7 Unusual Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Played today’s Word Search Daily puzzle yet? No? Why don’t you head on over and do that. I’ll wait….

Back? Great. Did you notice today’s theme? That’s right, it’s phobias! Have any? Anything that you’re irrationally afraid of?

This season, the popular television series American Horror Story (subtitled “Freakshow” for this iteration) concerns a particularly sinister circus side show. I’ve watched every season of AHS so far, but I can’t bring myself to do so this year. Why? Three words; Twisty the Clown.

Not Twisty, but still probably evil.

I’m also incapable of playing the otherwise intriguing-sounding Weird Park series of games for much the same reason. And people have told me that they’re actually really fun! I mean, come on, check out that dude on the left…

Given the sensitive and potentially chills-inducing nature of this topic, I’m going to put the rest of the post under a cut. Enter at your own risk! And if you’d rather not bother, feel free to enjoy this adorable puppy picture instead…

D’aww, just look at that face!

Anyway, back to the subject. Yes, I suffer from coulrophobia, a fear of clowns. Terrified of them actually. I blame that horrible clown doll from Poltergeist. Oh, and we can’t forget Pennywise, the clown from the Stephen King novel It, brought to nightmarish life by Tim Curry in the TV miniseries adaptation.

I am also arachnophobic, i.e. deathly afraid of spiders. Yes, I know they are by and large more helpful than harmful, but I don’t care. Nothing with eight spindly legs that lurks in webs and crawls on you as you sleep (I’m convinced they do this and have little spider parties on your bedspread nightly…) can be made from anything other than purest of evil.


Thank goodness there’s no such thing as a spider clown.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

But these are actually pretty common phobias. There aren’t too many folks who simply adore spiders, and while clowns have their supporters, I know just as many people who can’t stand the sight of them. Imagine, however, gazing up at the night sky and being filled with an irrational sense of dread? If that’s you, then you probably suffer from selenophobia, or a fear of the moon!

Here are 7 other unusual phobias you hopefully won’t discover you have…

1. Arachibutyrophobia – A fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth. (Like, permanently? Yeah, that would be pretty terrible.)

2. Cometophobia – A fear of comets (I’m guessing the celestial bodies and not the cleanser…)

3. Thaasophobia – Fear of sitting. (Having this particular affliction might be a pretty great excuse to lie down everywhere though. And then you can take all the naps you want. Yay, naps!)

4. Octophobia – Fear of the figure ‘8’ (Well, on its side it’s the symbol for ‘infinity’, which I guess if you think about the infinite expanses of space, can be kinda sorta scary…I mean, aliens, right? Sure, let’s go with that)

5. Aulophobia – Fear of flutes (Personally I think tubas are way scarier…hmm, wonder if there’s a phobia for that…)

6. Bibliophobia – Fear of books (Would this cover Kindles too?)

7. Genuphobia – Fear of knees (Summer must be a pretty awful season for these folks…so many people in shorts!)

Have any of those? I hope not! If so, head on over and play today’s daily word search, I’m sure that’ll help to calm your nerves a bit!


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