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Our Spring Sale is here!

Spruce Up Your Garden at the Hotel iWin!

Every once in a while, we like to give ourselves a makeover. Don’t you think your garden space deserves one too? This week at the Hotel, we have a variety of new items that will brighten your garden or your room. We are also putting some complimentary items on sale that will assist you in […]

Get Fit at the Hotel iWin!

Everyone wishes they were a little lighter, a little stronger and a little healthier. Not only do you look good when you are in shape, you also feel good! This week at the hotel we are offering a whole slew of new items to set up the ultimate home gym. In addition to the new […]

It’s Fashion Week at the Hotel iWin!

We know many of you have been asking for new threads so we went and scoured the runways of your favorite designers to find the latest trends. It’s finally time to freshen your look and treat yourself to some new duds. While you’re at it, score some stuff off the clearance rack as well – […]

Come Lounge in the Gardens at the Hotel iWin!

Is there anything better than hanging around outside on a warm summer night? As long as you have your bug spray you should be perfectly comfortable. This week we are offering some outdoor furniture that is sure to bring your garden to the next level. We are also offering some other popular outdoor items for […]

Pamper Your Pet at the Hotel iWin!

Everyone loves their pets. So much so that often they shower them with gourmet treat, toys and clothes, and even their own houses! This week at the Hotel we have a little something for both the canines and the felines. Your pets are sure to thank you! SALE ITEM CATEGORY Cat Bed Hobby Dog Bed […]

Take Your Dream Vacation at the Hotel iWin!

It’s summertime and you know what that means. The kids are off school, the weather is fabulous and it’s time to take a vacation! Where would you go? The world has some fabulous cities rich with culture, sights to see and delicious food! We can instantly transport your room to one of these great spots, […]

Adopt a Unique Pet at the Hotel iWin!

Man’s best friend does not have to be that of the canine variety. Animal companions come in many shapes and sizes. This week at the hotel we wish to honor those types of friends with a 50% off sale! SALE ITEM CATEGORY Pet Monkey Pets Pet Iguana Pets Pet Snake Pets Parrot Pets Carnivorous Plant […]

Independence Day Sale at the Hotel iWin!

Oh say can you see…4th of July themed items are on sale now at the Hotel iWin! Americans look forward to this holiday every year because it is a chance to BBQ, relax, hang out with friends and family, and of course see hundreds of explosives light up the night sky. Let your Hotel iWin […]

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