It’s Curious Events Day! Let’s Celebrate Mystery!

Today is Curious Events Day, a day to celebrate all of the intriguing mysteries the world has to offer! We here at iWin certainly love mystery (and we have TONS of very “mysterious” games to boot) so we’re happy to indulge in a little celebration of unexplained phenomenon! (Click on any of the pictures or topics below to be taken to a game about that very subject!)

For instance, did you know that one night in 1977 a man named Jerry Ehman, a volunteer for SETI (the Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) received a transmission from an unknown source that to this day remains completely unexplained? Known as The Wow! Signal, it was a very loud radio transmission that lasted a full 72 seconds and seems to have originated from the Sagittarius constellation.

Amazed, Ehman wrote the word “Wow!” on the printout record of the broadcast. This signal has never occurred again and every attempt to locate it has failed. Pretty mysterious isn’t it?

Read on for even more unexplained mysteries!

Bigfoot – Reports of Bigfoot sightings in the American Pacific Northwest go back to at least the 1920s. The most famous happened on October 20th, 1967, when two men named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin captured what has since become rather infamous footage the legendary cryptid. The footage, which most skeptics largely consider a (not particularly good) hoax, consists of a large ape-like creature loping through the forest. Both men insisted that the footage was real and not simply a man in a cheap looking ape costume.

The Bermuda Triangle – For years this stretch of the Atlantic Ocean has been shrouded in mystery. Pilots report problems with instrument readings, ships sink without a trace, planes disappear. Theories as to what could be the cause of this phenomenon range from the natural, as this area is known to have frequent tropical storms, to the truly bizarre; UFOs and alien abductions or even that it is the final resting place of the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.

Hauntings / Ghosts – Tales of ghostly encounters, hauntings and poltergeist activity have been around for ages. In August of 1997, a woman by the name of Denise Russell captured the above image of her grandmother as well as a spectral figure right behind her. That spectral figure, according to the photographer, was her grandfather who passed away in 1984!

The world is indeed full of mystery, so instead of fearing it, why not celebrate it? Today is a perfect day to do exactly that; to ponder the paranormal, to examine the unexplained and of course, to download some thrilling and very mysterious games to play!


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