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Game Hints, Tips and Tricks

Someone has kidnapped the beloved mayor of a small town and replaced him with a sinister scarecrow in the upcoming hidden object adventure, The Big Secret of a Small Town.

But this is no ordinary small town. Rumors swirl that this town is able to produce energy in an almost alchemical way. What secret was the mayor withholding that would result in his abduction? You must investigate these nefarious circumstances and uncover the truth behind the mysteries of this town and reveal at last what the mayor was hiding.

But it won’t be easy! This game is not for the faint of heart! However, you won’t have to go it completely alone as we’ve provided a helpful strategy guide full of hints and tips to get you through the more daunting aspects of this exciting mystery.

Download the strategy guide HEREBig Secret of a Small Town Strategy Guide (to download, click link, then right click on “Big-Secret-Strategy-Guide.pdf” and select “Save Link As…”), then check out some art from this thrilling new adventure below.

Be sure to visit iWin.com tomorrow, February 26th, to download and play The Big Secret of a Small Town!



Ever since we announced Zuma’s Revenge new low price, it looks like more and more of our iWin players have been picking up this 5-star marble shooter. As many more download the game, I can’t help but wonder how many people must be in need of some tips for this game. Like a lot of good games, they often come with some really tough challenges. That’s part of the reason why these games are so fun and addicting, right? Zuma’s Revenge is certainly no exception. Well we’re here to help you. So if you’re stuck on a level or looking for ways to bump up your score, check out some of these helpful tips!


Zuma's Revenge title

One of my favorite classic marble shooters is Zuma’s Revenge. It also happens to be at the #1 spot right now in our marble shooter games category on iWin. It’s no surprise that the game is at the top with its highly addictive gameplay and impressive, vibrant graphics that keep your eyes glued to your computer screen. Players can attest that this game can be quite challenging at times as well, so I’ve dug up some nifty tricks and tips for our Zuma fans.


Bejeweled 3 Title

Bejeweled has been consistently one of our top ranked match 3 games on iWin so we thought we’d reveal some cool gameplay tips for you Bejeweled fans out there. Here are some tricks and tips for the Classic and Lightning game modes in Bejeweled 3.

Bejeweled 3

Classic Mode

• Keep an eye out for bigger matches. Look for the opportunity to match 4 or 5 gems. This will create Hypercubes, Flame and Star Gems. These Special Gems are instrumental in creating large explosions, which will earn you lots of points and will help mix up the board, potentially making it easier to find new matches.

• Matches made lower on the board are more likely to generate cascades. If you’re finding it hard to make matches lower on the board, try creating and using a Hypercube or Star Gem.

• When you earn a Hypercube, don’t waste it on the first color you see. Try to use it on the color with the most gems on the screen.

• Try to hang onto Special Gems as a safety net or last resort.• Try to work from the top to the bottom of the board.


Lightning Mode

• Go for the Time Gems whenever you can.

• Remember that unmatched Time Gems become Special Gems each time the multiplier goes up, so use them to shake up the board.

• Big moves create Time Gems, so go big whenever possible.


Hopefully these great tips will help you achieve the highest score possible. If you need help and would like us to write some more tips for a specific game, feel free to suggest something on our Facebook page or in the comments section.


Your Friends from iWin

Spring Bonus Screenshot

If you checked out our Steals & Deals games recently, then you may have noticed one of the most adorable games you probably have ever seen. What game am I talking about? It’s Spring Bonus. This match-3 puzzle game is full of cute critters and colorful graphics. Don’t be fooled by it’s cuteness. Just because it’s full of rainbows and innocent creatures doesn’t mean the game is easy. So for those of your that are having trouble through the game, we have some tips to tricks to help you.

Spring Bonus screenshot

  1. Match 10 glowing items to fill the Rainbow meter.
  2. When the rainbow meter is full, the next bonus used will be extra powerful.
  3. Try to drop bonuses into positions where they will be more effective.
  4. If you need a bonus try to match 4 or more items and one will appear.
  5. Make matches under golden eggs so that they fall off the grid.
  6. Bubbles, birds, lightening, four-leaf-clovers and stars are all great bonuses to help drop eggs off the grid.
  7. Make a match with a frozen item in an ice cube to release it, or use a bonus like a hammer or sunshine.
  8. Golden eggs can only be released from ice cubes with bonuses.
  9. You can change from timed to relaxed mode on the map screen on a per-level basis.
  10. When you complete a level you can set the background as your desktop wallpaper
  11. When you finish the game you can read a personal message from the game’s creator.
  12. There is a hidden “Easter egg” in the game somewhere…


Your Friends at iWin

The holidays are already almost over and I am kind of sad about it. I love those chilly days before the holidays, running around to gather the last presents and make sure I have enough food.

In my family we play board games during the few days we can all be together. As for most families, this is THE special time of the year. This year, three generations at the same table, we played Monopoli and UNO. It was fun and moving.

What is your favorite Holiday tradition? Do you play games with your loved ones? Which ones? Share with us!

Your Friends at iWin!

P.S. iWin’s Christmas Sale is still going, until Jan 2. If you are up for a fast-paced, hilarious, 5 star game, download Chicken Invaders: Christmas Edition.  I have been laughing out loud while playing this game. Check out all the other games on sale here (I also recommend Amelie’s Cafe and Twisted: A Haunted Carol)…

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You think you know everything about Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon? Well here are some insider tips and tricks just in case you missed any.

General Tips:
You get bonus points for having time left over on the clock. Finish a board as quick as possible to maximize this bonus. Larger matches are worth more points, so always make those big matches. Playing on Advanced Mode is the only way to earn 5 stars, but you’ll also get a big chunk of bonus points. You’ll definitely get a high score by playing on Advanced.

Character Abilities:
Use Ali’s “Swap” to set up a match of 5, triggering her “Cooldown” ability. Then, make a bunch of matches to reduce the time it takes to recharge your  “Swap” ability. Natalie’s “Highlight” ability will grant a significant amount of bonus points, if you match the highlighted jewels. For getting a high score, Trevor’s “Point Bonus” ability is great! But be sure to make a lot of matches while it’s activated.

These are just some of the tips that can help you maximize your score. Do you have any secrets that you would like to share? Feel free to post any tips and tricks you might have in our comments section!


Your Friends at iWin

1 vs. 100 is almost here! Take a sneak peak by watching the trailer and catch the 1 vs. 100 fever.

This game, like the original TV show, will challenge your brain and still be fun to play!

It’s almost here.Watch the trailer and then click here to get notified when game launches.

What a trip creating Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour has been! I feel like I’ve traveled the world and back again, rounding up the hippest styles from Indonesia to Paris for you fashionable fans. My favorite style hands-down is the Gothic Loli style from Japan. It’s dark and mysterious, but still has a very feminine cut to it. I love how the game allows me to experiment with styles like Gothic Loli, which are more daring than the clothing I get to wear in everyday life. You’ll get a peek of the Gothic Loli style in Tokyo, the game’s first destination, where Jojo learns just a bit more about new intern, Hayley, during fashion week.

Although I could go on forever about all of the game’s twists, turns and new features, I thought I’d add another perspective on what makes this game so compelling.  Read on below for more about the game and how to succeed at it from Lead Level Designer, Erin Fernandez. Not only has she made brilliant creative contributions to the game, but she’s willing to dish on insider info.

Which of the game’s new features do you think players will be most psyched about?

I love being able to make my own clothes.  I have a sewing machine, but am not very good at actually making things with it.  The Design Clothes part of the game lets me play around with colors and patterns, without the frustration of ruining some perfectly good fabric.

Who would you recommend this game to?

Definitely my sisters.  I have two sisters, and we all love fashion.  We grew up with Elle and Vogue on the coffee table, and are always very fashion conscious.  I think they would absolutely love to play this game, and would enjoy it as much as I have.

What’s your favorite style in the game?

It’s hard to pick, because there are so many awesome styles in the game that playing it makes me want to go shopping!  But if I had to pick one style that I’d love to try to mix into my wardrobe, I’d say Paris Street.  I love the high-waisted skirt in those levels, and the gathered peasant top.  I love that it’s chic and tailored on the bottom, but feminine and bare shoulder on the top.  Indonesian Bridal is another one I’d love to wear, especially the jewelry. I can see myself rockin’ the chunky choker necklace or the cuffs. I love the clothing in that style because of the rich, vibrant jewel colors, and the funky patterns.  It really is hard to pick a favorite style!

Tips and Tricks for the Fashion Enthusiast!

Erin recommends the following:

Match colors…you might end up with a bonus if you do.  And take the time to look for signature outfits.  If you can take a glance at them early, and try to remember what they look like, you can keep an eye out for those pieces over the course of the level.  Also, read the style cards at the beginning of a level, and pay attention in the levels where there’s only one style.  Those teach you what the style’s look is all about, so you can be familiar already in the more difficult levels ahead

Since I’ve been playing Coconut Queen almost non-stop for the last week and a half, I was going to do a full on review of the game, but frankly, our pals over at Gamezebo not only beat me to it, they did a waaaay better job than I would have!

You can check out the full review here, but there are a few choice tidbits I’d like to crow about:

Their review score was 5 stars – Here’s a visual: 5 stars!  Out of 5 even!  They also said some very nice things, such as:

Coconut Queen is an ambitious, humorous and wonderful game, which is worth a try for every gamer, no matter of his or her general preferences.”


“It seems as though iWin has been on a winning streak with its recent releases. After the entertaining Kelly Green: Garden Queen only two weeks ago, Coconut Queen turns out to be the first game that can really compete with Build-a-lot in every respect.”

I think I’m actually blushing a little!

Ready to play?

Need some more convincing?

What I love about Coconut Queen is that, even when you’re hurrying to complete a goal, it never feels frantic and stressful.  I also like the “off the grid” building style, where you can arrange your resort however you like without constraints.  If they trees are in your way, you can even clear the jungle to create your perfect island paradise!

Then there’s the charm and humor.  Andy, the producer of the game and world-renowned iWin blogateer, is a really funny guy, and this shines through in all his games.

And really, who doesn’t want their own army of hunky, agreeable men who build stuff?  You?  I didn’t think so.

Speaking of Andy, he was kind enough to compile an awesome list of tip and tricks to help you be the efficient and benevolent ruler you always knew you could be.

“You Rule, Here’s How”

A Handy Guide For The Recently Crowned

  • You can win without beating all 58 chapters of Coconut Queen.  But completing each chapter earns you a gem, which can be spent to enhance the game.
  • There are two concepts that you must master.  The first concept is Commercial Income, and the second concept is Appeal.  We will explain them later.
  • There is no right way to develop your resorts.  Anything that helps you meet your objectives is fair game.
  • There are so many things that you can do, but not all of them are necessary for the specific challenges in front of you.  Focus your efforts on the actions that bring you closer to meeting your goal.
  • With one exception, reserve the land near water exclusively for your rental buildings.  Landscaping and commercial buildings don’t derive any benefits from being near the water.
  • The exception is the Lifeguard Tower.  These must be built near water, but they raise the appeal of all nearby rental buildings.  They also make it easier to spot and shoo the gum gum sharks!
  • Watch out for damaged property!  You’re not receiving your full income until damaged stuff is repaired.
  • When several things are damaged at once, picking the right order to fix things makes a difference.  When resources are scarce, you are best off repairing lots of little stuff so as not to break the bank.  When resources are plentiful, repair the big-ticket items first.  They are the items most likely to help you meet your objectives.
  • You can only have a maximum of 20 workers at once.  That’s a lot.
  • Commercial buildings don’t benefit from appeal, so they don’t need to be near anything else.
  • You must master dividing your attention.  Some stuff just takes time.  Start something that takes a while, then go somewhere else and start something new.  As long as there are enough resources, you and your workers can multi-task like crazy.
  • Whenever you have a spare worker and unused open space, plant new jungle.  By the next chapter, the new growth will be fully grown jungle, and that’s free construction materials.
  • Some of the objects in the game can only be unlocked by playing the Free Play levels.  I’m not telling which items, or how you get them.  Just go develop!
  • If you find yourself running out of time, you should know that you can always pause the game and think about your next move!

Commercial Income

  • Commercial income is generated by commercial buildings, but is slightly more complex than rental income.  Each commercial building, such as a Concession Stand or a Water Sports Store, makes a certain amount of money off of the tourist population.
  • As an example, a Concession Stand can make $10 per tourist every “payday”, which is every 15 seconds.
  • Each rental building houses a certain number of tourists.  A Cabana holds 2 tourists, a Cottage holds 4, and so on.
  • So if your population consists of 50 tourists, then each Concession Stand is making $500 (50 x $10).
  • If you build a Cottage, then each Concession Stand is now making $540 (50 + 4 new tourists, times $10).  That’s only $40 more.
  • But if, instead, you built another Concession Stand, that’s another $500, because it’s making another $10 off of each of your 50 tourists!
  • So either way, you increase your Commercial Income, and it all goes towards your Bottom Line.


  • Think of improvements—umbrellas, hot tubs, swimming pools—as emitters, and think of rental units—cabanas, cottages, condos, hotels, etc.—as receivers.  Each receiver can receive appeal from every unique emitter that’s within “broadcast range”.  Improvements or rentals on their own don’t generate appeal; it takes two to tango.
  • One of the most profitable ways to lay out your resorts is to cluster your rental buildings around a group of appeal-raising elements such as pools, hot tubs, and beach umbrellas.  This way, several rental buildings can benefit from just one of each type of improvement.
  • Here’s a juicy secret: appeal translates directly to a percentage increase in rent! That’s right! If a Cabana has +10 appeal, then it’s generating an extra 10% rental money.
  • It’s possible, through expert use of improvements, to DOUBLE the rental income of a building.  Whoa.


All of us here at iWin hope you have as much fun playing Coconut Queen as we did making it…and playing it.  A lot.

Did I mention I finally got the Oprah award?

Yep, so I got that going for me!

I think you’re going to enjoy it, have fun!

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