September 2014

Prepare yourself for the chilling final chapter in the Weird Park saga! When a young boy steps into a closet and disappears, you find yourself embroiled in the investigation into his whereabouts. What you discover in the closet shocks you  to your core; a strange, twisted alternate dimension conjured up by the terrifying Mr. Dudley!

Get an exclusive first look at art from this shocking final chapter in the Weird Park trilogy below! Then check iWin.com to grab Weird Park – The Final Show as soon as it’s released (UPDATE! Weird Park: The Final Show is available NOW!) If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the first chapter, Weird Park – Broken Tune, and the second chapter, Weird Park – Scary Tales by clicking either link!



Coming soon to Available now at iWin.comVacation Adventures – Cruise Director! In this highly anticipated new entry in the popular Vacation Adventures hidden object series, you’re the cruise director of the fabulous ocean liner, S.S.Liberty of the Waves! It’s your job to plan exciting excursions to the Caribbean, Mexico and South American ports of call!

Check out some game art now before the game is released (UPDATE! Available now!!!), then be sure to keep an eye on iWin.com and be among the first to download this exciting new adventure!


Ahoy mateys, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye’d better be reading these 7 things ye might not be knowin’ about pirates, or ye’ll be walkin’ the plank! Yarr!

1. Blackbeard was a very successful pirate, but not, as commonly believed to be, THE most successful one. Both Henry Avery and “Black Bart” were far more successful, capturing hundreds of ships, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. He also didn’t believe in burying his treasure. There is no account of Blackbeard ever having buried any goods or money that he seized.



Coming soon AVAILABLE NOW from the creators of hugely popular Gardenscapes series of games comes a brand new hidden object extravaganza, Manor Memoirs Collector’s Edition!

In this exciting new game, you play as Scarlett who, in an attempt to escape the madness of the big city so that she can finish her novel, purchases a 19th century country mansion. However once she arrives at the mansion she finds that it’s in desperate need of repair and renovation!

Help Scarlett turn this mansion into a liveable space while uncovering all of the secrets it may hold! Secrets that will no doubt assist Scarlett in writing her best novel yet!

Watch the trailer below and check out some fun and colorful game art after the cut. Be sure to head over to iWin.com and Manor Memoirs Collector’s Edition NOW!


UPDATE!!! New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector’s Edition is available now!

The year is 1955, the place, New York City. Living in the city has become an increasingly perilous proposition. Not only is petty crime on the rise, but now organized crime is tightening its sinister grip. The Mafia is at the height of their power when completely without warning or provocation, the boss of each of the Five Families disappears. Found at the scene of each disappearance; a strange liquid and a butterfly. Making matters worse,  the city’s children begin to go missing a week after each child in the city had drawn butterflies exactly like those found at the crime scenes.

Investigate these highly mysterious goings on in the thrilling, soon-to-be released hidden object adventure, New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector’s Edition. Get an early look at some screenshots and game art from this exciting new game before it’s released after the cut! (Available for download NOW!)


It’s National Video Game Day and we’re celebrating by sharing some fun and interesting facts about video gaming and its history!

-Thought to be the first true video game (although there is some debate over this)  Space War, was created by three men at MIT in 1962. In this simple game a player takes control of one of two space ships, one called “the needle” and the other called “the wedge” and attempts to destroy the opposing player’s ship.