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Relax With The Soothing Zen Mosaics!


Springtime is finally here? ummm… not yet.

Hey guys! Spring is here and in the air. I am sitting here, looking at the tulips on my table (yellow and white!) that my mom gave me for Easter, I hear the birds chirping outside and all I can think is… Spring is FINALLY here! This winter has been a long, wet one here […]

Coconut Queen Contest Winners!

We have our Coconut Queen contest winners for you today! Our grand prize was a 200 Dollar American Airlines Gift Card! And that Grand Prize winner is craftbugjo!! Congratulations, you have won both the 200 dollar gift card as well as 3000 Opals! Please keep an eye on your email for further instructions! For our […]

iWin Coconut Queen Contest!

You know what game is coming soon? I’ll give you three hints. 1. It’s on a tropical island. 2. It’s got beautiful sandy beaches. 3. And you are the queen! Can you guess yet? That’s right, it’s Coconut Queen! Click here to enter the Coconut Queen contest! Since Coconut Queen takes place on the far […]

iWin Kelly Green Garden Queen Contest!

iWin has been abuzz with the upcoming release of Kelly Green Garden Queen . Talking about gardening in the game naturally leads to talk about people’s personal gardens, and all the beautiful flowers they have. Do you love flowers? I know I do! Well for this week’s contest, in honor of the release of Kelly […]

New Hotel Features! And New Items!

Just in time for the weekend we are pleased to announce new store items (see below), new features, and a bunch of bug fixes. First off, new Hotel features…we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the community utilized the Message Wall.  In response we have added the ability to reply directly to Message Wall posts […]

Get your free March calendar now!

Hello there! Since I last posted, we here at iWin have been really busy… Hotel iWin launched, we have had loads of exclusive games (P.J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: Europe, Mysterious City: Cairo, Nanny Mania 2) and we have increased our focus on bringing you awesome Steals & Deals (games that are up to 85% […]

How Games Keep Me Sane

Lately, I have come to realize that I have a lot of stress in my life.  I don’t know how it happened.  It was like one day, I just up and got… stressed.  I mean, I can remember back just 2 years ago when I would come home from work, not a care in the […]

Meet Me at the (green) Bar!

Hey iWin players! My name is Shadow and me and my team of technical monkeys help keep all the server’s up, running, and happy and most importantly SECURE! In fact, security is why I decided to write to you today. You may have noticed our stylish new ‘Green Bar’ when you go to buy games.  […]

My life is a game…

So my husband and I recently bought a home… our first home! It was very emotional and exciting… and a little nerve-wracking! Not only do we now have a mortgage that get to worry about, we also actually have to fix everything that is wrong, instead of just calling up our not-so-friendly ex-landlord. But I […]

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