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Our Best of Best Sale is Back and this time it’s all about games based on your favorite TV shows!!!

Check out the sale here and enjoy an adventure with House, Murder She Wrote, The Tudor and more!


50% off games



I have been enjoying a lot of time with family this holiday season and, as often happens with family, I have played a lot of games of all kinds: monopoly, battleship, clue as well as favorite PC games.

To ring in the new year right and make it easier on everyone’s wallet, we have selected fifteen great games for the New Year sale! Check out the full list here. Most games are rated 4 stars or higher!

If you enjoy hidden object, make sure you check out Agatha Christie: Dead Man’s Folly, an all time favorite of mine!

If you have already played Dead Man’s Folly, give Luxor Adventures, Alexandra Fortune or Hidden World of Art a try.

Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life is a fantastic game for fans of time management.

Play one, play them all! As always you enjoy 60 minutes of free trial to help you find the perfect games for the long weekend!

Which one is your favorite game?

Clutter 2

Sorry for the confusing title. What I mean is… Have you tried Clutter II, the new Hidden Object game sequel?

I loved the first Clutter! It’s a very clever, funny, and straight hidden object game that’s all about… Well, hidden objects. And I welcome the new Clutter II with much excitement. It’s downloading now and can’t wait to try it! (more…)

I was about 10 years old when I first heard about the Titanic and its incredible voyage and tragedy. Ever since I have been enthusiastic about the Titanic. Just last week I watched an interesting documentary about the lavish meals served, including really exotic rosewater sorbet.

Today I was browsing last week releases when I see the perfect game for me: Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic.  What is better than a murder on board of the RMS Titanic? The game release on the date of the Titanic anniversary! A Hidden Object Game! It’s a winner!

Download Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic now and get transported to the glamour and drama of the Titanic.

Murder On The Titanic

Words of praise for Murder on the Titanic from players:

I really liked this game and a perfect day to release it!” – Rose0513

Overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable game. I liked the storyline and the way puzzles kept getting thrown in.” – temperpo

This is a really good game. A nice HOG game and the story line was good. My (trial) hour was up before I knew it.” – alee7383

What do you think of this game?


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Golden Trails 2

I must confess I love historical dramas, be it books, movies or games! I get lost in the scenes, the costumes, the life, the darker lights and not to mention the pirates. I imagine long evenings by the fire after a long day working in the fields or at the local joint, listening to past adventures of a long lost relative who just made it back to England after traveling the world.  These stories clearly appeal to the romantic in me.

So, when a 4 1/2 star rated game with a great story and fantastic locations is released in Steals and Deals, I just have to play it.

Give it a try and download your free 60 minutes trial of Golden Trails 2 here.  or buy it directly…only $3.49 or 500 iCoins for members.

Happy Playing!


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Here are last week’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Games! See what our players have been downloading and see what you may have missed! (more…)

Beachblox Logo

This month’s free game (just for members) is BeachBlox, a fun 3-D matching game. If you’re a big fan of match-3 games, then you’re going to want to give this a whirl. Spin the disk as you try to look for creative ways to match colored blocks. BeachBlox features power ups, 6 game modes, and over 100 levels.  It’ll definitely keep you entertained for a long time with its addictive and challenging gameplay.

Beachblox screenshot

Download it here.

If you are not a member, consider joining All Access or Club iWin! Learn more about becoming a member.


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Zuma's Revenge

For many of us, game aficionados, Zuma’s Revenge is a classic! Have you played it lately? It’s still as good as you remember. However, if you are new to iWin or to casual games, or simply missed Zuma, try it and find out why it’s so addictive. It’s a ball blasting, marble shooting frenzy that’s incredibly fun!  Did I mention you can grab this must-have title at a new lower price? Get ready to embrace the almighty frog. Download it here.


Yes, our newest additions to Steals and Deals this week are two really fun customer favorites, both at 50% off (member’s only). They’re both Time Management games with great characters and a lot of fun to play!


Download Roads of Rome 3 now and help save Rome by restoring roads and settlements and fighting Barbarians!



Download Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes now! Raise ye olde animals, produce ye olde goods, and beat ye olde clock in 172 challenging time management levels!


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We just released Snark Busters Welcome Club to Free Games and it’s a fun addition to our catalog. I did play the trial when it first came out and I agree with over 50 players who rated this game 4 1/2 stars. Decipher the clues, solve the puzzles, and piece together the objects you need to track down your target! Join Kira Robertson and spend a fun few (or many) hours wit Snark Buster Welcome to Club. You can download it here.

Can you decipher the clues, solve the puzzles, and piece together the objects you need to track down your target?


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