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In the upcoming Worldwide Premiere release, Fairy Kingdom, you must help a young hero save his kingdom!

This exciting time management game pits you and the hero against an evil sorcerer who has laid the kingdom to waste and kidnapped the princess. The king must then request the aid of the hero in the hopes of defeating the sorcerer, rescuing the princess and restoring peace to the kingdom! But the hero can’t do it without YOUR help!

Check out some screenshots from this thrilling new release below, then visit iWin.com to be one of the first people anywhere to play Fairy Kingdom when it’s released on February 25th!


It’s Free Game Friday and we’re especially excited for this week’s selection, Mahjong Quest!

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic game of mahjong? Relaxing, yet strategic, calming and challenging in equal measure. Mahjong Quest combines all of the elements beloved by fans of the genre and does so with gorgeous graphics and a soothing score.

Featuring both timed and relaxed modes, you can either choose a story-based quest in which you must solve all the puzzles to save the world from three fearsome dragons, or simply play some classic games of mahjong free of any narrative.

Check out some art from the game below and then head to iWin.com, click on Online Games and begin your Mahjong Quest now!

Do you consider yourself an amateur sleuth? Are you the type that never loses their keys? Or if you do, it’s actually fun for you because it means you get to investigate, retrace your step and maybe look for clues? Then you REALLY need to play the brand new online game Hidden Object Daily!

Any fan of the Hidden Object genre of games owes it to themselves to check out this challenging, exciting and eminently replayable game! Just because you finish your daily hidden object scene doesn’t mean the fun is over! Every time you replay the daily scene, there are 16 new objects to find! So every time you play, you’re playing a brand new game! Hidden Object Daily features bonus objects and hints, and best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!

Check out a few hidden object scenes from the game below, then head over to iWin.com, click on Online Games and give Hidden Object Daily a try today!

It’s Friday, so you know what that means! That’s right, it’s time once again for Free Game Friday!

This week, we’re pleased to present the brand new, absolutely free version of Deal Or No Deal! Played just like the classic television game show, the object is to find and win the $1,000,000 case! But beware the Banker’s offers! If you take one, you lose the chance for the million dollars!

So? Do YOU have the nerves of steel required to stick it out to the end and win that cool million? Head on over to iWin.com, click on Online Games and play the completely free Deal Or No Deal to find out!

The newest chapter in the massively popular Delicious series is almost here folks! That’s right, tomorrow, December 3rd, will be the iWin.com World Premiere of Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning Platinum Edition!

Be among the first ANYWHERE to find out how Emily manages as she decides to reopen her restaurant while taking care of her new baby as well! Log on to iWin.com tomorrow and help Emily navigate running her restaurant while also learning to be an amazing mom!

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the exciting trailer for this thrilling new chapter in the Delicious saga, Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning Platinum Edition!

You’ve seen the trailer (and if you haven’t, it’s re-posted below for your viewing enjoyment) and we’re sure it only heightened your anticipation for the next chapter in the hugely popular Delicious series, Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning, an iWin.com World Premiere staring December 3. We promised we’d give you another sneak peek at this highly anticipated game and true to our word, here it is!

Take another look at the trailer, and check out some exclusive screenshots from the game after the cut. Then, be sure to log on to iWin.com on December 3rd to be one of the first people anywhere to download and play this thrilling new chapter in the Delicious saga, Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning!


Hey folks, we know you can’t wait for the next installment of the beloved Delicious series and to find out what awaits Emily in an exciting new chapter in her life.

Don’t worry, Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning is coming VERY soon! In fact, it will be an iWin.com WORLD PREMIERE beginning December 3rd! But to whet your appetite for more Emily and to tide you over until the game’s release, we’re very pleased to present the exciting trailer for the game! Watch it below and keep an eye on this blog as we’ll be previewing even more stuff from the new game in the coming days! Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to log on to iWin.com on December 3rd to be one of the first people anywhere to download and play Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning!

In the upcoming hidden object adventure, Myths of Orion: Light From The North, a World Premier at iWin.com beginning November 19th, 2014, you must help save a realm from encroaching chaos at the hands of a power mad wizard. When this greedy wizard collects the world’s knowledge into 3 books, the Books of Knowledge, Law and Magic, instead of using these for good, he spreads chaos over the Realm of Orion. This causes the powerful enchantress, Salina to abscond with both her daughter and the books. She retreats north to her sister Ariel’s house at the edge of the world, where, she hopes, the wizard will never find her…

Take a look at the trailer for this thrilling hidden object game below, then click on the cut for more stunning game art and screenshots.

Be sure to log on to iWin.com on November 19th to be one of the first anywhere to play this exciting new adventure!


That’s right! It’s time again for FREE GAME FRIDAY! Today’s featured game – Bubble Town!

In this exciting match-3 shooter, you must help the residents of Borb Bay save their city from ruin at the hands of Team Evil! Shoot your bubble at 3 or more bubbles of the same kind to eliminate them from the board! Along the way you’ll earn fun power-ups, but you’ll also encounter blockers as well, making it even more challenging!

As you’re undoubtedly aware by now, as with all of our Online Games, Bubble Town is completely free to play and requires no download at all. Want to play Bubble Town on your smartphone or tablet? Not a problem! Simply navigate to m.iwin.com, click on Bubble Town and start playing! Link your Facebook or Google+ accounts to save your scores and see how you stack up against other players!

Take a look at some screen shots from the game after the cut, then head over and start playing Bubble Town today!


Today’s Free Game Friday featured game is the newly released Solitaire Quest – Klondike! This unique and innovative game takes you on a delightful adventure through the Gold Rush-era Klondike.

Featuring gorgeous character designs, beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, Solitaire Quest – Klondike sits head and shoulders above other solitaire games and is a stunning addition to iWin.com’s already impressive stable of online games.

Speaking of which, Solitaire Quest – Klondike, as with all of our Online Games is completely free to play and requires no download whatsoever. Have a sudden urge to play some solitaire while on a break at work? Just grab your smartphone or tablet, navigate to m.iwin.com, click on Solitaire Quest – Klondike and start playing! You can even connect your Facebook or Google+ accounts and compete against your friends!

Check out some screenshots and game art after the cut, then head on over and begin your Klondike adventure today!


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