October 2014

Today’s featured free game is Color Blast, a charmingly addictive matching game!

In Color Blast you must tap 3 or more blocks of the same color to eliminate them. If you blast more than 5 blocks, you receive bonus blocks and if you manage to blast more than 10, you’ll get awesome reward items!

Like all of our Online Games, Color Blast is completely free to play and requires no download whatsoever. If you want to play on your smartphone or tablet, no problem! Simply navigate to m.iwin.com, click on Color Blast and start playing! Link your Facebook or Google+ accounts to save your scores and see how you stack up against other players!

Check out some game screen shots after the cut, then head over and begin blasting colors today!



Today’s Word Search Daily puzzle is called “Haunted Haunts” and, as you can probably guess, its all about spooky locales more than likely filled to the brim with ghouls and ghosts.

Having seen the 1982 film Poltergeist at a tender young age and having the wits scared out of my by it, I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal and, more specifically, haunted houses. The places listed below are considered to be some of the most haunted places in the world. Places in which most people would not like to find themselves alone in the middle of the night. Ready for some chills? Read on!

1. The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia – Well first of all, it’s an abandoned lunatic asylum. There’s bound to be some bad juju surrounding it by default. However, it’s said that the souls of the 9,000 patients that died there over its 130 year history haunt the place to this day.


Okay, so it’s National Cat Day and this is a good thing. Why is it good? Because cats are AWESOME. Better than dogs. Yeah, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are awesome too, (just slightly less so.) Y’see, dogs are all “oh my gosh I love you no matter what because I’m a dog and that’s what I do” while cats are all “Oh. Hey. Yeah, you want my love? You better WORK for it, pal!” But then, once you have it, it’s just a world of kitty cuddles after that!

You may be thinking to yourself “what in the world do cats have to do with games?” Well, not a whole lot. Actually nothing. Cats aren’t really big gamers. Lack of opposable thumbs and all that. But hey, we figured it’s National Cat Day. Let’s just post some cat pictures because, as previously alluded to, cats rule.

Also, if you are able to, please consider donating to your local ASPCA or humane society. Or better yet, visit your local branch or rescue shelter and adopt a kitty (or doggie) today!

So without further ado, here are some super cute kitties.

This sweetie pie comes to us from one of our Facebook friends. Her name is Tina!

Here’s Charlie, also from a Facebook fan. Apparently he was grumpy the day the picture was taken. Still a cutie though.

This adorable fella is Robert. His human posted this picture to our Facebook page.

Even more after the cut!


Today’s Free Game Friday featured game is the newly released Solitaire Quest – Klondike! This unique and innovative game takes you on a delightful adventure through the Gold Rush-era Klondike.

Featuring gorgeous character designs, beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, Solitaire Quest – Klondike sits head and shoulders above other solitaire games and is a stunning addition to iWin.com’s already impressive stable of online games.

Speaking of which, Solitaire Quest – Klondike, as with all of our Online Games is completely free to play and requires no download whatsoever. Have a sudden urge to play some solitaire while on a break at work? Just grab your smartphone or tablet, navigate to m.iwin.com, click on Solitaire Quest – Klondike and start playing! You can even connect your Facebook or Google+ accounts and compete against your friends!

Check out some screenshots and game art after the cut, then head on over and begin your Klondike adventure today!


Thanks to our recently released online game, Word Search Daily I’ve got salty, smoky, bacon-y goodness on my mind.

Let me explain…

So, our fantastic new online game, the aforementioned Word Search Daily, features a new theme every day around which all the words you have to find are associated. For instance, yesterday, the theme was “Sweet Treats” and every word in the puzzle was some kind of, you guessed it, sugary confection.

Well today’s theme is “Meat Lovers”, of which I definitely am one. When I order a pizza, it better have pepperoni, sausage, ham and of course, bacon. I mean aside from vegetarians and vegans, who doesn’t love bacon? (And I suspect quite a few vegetarians and vegans are secret fans, though they’d never admit it.) Seriously, a pizza with pepperoni, bacon and pineapple? You truly haven’t lived until you’ve tried it.

Anyway, today’s word search got me thinking about bacon (okay, I was probably already thinking about bacon, but that’s beside the point) and all the neat, innovative ways it’s being used in food.

Bacon on a doughnut? Definitely.

Bacon in a chocolate bar? Sure!

Bacon IN a pancake? Of course, silly!

Deep fried bacon? Um…well…seems like a bad idea health-wise…but okay, why not? Hand it over!

In short, bacon = magical.

Read on for even more bacon deliciousness…

Oh, and of course don’t forget to check out Word Search Daily! Every day is a brand new theme so it’s always fresh, fun and challenging! And remember, like all of our online games, Word Search Daily is 100% free and doesn’t need to be downloaded! Simply log on to iWin.com on your phone, tablet, or PC, wherever you are and start playing right away! Be sure to connect your Facebook or Google+ accounts and compete against your friends!

Now back to the bacon…

Ever had a chocolate chip cookie with candied bacon bits in it? (Click on the links or pictures for the recipes!)


Coming VERY soon to iWin.com, a perfect game for the spooky month of October, Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector’s Edition! This chilling hidden object adventure tells the dark tale of Emily and Enron and their troubled love affair. Emily wants nothing more than to be betrothed to Enron, but he harbors a sinister secret that could doom their romance – he is the son of legendary vampire Dracula! But when Enron finally decides to tell Emily his secret, she disappears.

Now you must help them both discover the truth behind Emily’s disappearance and reunite these lost lovers! Take a look at some game art below and be sure to check iWin.com frequently in order to be one of the first to play Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector’s Edition!


Today’s featured game is Jelly Collapse, a super fun, progressively challenging puzzle game in which you must match 2 or more jellies to clear them from the board and move on to the next level.

And of course, as is the case with ALL of our online games, you don’t need to download anything! Simply log on to iWin.com on your phone, tablet, or PC, wherever you are and start playing right away! They’re always absolutely free! Be sure to connect your Facebook or Google+ accounts and compete against your friends!

Take a look at the screenshots below and then then click on the Online Games tab of the iWin home page to get started playing this delightful matching game today! We’re sure you’ll be a Jelly Collapse addict in no time!


As I’m sure you’re aware, zombies are hot right now. Well, I guess technically they’re more likely to be cold, what with being undead and all, but nevertheless, zombies have never been more popular than they are nowadays. Just this past Sunday night, over 17 million people tuned in to watch the fifth season premier of The Walking Dead (it actually beat Sunday Night Football)!

It’s clearly a great time to be a zombie fan. But how much do you really know about zombies or how the whole zombie thing got to be so popular in the first place? Did you know, for instance, that zombies can actually exist? Obviously not the flesh eating, undead variety of zombie, but still just as mindless, shambling, and lacking in fear.

Read on for more zombie facts, then head over to iWin.com to download today’s new release, Caribbean Zombie Jewel Double Pack and check out all the other awesome zombie games we have to offer!


For today’s Free Game, we’re featuring an addictive, fun, easy-to-learn but hard to master puzzle game by the name of Football Tricks, and trust me, you don’t need to be a sports fan to enjoy this challenging little corker of a game!

The set up for Football Tricks is deceptively simple; there’s a cute little anime-inspired soccer player and a soccer ball. Kick the ball into the goal and you win! Easy enough, right? Well, just wait until the stakes are raised and you need to kick the ball around (or over, or through) a column of bricks or wooden crates to another player so HE can kick the ball into the goal. Believe me, it gets pretty daunting fairly quickly! Yet it never stops being a blast!

And just like all of our online games, Football Tricks is 100% free, there’s absolutely no download required and it can be played almost anywhere; smartphone, tablet or PC!

Check out some screenshots below, then click on the Online Games tab of the iWin home page and start playing Football Tricks today!


Today is Curious Events Day, a day to celebrate all of the intriguing mysteries the world has to offer! We here at iWin certainly love mystery (and we have TONS of very “mysterious” games to boot) so we’re happy to indulge in a little celebration of unexplained phenomenon! (Click on any of the pictures or topics below to be taken to a game about that very subject!)

For instance, did you know that one night in 1977 a man named Jerry Ehman, a volunteer for SETI (the Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) received a transmission from an unknown source that to this day remains completely unexplained? Known as The Wow! Signal, it was a very loud radio transmission that lasted a full 72 seconds and seems to have originated from the Sagittarius constellation.

Amazed, Ehman wrote the word “Wow!” on the printout record of the broadcast. This signal has never occurred again and every attempt to locate it has failed. Pretty mysterious isn’t it?

Read on for even more unexplained mysteries!


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