September 2015

Check out this exciting trailer for the brand new interactive mystery game Detective Ross – Episode 1: A PI in Paris!

In this thrilling new game, Mark T. Ross is an American private investigator who sets up his office in Paris, France. Soon thereafter, a mysterious and powerful man asks him to find his kidnapped son. With only a few hints, Ross will have to use every investigative tool at his disposal to solve the case.

Watch the trailer below, then head to iWin.com tomorrow, September 22nd, to be one of the first to download and play this incredible and innovative adventure game mixed with an interactive movie experience!


title screen

Play the brand new, thrilling Match-3 game, Lost Bounty – A Pirate’s Quest EXCLUSIVELY on iWin.com!

In this exciting, sea-faring adventure, you play as Anne Rackham as she explores the mysterious Skull Island! It’s imperative that she build a cove to protect her pride and joy, her ship the Harpie’s Song! Help Anne build this cove and make sure no danger befalls her vessel during 80 levels of fast paced Match-3 gameplay!

This game can ONLY be played at iWin.com, so what are you waiting for? Click HERE and start playing Lost Bounty – A Pirate’s Quest now!

Check out some screenshots and game art below!

LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-45-13-51
LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-47-19-89
LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-50-28-01
LBBETA 2015-09-07 21-45-44-23

For this week’s edition of Free Game Friday we’ve selected a deceptively challenging Match-3 game called Bug Match!


In this fun, vibrant and colorful game, match 3 or more bugs to clear them from the game board. But it’s a race against time and that time goes by faster than you’d think! You must compete against the clock while at the same time collecting enough points to move to the next level. Don’t be surprised if it takes you a few tries!

Take a look at the screenshots below then click HERE to give Bug Match a try!

ht play
ht play 2