.

3. It is believed unwise to wash your hair on the first day of the Chinese New Year as you will be washing away your good luck.

4. In order to make sure you’re not in debt in the new year, all outstanding bills should be paid and any money owed to friends or family should be paid back as well.

5. Legend says that the Buddha asked all of the animals to meet him on the Chinese New Year. 12 showed up and he named a year after each of them.

6. 2014 is the year of the horse and to celebrate, the USPS will be issuing a Lunar New Year Series of commemorative stamps featuring traditional Chinese drums decorated with peonies, a Chinese calligraphic character for “horse” and the paper cut design of the horse, the 2014 stamp is the seventh stamp in the series.

Kam Mak, the official painter of the annual Chinese New Year’s stamp for the USPS, said the idea of choosing the traditional Chinese drum as the central element to adorn the year of the horse stamp came from his childhood memories.

“As a kid growing up in Hong Kong, hearing the sound of the Chinese drumming in the lion dance performance lifted up my spirits for the new year,” Mak said. “The strength of the drum sound is the heartbeat of the lion, what a beautiful and powerful sound to usher in the new year.”

The Chinese-American artist said the inspiration of his concept for the whole Lunar New Year series was based on his personal experiences.


What are the characteristics of those born in a Horse year? Horses are typically known to be independent, energetic,  always ready for the next big adventure and highly fond of traveling. They can however also be brash and inconsistent. Famous Horses include Sir Isaac Newton, Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey and Jerry Seinfeld.

7. Food served during the Chinese New Year is often symbolic. Fish, which sounds like “excess” or “surplus” in Mandarin is a staple of all meals. Chicken and prawns are for happiness, while oranges and pomelos symbolize good luck and fertility respectively.

Now that you know more about Chinese New Year, dive deeper into the legend of the Dark Dragon in iWin’s latest exclusive release, Chinese Dragon.

Have you checked in with iWin’s game shows on Facebook lately? If not, now is a great time to do so, as the Fall Sale is going strong! It ends this Thursday, October 4th though, so stock up on episodes and Tokens while you still can!

While we’re on the subject of game shows, have you ever wondered about their history? I got a bit curious myself and decided to do a little research into a few of them, beginning with Family Feud, one of our popular game shows on Facebook.

Family Feud began in 1976, initially called “Fast Company”. This version of the show didn’t have much in the way of families or even feuds, essentially it was just the Fast Money part of the game writ large. When it was presented to NBC in this format, the network passed on it. The creator, Mark Goodson, then took the project to ABC, vowing to make NBC regret not picking it up.

After tinkering a bit with the format, adding the beloved surveys and of course the feuding families, as well as hiring Richard Dawson to host, the game we now know as  Family Feud premiered at 1:30 PM EST on July 12, 1976. While not an out-of-the-box hit, once the network switched the time to 11:30 AM EST, the ratings began to climb.

Some interesting tidbits about Family Feud through the years include;

  • In 1978 (but broadcast in 1979), both the Hatfield and the McCoy families appeared on the show. The prize? A Hampshire hog, the theft of which a century earlier had begun the feud.
  • The Family Feud theme song was originally intended for The Price Is Right, to be played when a contestant won a new car.
  • The first time Richard Dawson, famous for kissing  female contestants on the show, did so was to calm down a very nervous contestant. He told her that he was going to do what his mother did to ease people’s nerves: give them a kiss on the cheek.
  • Before Ray Combs was hired to host the revived 1988 version of the show, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath was briefly considered as Richard Dawson’s replacement!

Have any fond Family Feud memories? Share them in the comments!

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama When was the last time you went bowling? For some of us, it’s been years. Luckily iWin has some very fun bowling games for people like us who miss the sound of clashing bowling pins. It’s definitely satisfying when you’ve had a stressful week for sure. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to hit the lanes, but that’s why games like Zombie Bowl-O-Rama were created! Forget the stinky bowling shoe rentals and get ready for some  bowling fun with a zombie twist. (more…)

June 2012 Calendar

Can you believe it? It’s June already! It seems like Mother’s Day was just a couple days ago. In about two weeks, it’ll be Father’s Day! A new month means a whole new month of games. Take a sneak peek at some of the great games coming soon. Remember that these are only some of the games coming this month, so check iWin.com for new releases not shown on the calendar. You can download you free calendar here.


Your Friends at iWin

Mother's Day Sale 2012

Hey iWin Players,

Our Mother’s Day Sale has finally arrived. We’ve got excellent games on sale featuring brain hungry zombies, princesses, mahjong and more. What’s more entertaining and precious than sharing a wonderful moment with your mother (or children if your a mother yourself) by preventing a zombie invasion together? Afterwards battle an evil god in the match-3 game, Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens. We’ve got more games on sale that are fun for the whole family. Make this Mother’s Day weekend fun by playing some great games together.


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Here are last week’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Games! See what our players have been downloading and see what you may have missed!

1. Tornado The Secret of the Magic Cave

• Adventure Game  | ☆ All Access Game ☆

2.  Inspector Magnusson:  Murder on the Titanic

• Adventure Game  | ☆ All Access Game ☆

3. Natural Threat: Ominous Shores

• Hidden Object Game

4. Azada: In Libro

• Adventure Game

5. Magic Petals

• Match-3 Game

6. The Secret Order: New Horizon

• Hidden Object Game

7. Mystery Case Files:  Escape from Ravenhearst

• Adventure Game

8. Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

• Adventure Game | ☆ Free Game ☆

9. White Haven Mysteries

• Hidden Object Game

10. The Keepers: Lost Progeny

• Adventure Game


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