December 2013

There is an ancient Chinese legend stating that once a year, specifically on New Years Day, the Dark Dragon awakes from his slumber with an insatiable hunger for humans. Coming down from the mountains to the valleys below, the Dark Dragon hunts for any humans unfortunate enough to cross his path. Charming, young Liz however has made it her mission to prevent this catastrophe. In today’s EXCLUSIVE release, Chinese Dragon, it’s up to you to help Liz prevent this from happening. This thrilling match-3 adventure has over 100 levels to play through as well as bonuses like firecrackers and rockets to help defeat the Dark Dragon.Once defeated, the Golden Dragon of Good Fortune can grace humanity with his presence and only then will the New Year truly be saved!


With today’s release, the Adelantado trilogy comes to an epic and electrifying conclusion in Adelantado Trilogy Book 3! Continuing right where the previous entry leaves off, with the titular Adelantado, Don Diego and his crew facing down an imposing volcano while still searching for the missing expedition. Packed with all the challenging time management action you’ve enjoyed in the previous two entries in the trilogy, plus exciting new features, Adelantado Trilogy Book 3 is a fittingly exciting conclusion to this epic trilogy! Together with his crew, Don Diego must confront both savage Neanderthals and mysterious beasts, discover ancient ruins, recover treasures to bring back to Spain and help local villages build forts and strengthen their defenses. Adelantado Trilogy Book 3 concludes the sage in an explosion of fascinating locales, gorgeous graphics and exciting new features sure to fully satisfy fans of this amazing series!

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When a mad scientist develops a terrifying mind-control machine, what started as a clear cut, simple case for detective Alex Hunter, becomes something much more frightening and a death-defying race against time in today’s release Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind – Platinum Edition. For a limited time only, get this premium game for a SUPER low introductory price! Normally priced at $19.99, you can now get this exciting, challenging Hidden Object adventure for $6.99! But hurry as this is for a limited time only! Take advantage of this low, low price today!

In today’s release, Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm, you play as Lisa, whose grandfather, the legendary Santa Claus, requests your help to deliver presents to a local town this Christmas. Desperate to impress her grandfather and ensure that she isn’t late in delivering the presents, Lisa decides to take a shortcut through the forest. While en route to the town via this shortcut, Lisa notices that her car is undergoing a very strange transformation. It’s turning into candy! Stunned, she looks around to discover that not only has her car become a tasty treat, but there is candy all around her, impeding her progress! What could have caused this incredibly strange (but very tasty) storm? Ever curious and unable to drive her candy car to the town, Lisa is compelled to investigate the mysterious goings on! Help Lisa uncover the mystery of the candy storm and deliver the presents to the townspeople in time on this deliciously fun, easy to play, Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

The holidays are a stressful time. Of course they’re filled with family, friends, food, gifts and fun, but at the same time there’s a ton of  cooking, cleaning and of course, shopping that needs to be done as well. It can definitely be a bit overwhelming. It’s crucial during this hectic time of the year to take a break and relax. Why not do so with a fun, holiday-themed jigsaw puzzle game like Holiday Jigsaw Christmas?  With over 100 photos, 4 unique boxes of puzzles and 6 hours of gameplay, Holiday Jigsaw Christmas will offer a respite from the craziness of the holiday season that you’ll return to over and over!

Hey folks, it’s December, the holidays are upon us and Winter is coming, so you know what that means! That’s right, the December Game Calendar is here and available for you to download and print out! Click HERE to get your copy and get up to date on all the exciting games coming out this month!