February 2014

There’s only a few days left to vote on your favorite games from 2013! The competition is FIERCE! Have a look at the current standings in the the Best Lead Female category and you can see how close the top two contenders are at the moment! Emily from the Delicious series is just barely edging out Kate Beckett from the game Castle: Never Judge a Book By Its Cover!

So hurry up and VOTE for your favorites today! We can’t wait to see who wins!


Roll out the red carpet! The first ever Gamers Guild Awards have arrived and we want to hear from YOU! Click HERE or on the image above to see all of the nominees in each of the five categories, then vote for your favorites! Let us know which games thrilled you, which characters you loved and which game’s storyline kept you fascinated and coming back for more!

Check out all the nominees and vote TODAY!

iWin’s EXCLUSIVE release, Sweet Shop Rush has me thinking about (and craving) some candy. But not your typical Snickers, Reese’s or Kit Kat bars. That’s so predictable, so boring. How about something out of the ordinary, something off-beat? Something weird. Two (or three…or more) great tastes that taste great together (or not…).

Maybe something like Barratt Shrimps & Bananas candy from the UK?

A classic flavor combination if ever there was one.

Apparently, it’s not ACTUALLY shrimp flavored; the shrimp candies reportedly taste like raspberry. Which is disappointing since everyone knows how delicious shrimp and bananas are together, right?

Then of course there’s Japan’s infamously wide assortment of Kit-Kat flavors. Ever wondered what an Edamame Soybean Kit-Kat would taste like? Of course you have. You’re human. It’s natural.


How about Purple Sweet Potato? Wasabi? Soy Sauce? Yes, these are all real flavors that exist and (presumably) people have eaten. No, I don’t get it either. (Although Cinnamon Cookie Kit-Kat does sound pretty darned tasty, I must admit.)

Not that Japan has a monopoly on bizarre candy flavors. One need look no further than Northern California’s own Jelly Belly jellybeans for some truly weird and surreal tastes. Ever thought to yourself, “gee, I sure wish I had some lawn clippings I could munch on”? Jelly Belly has got you covered! Curious about the taste of canned dog food? Jelly Belly to the rescue! Stinky socks? Moldy Cheese? Skunk spray? Check, check and check!

Sure. Makes perfect sense.

You know what? On second thought, I’ll just stick with good old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, or even just a classic Hershey Bar. Doesn’t that sound much better than a Red Bean Sandwich Kit-Kat or a toothpaste flavored jellybean? So go ahead and indulge! Grab some candy and treat yourself to our newest EXCLUSIVE release, Sweet Shop Rush!

Invoke Games is currently hard at work bringing their thrilling new hidden object adventure, Arcana: Sands of Destiny to fruition, and they need YOUR help for the final push to make it happen!

They have set up a campaign with indiegogo.com where, for as little as $5 you can help bring this game to life as well as receive a copy of the game as soon as it’s released! The more you’re willing to donate, the more exciting bonus items and content you’ll receive! Check out their campaign page HERE and learn more about Invoke Games at their site!

Arcana: Sands of Destiny is an epic hidden object game where you’ll play as intrepid explorer Jenny Hopkins. Join the adventure as she faces an ancient evil in the mysterious and magical land of Egypt during the earliest days of the 20th century! Here’s a sneak peek of what the game will look like once it’s completed with your help!

In honor of our newest EXCLUSIVE release, Day D Time Mayhem, we thought it would be fun to share some interesting dinosaur facts. For instance, did you know that a T-rex’s tooth could be up to 10 inches long or that it’s massive jaw could eat the equivalent to an adult tiger in one bite? Yep, to a T-rex, one of the most dangerous creatures of the modern world would be nothing more than a nice amusebouche. Read on for some more fun dino facts!

1. Some species of dinosaurs were incredibly small, comparable to the size of a pigeon or a small house cat. A kind of pterodactyl, known as the Nemicolopterus had a wingspan of only 10 inches!

2. Many well known dinosaurs didn’t exist at anywhere near the same time. For instance, there was actually a greater span of time between when the T-rex and stegosaurus walked the earth than the time between when a T-rex was alive and the present day.

3. Dinosaurs can be divided into two distinct categories. There were the ornithischian, or “bird-hipped” variety and then there was the saurischian, or “lizard-hipped” dinos. Surprisingly, modern birds evolved from the “lizard hipped” kind!

4. Afraid of snakes? If so, a dino known as a Madtsoia would probably be your worst nightmare. Reaching lengths of 50 to 65 feet, it killed much like modern boa constrictors or pythons, squeezing its prey to death with its immense muscular strength.

5. Imagine a scorpion almost three and a half feet long, armed with huge, extremeley sharp claws and of course massive amounts of venom produced from its nightmarishly large stinger! The terrifying Pumonoscorpius existed during the Carboniferous period in the forests of what would eventually become modern day Scotland.

6. The oldest known species of dinosaurs were found in Madagascar and have not yet been formally given a name. Existing roughly 230 million years ago, they predate the previous oldest known dino, the Eoraptor, by nearly 2 million years.

7. The smallest known dinosaur skeletons ever found come from a creature known as the Mussaurus, or “mouse lizard”. The largest of the species could still fit inside a modern shopping bag.

Learn anything new about dinosaurs? Hungry for more dino action? Then be sure to experience the zany dinosaur-packed fun of the latest exclusive iWin release, Day D Time Mayhem!