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The Treasures of Montezuma 4 has been out for a few days now and folks who’ve played it have been pretty effusive with praise! Take a look at what people have been saying!

kcerqua – Another three thumbs up for this game. Story line, graphics, gameplay, power ups…I could go on and on about it. No clearing tiles, gather as many gems as you can to gain multipliers. To activate the totems, match same colors multiple times. No need to fill a container to activate. You rebuild your tower and see where the game leads. Nice one, I will definitely be buying this one. Another three thumbs up for this game. Story line, graphics, gameplay, power ups…I could go on and on about it.

pdmorrison – Wow! I have not played any of the Montezuma series, but I will be looking them up. Great graphics, interesting storyline…The gameplay is fast and gets more challenging as you go along, you purchase power-ups that you can earn quickly and use often. My favorite was catching frogs as they jump from tile to tile

Anonymous – Awesome graphics and a very engaging plot. Definitely one of the better jewel matching games I’ve played in recent memory!

meridien28 – Wonderful game! Once you’ve “beaten” it, the Puzzle and Quest levels are fun. Screens loaded easily for me.Wonderful game! Once you’ve “beaten” it, the Puzzle and Quest levels are fun.

It’s pretty clear that The Treasures of Montezuma 4, which is an exclusive pre-release, is going to be a HUGE hit! Be sure to click HERE and experience the fun for yourself!


Build A Lot Mysteries is a bona fide hit and the stellar reviews are pouring in! Users are praising the “spooky” atmosphere, the improved graphics, and the unique supernatural setting! The graphics, sound and gameplay are all rated 4 stars by our users! You should definitely head on over to iWin.com, download Build-a-Lot Mysteries and find out for yourself what all the excitement’s about !

Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret is Here!





It’s official! Players love Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret, a new Hidden Object game, from the bestselling series Caribbean Adventures.

In the words of our reviewers:
“I love this game. I have both of the set. They help me relax and forget the world.”

“Yet another great enty in this series, I love all of them. Never tire of these games, finding the extra objects and earning points.”

“absolutely great game…loads of fun…love the variety of puzzles!!!!”

Check out all the reviews here!

Give it a try! download Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret today or check out more Amazing Adventures:

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Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty

Amazing Adventures Around the Wold

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Well folks, it’s official: Namariel Legends: Iron Lord Collector’s Edition is a bona fide SMASH!!!

Check out these reviews from our users!

bugsy1010 – This was an awesome game. Amazing graphics, good storyline, music was not invasive and pleasant to have on. I played right to the end of the extras and enjoyed every bit of this game. Well worth the purchase.This was an awesome game. Amazing graphics, good storyline, music was not invasive and pleasant to have on. I played right to the end of the extras and enjoyed every bit of this game. Well worth the purchase.

Day-Glo – This game is very much like the “PuppetShow” games – very steam-punky, beautiful graphics, fascinating clockworks. If you play in casual mode, you can’t get stuck. There is also an expert mode, if you want more of a challenge. Lots of running around, hardly any HO (which is fine with me). The music is dramatic, but gets a bit repetitive after a while. I had to buy it so I could keep exploring this beautiful world!

– Very interesting game. I loved how the talking went by fast, unlike other games where dialouge almost is the whole game. Veryyyy smooth graphics. The cutscene before actual game was amazing and had a really good storyline. Now I know what to use my 25 dollars Amazon gift card on!Very interesting game. I loved how the talking went by fast, unlike other games where dialouge almost is the whole game. Veryyyy smooth graphics. The cutscene before actual game was amazing and had a really good storyline.

elizad1 – I’m a huge fan of adventure/HO games. This game ranks high on my list of must haves. It’s refreshing to see a different type of story line as well. The opening scene “film” is absolutely captivating. The art-work throughout the game is top notch. Lots of moving from scene to scene, which I enjoy. The mini games/puzzles are a bit on the easier side, but still very enjoyable. Game play ran smoothly, too. You do acquire a little “friend” named Jim along the way to help you through the story. There may be more, not sure, seeing as I only played the trial. Which flew by way too fast. Overall, from what I did play, was enjoyable and will most likely purchase. This is a five star game, in my opinion.

– I’ve read the previous 3 reviewer’s notes and wholeheartedly agree with their positive sentiments. It’s a great game with imaginative interface design as well as a lively score and beautiful scenes. the opening story scenes reminded me of a one of the classic “princess” Disney epic tales, both in story line and in the artistic drama. for those of you who can take or leave the HO scenes (like myself) you’ll especially enjoy this game.

There you have it! People simply LOVE Namariel Legends: Iron Lord Collector’s Edition! Click HERE to experience the fun for yourself!

Well folks, it’s been a few days since the release of the highly anticipated game Aquascapes Collector’s Edition and people really seem to love it! Just to give you an idea of what people are saying, here’s a smattering of some reviews from iWin users!

elizad1 said the following…
This is a pretty good game, just like the Fishdom series. This game has a bit more different fish, decorations and backgrounds. It also has hidden object scenes to play as opposed to match three.

kcerqua says…
OK, so I am not that big on hidden object games, but this one is great. It’s a nice break from the match three genre. Beautiful scenes, relaxing music and great new fish and objects to buy make this one a keeper. I am even going to pay the premium price. What a great addition to the Fishdom series!! You have to at least give it a try.

alee7383 has this to say…
This is excellent just like the Fishdom 3 except it’s HO (hidden object) instead of M3 (match 3). The backgrounds are different just as the others have described. The HO’s are easy, because I feel that this game is more for you building your tank, than “playing” the HO’s as well as M3. I enjoy these types of games very much. It is very relaxing and I enjoy reading about the different varieties of fish. And as one of the people here said, it is so much better then the killing, vampires etc. games that’s for sure. I cannot rate the music because I never listen to any music for any games I play. Just sit back relax and build your tanks.

browneyes315 says

And finally an anonymous user raves…
I LOVE THIS GAME I feel like I have a connection with the fish and I love there personalities.

So there you have it! Aquascapes Collector’s Edition is a hit! Why not try it out for yourself? Click HERE to download your copy today! Then when you’ve experienced all of the fun the game has to offer, just search for the game in the iWin Games Manager and leave your own review on the game detail page! We’d love to hear any feedback you have!

Are you a fan of hidden object games, but sometimes yearn for something a bit different? Well then today’s online release Mysteriez! may be just what you’re looking for.

Mysteriez! is definitely a unique hidden object game. For one thing, you’re not exactly searching for objects per se, instead you’re looking for numbers. And they could be anywhere; on a clock, scrawled on a paper, carved into a table, even hidden in the intricate patterns of curtains! But that’s not the only challenge. You’re also working against the clock. As it relentlessly counts down the minutes, you have to make absolutely certain to only click numbers or items with numbers on them that you have not already clicked. If you repeat a click, you will automatically be docked 10 seconds. It’s a lot more challenging than it sounds!

But it’s also a lot of fun and VERY addictive! I highly recommend Mysteriez! to fans of hidden object games, puzzle games or just colorful, addicting games in general. The only criticism I had was the duplicate ad that a player is required to watch at the beginning of the game. They’re brief, and, like I said, only occur at the beginning of the game, but I was anxious for some hidden object-meets-numerological fun and didn’t want to wait! Still it’s a small price to pay, and considering the game is FREE, is not much of a bother at all in the grand scheme of things.

So log on and play Mysteriez! today!

Paris is the city of dreams…love, romance, art, blue skies, little bistros and flowers.

Because it’s still winter and showing I loved last Sunday’s release: Big City Adventure: Paris!

With Big City Adventure: Paris I traveled to Paris and felt like I was savoring my cup of coffee while sitting outdoors, in a bistro, with the noisy Parisian streets in the background.

At least, that’s how I dream of Paris…Let Big City Adventure: Paris take you on a wonderful Parisian Tour.





When someone mentioned  Holiday Bonus Gold this morning as I walked into the office, I immediately seized on the mental picture of a seasonally themed compilation CD with classic crooners Roger Whittaker, Nat “King” Cole, and Burl Ives (and don’t forget Johnny Mathis!), but  I was not at all disappointed.  I love holiday themed games – to me, they’re just as mood setting for getting in the spirit of the season as Rankin/Bass television specials or turning on the radio to catch “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” for the millionth time (maybe I’m just a tad oversensitive, but I’ve never been a fan of that little ditty).

Not only is Holiday Bonus Golda great seasonal game thematically – it’s also a great match-3 title, a genre I can’t ever get enough of.  With gingerbread men, candy canes, wrapped gifts, and other holiday symbols – I’ve found a great companion piece to my Frank Sinatra Christmas album and the home made fudge tempting me at every turn.





While I prefer the term “sophisticated palate,” I’m widely known as a fussy eater – particularly if I’m preparing the meal in question.  Getting the right combination of seasonings (and quantity – no one likes a bland chili or an over-salted stew) has been an imperative for my busy kitchen.  Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by strange fusions where mundane components combined create something entirely new, an epic adventure if you will.  If someone hadn’t already done it, I might have been the culprit blamed for putting someone’s chocolate in someone else’s peanut butter.  While I’m no longer apt to dip french fries in my ice cream or pour peanuts in my cola, I’m still up for an experiment to create delicious exotica.  Some are commonplace such as ham and pineapple, salt and caramel, blue cheese and pears, and bacon and…everything.  Less obvious, but still completely delicious are: mixing cinnamon with savory flavors, curry with ketchup, and don’t laugh…tuna fish on pizza.

One pairing that will never fail to disappoint is today’s together-for-the-first-time combo release of “Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon” with “Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur” inDouble Play:  Jewel Quest Bundle. Mixing the Match-3 adventure classic of Dragon with the Hidden Object extravaganza of Oracle, you can play these iWin originals reflective of the best of both genres to your heart’s content at one low cost.  I’ve always loved both of these games but never really considered alternating the game play experience until now.  I plan on going home tonight to pull a chocolate dipped banana out of the freezer and settle down for an hour or two of this amazing fusion.





As I write this, the number one game for the day on iWin is Big City Adventure: London Premium Edition.  The game is several months old now but just keeps rising to the top.  What makes this game so special?  Like the others in the Big City Adventure series (I’m a huge fan of Big City Adventure San Francisco for hometown reasons), the graphics are cute and quirky, the difficulty level is enough to be challenging but not enough for my teeth to go on edge every time Molly my yorkie barks, and the story is fun and propels you through the game.
For me, Big City Adventure: London Premium Edition takes me back in time to a school trip made during my sophomore year of high school “across the pond.” It stands out so much because it was the first time I was away from my parents.  I remember the excitement of packing bags while my younger sister Patty sulkily looked on (who ironically later went on her own Big City Adventure to Sydney –  funny how these things work), clutching the hand of my best friend and co-traveller Bev during the nervous last minutes waiting for the plane to take off , and the strange feeling of landing in another world upon arrival.  While seeing all of the tourist sites one reads about (Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, etc.) were of course thrilling, these weren’t actually the things which made the deepest impressions.  The way people dressed and the way they silently negotiated space in crowds, trying fish and chips with vinegar for the first time (I still get occasional cravings), stopping into a small but well stocked grocery and finding so terribly exotic the little things that the natives found mundane.  But by Day 9, I was a little homesick, Bev and I were on each other’s last raw nerve and I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed.  Still, playing Big City Adventure: London Premium Edition takes me back to a time when the world seemed larger yet less scary and to a place where people were essentially the same – they just speak a little differently and drive on the opposite side of the road.

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