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Free Game Friday

Judging from this week’s Free Game Friday pick, Sir Henry is one mischievous and tricky guy. In the game, Sir Henry’s Picture Shift, the titular Sir Henry, will present a picture of, say, an adorable cat-like creature and then mix it up, rendering perhaps one row of the picture slightly askew. Your first thought will be, “oh come on, a CHILD could figure this out”…and then he has you. The next picture? Two rows. After that? Two horizontal, one vertical. And then the picture itself starts moving and trust me when I tell you, it gets difficult very, very quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be completely addicted.

Check out some screenshots from Sir Henry’s Picture Shift below, then click HERE to start playing Sir Henry’s Picture Shift now!


S’more Words is an addictive and stimulating word building game and it’s our Free Game Friday selection this week!

In each round of S’more Words, you are presented with a jumble of letters that you must form into as many words as possible. Sure it’s easy to come up with a few 3 or 4 letter words, maybe even a couple 5 letter ones. Progressing to the next level, however, will take a bit more skill than that! You will need to come up with the 6 letter word or you will fail that level! It can get pretty difficult, that’s for sure!

Check out a few screenshots from the game below then head over to iWin.com, click on Online Games and start building a href=”http://www.iwin.com/online-games/game/word/smorewords”>S’more Words now!

This week, instead of the usual one, we’re bringing you two, that’s right TWO games for Free Game Friday!

This pair of fun, increasingly challenging matching games, Back To Candyland Part 1 and Part 2 are sure to please the candy lover in you. Colorful, addictive and featuring a delightful score, the two Candyland episodes will satisfy your hunger for an exciting matching game and more than likely activate your sweet tooth! Be sure to keep some candy nearby!

You can play Back To Candyland Part 1 HERE and then you can give Part 2 a try HERE!

For Free Game Friday this week, we’ve chosen a fast paced mind bogglingly fun word game called Word Up!

In each level of Word Up! you’re given a set of unique instructions and a time limit. Within the given amount of time, you must select conjoined letters to form words. Sounds simple, but the difficulty increases pretty quickly!

Check out some screenshots from the game below then challenge yourself to some word building fun by clicking HERE.

For this week’s Free Game Friday selection, we’re highlighting a delightful charmer of a match-3 game called Bubble Charms!

The object in Bubble Charms is simple, shoot colored bubbles at a two or more bubbles of the same color until you’ve cleared the screen to the top. Get combinations and extra points for knocking out more than 3 at time! Easy to play, fun and addictive!

Click HERE to start playing now!

It’s Free Game Friday and we’re especially excited for this week’s selection, Mahjong Quest!

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic game of mahjong? Relaxing, yet strategic, calming and challenging in equal measure. Mahjong Quest combines all of the elements beloved by fans of the genre and does so with gorgeous graphics and a soothing score.

Featuring both timed and relaxed modes, you can either choose a story-based quest in which you must solve all the puzzles to save the world from three fearsome dragons, or simply play some classic games of mahjong free of any narrative.

Check out some art from the game below and then head to iWin.com, click on Online Games and begin your Mahjong Quest now!

It’s Friday, so you know what that means! That’s right, it’s time once again for Free Game Friday!

This week, we’re pleased to present the brand new, absolutely free version of Deal Or No Deal! Played just like the classic television game show, the object is to find and win the $1,000,000 case! But beware the Banker’s offers! If you take one, you lose the chance for the million dollars!

So? Do YOU have the nerves of steel required to stick it out to the end and win that cool million? Head on over to iWin.com, click on Online Games and play the completely free Deal Or No Deal to find out!

For this week’s Free Game Friday selection, we’re pleased to present to you the next free-to-play chapter in the Delicious saga!

In this exciting entry taken from the recently released 10th entry in the legendary Delicious series of time management games, you must help Emily balance the reopening and running of her restaurant with the demands of new motherhood. Make sure her customers are attended to and kept happy. You certainly don’t want to keep them waiting!

Head over to iWin.com, click on Online Games and start playing the absolutely FREE version of Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning NOW!

For today’s Free Game Friday offering, we’ve selected a delightful billiards-based game called Eightball Champion!

Played like a normal game of pool, the objective is to knock all of your balls into one of the corner pockets. The game provides a handy visual guide to aiming your cue, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this will be easy! Challenging but fun, Eightball Champion is sure to satisfy any billiards lover or casual pool player.

Eightball Champion, like all of our Online Games is completely free to play and requires no download at all. Want to play Eightball Champion on your smartphone or tablet? You definitely can! Simply navigate to m.iwin.com, click on <Eightball Champion and start playing!

Click HERE to play Eightball Champion NOW!

For this week’s Free Game Friday selection, we’ve chosen a fun and challenging word game by the name of Word Nerd.

In Word Nerd, the object is to form as many words as possible by tapping the individual letters. The longer the word, the more points you earn! Once you’ve filled the progress bar on the top of the game screen, you can move on to the next level! It’s fun, complex and addictive!

Word Nerd, like all of our Online Games is completely free to play and requires no download at all. Want to play Word Nerd on your smartphone or tablet? No problem! Simply navigate to m.iwin.com, click on Word Nerd and start playing!

Click here to play Word Nerd now!

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