Throwback Thursday: Garden Defense

It’s time for Throwback Thursday, a new feature here on the iWin blog in which we look back on and spotlight a game you may have forgotten about, or perhaps didn’t even know existed! It could be a favorite of ours here at iWin or one we feel didn’t get the attention or love it deserved when it was first released!

Today’s selection is Garden Defense! Released in 2010, this fast-paced, thrilling action game pits you and the Smith Family against an oncoming horde of pests!

The formerly peaceful suburb of Lindencroft is under siege by legions of hungry critters intent on consuming every garden flower or plant in sight! Allen and Laurel Smith have recruited their daughter, Charlotte to help them stop these pests before it’s too late!

Using carefully deployed lawn ornaments, stop these creatures before they can get to your flowerbeds! As you progress, you’ll need to add more defenses and upgrade your weapons. Eventually you’ll be able to arm your garden gnomes with rocket launchers!

Do you have what it takes to withstand the hordes of insects, slugs and fruit flies? The step up to the front lines and engage the enemy pests in Garden Defense! Head over to where you can play it for free with ads, or purchase it for as low as $2.99 and play it ad-free!

Check out some screenshots after the break!


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