You’ll Be Beggin’ For Bacon After Reading This!

Thanks to our recently released online game, Word Search Daily I’ve got salty, smoky, bacon-y goodness on my mind.

Let me explain…

So, our fantastic new online game, the aforementioned Word Search Daily, features a new theme every day around which all the words you have to find are associated. For instance, yesterday, the theme was “Sweet Treats” and every word in the puzzle was some kind of, you guessed it, sugary confection.

Well today’s theme is “Meat Lovers”, of which I definitely am one. When I order a pizza, it better have pepperoni, sausage, ham and of course, bacon. I mean aside from vegetarians and vegans, who doesn’t love bacon? (And I suspect quite a few vegetarians and vegans are secret fans, though they’d never admit it.) Seriously, a pizza with pepperoni, bacon and pineapple? You truly haven’t lived until you’ve tried it.

Anyway, today’s word search got me thinking about bacon (okay, I was probably already thinking about bacon, but that’s beside the point) and all the neat, innovative ways it’s being used in food.

Bacon on a doughnut? Definitely.

Bacon in a chocolate bar? Sure!

Bacon IN a pancake? Of course, silly!

Deep fried bacon? Um…well…seems like a bad idea health-wise…but okay, why not? Hand it over!

In short, bacon = magical.

Read on for even more bacon deliciousness…

Oh, and of course don’t forget to check out Word Search Daily! Every day is a brand new theme so it’s always fresh, fun and challenging! And remember, like all of our online games, Word Search Daily is 100% free and doesn’t need to be downloaded! Simply log on to on your phone, tablet, or PC, wherever you are and start playing right away! Be sure to connect your Facebook or Google+ accounts and compete against your friends!

Now back to the bacon…

Ever had a chocolate chip cookie with candied bacon bits in it? (Click on the links or pictures for the recipes!)

How about a bacon grilled cheese between two waffles made out of tater tots?

Was that a little too over-the-top? Need something simpler? Perhaps some bourbon candied bacon would do the trick?

What could be more all-American than apple pie? A bacon-latticed apple pie, that’s what! The only question is, should you have it à la mode? I kid. Of course you should have it à la mode!

Bacon in a bloody mary? It’s more likely than you think (obviously this one’s for the over-21 crowd!)

And finally, for those times when you just want to slather some bacon onto a hot slice of buttered toast, there bacon jam!

Have a hankering for bacon yet? I know I do! After you’ve sated your bacon craving, head over to, click on the Online Games tab and try your hand at today’s Word Search Daily puzzle!


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