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Free Game Friday Is BACK! Today’s Game – Intergalactic Battleships!


Walking in a window wonderland at the Hotel iWin!

If you’re like me, this winter weather is really starting to annoy you (seriously, is it spring yet?). But at the Hotel iWin, it’s a different story! You can travel to a more pleasant climate just by looking out your window. No way it’s that easy, you say. Oh, but it is! Check out our […]

Spread the love at the Hotel iWin!

Love is in the air, and Hotel iWin is no exception! Today we have some lovely, ha ha get it, new items for you. Do be careful with the perfume, it’s made of glass! So go, eat some candy, and decorate! SALE ITEM CATEGORY Dancing Flower Decor Pink Flower Curtains Wall Objects Flowers with Vase […]

Stuff! Get your stuff!

What’s the connection between the items this week? What hilarious thing will I say about how they’re all tied together? They’re great. That’s what they have in common, greatness. I don’t have any puns for greatness. You get a break from puns this week! Next week, they’ll be back, though. SALE ITEM CATEGORY Pinwheel Decor […]

Grab some donuts, put them in a bowl?!

A bowl of donuts?! It may seem slightly excessive, but why not? Donuts are good, and bowls can hold them – so why not have a whole bowl of donuts? Your doctor may disagree, but it’s delicious. If you don’t feel like stuffing yourself with a bowl of donuts, you can always put more reasonable […]

Pet beds and candles? A winning combination!

Don’t worry, the Hotel has fire insurance. Also, I’m fairly sure that pixels are inflammable… or does that mean they can catch fire? I’ve never been clear on that. At any rate, we have some candles for you! And pet beds! Snake beds not included, but the dog and cat beds can be adapted for […]

Just sitting around in the Hotel!

Have you had a long day? Perhaps, you’ve been running in place for 6 hours? Or climbing a lot of mountains? Those seem pretty unreasonable, but you may have been standing for a great portion of your day, and if you have, it’s time to sit down and relax! You could of course sit in […]

A balanced breakfast

Are you getting your nutrition? Every morning, you should be eating a balanced breakfast! Orange juice is good, some toast with some peanut butter – perhaps some cereal. If you’re feeling adventurous, how about some pickles on a roll? Whatever you eat, you gotta eat something! It’s the most important meal of the day! So […]

Happy New Year from the Hotel iWin!

To enjoy what’s ahead of us, sometimes we have to look back! Thankfully, we have some wonderful backgrounds on sale today for you to do just that. Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone! SALE ITEM CATEGORY Dungeon Backgruond Backgrounds Carnival Background Backgrounds Fall Beauty Background Backgrounds Fairytale Castle Background Backgrounds Aquarium Background Backgrounds […]

Happy Holidays from Hotel iWin!

It’s realy quiet here – hopefully because everyone is enjoying their holiday time with friends and family! That is what you’re doing, right? You’re reading this, but then quickly running off to spend the holidays with your friends and family? Good! The elves we employ – not the short, Santa’s workshop type, but the tall, […]

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