What’s New In All Access

Hey folks, it’s time to take a peek and see what’s new in All Access!

Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette – Thanksgiving Edition – 3 years after the great turkey revolt, Thanksgiving is no more! Aided by turkeys from outer space, the earth-bound turkeys developed startling technology with their now advanced intelligence and took revenge upon humankind for the years of suffering they endured. But now humanity’s very existence is threatened and you must defeat these maniacal turkeys! Save humanity and bring back Thanksgiving!

Mahjong Gold -In this rip roaring mahjong adventure, you’re on the hunt for Long John Silver’s long lost treasure. Featuring 120 unique levels, and over 6 hours of innovative gameplay, Mahjong Gold is a unique sea-faring take on traditional mahjong that’s sure to challenge even the most experienced player.

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep – Atlantis, the legendary undersea kingdom, is in peril once again. The Power Crystals that fuel the shield keeping the air in and the water out are running low. The Queen sends a team of mermaids out to find replacement crystals before it’s too late! This exciting match-3 adventure features over 60 levels, 7 power-ups such as the Bomb Pearl, Lightning Pearl and Ghost Pearl, tons of mini-games, challenge levels Atlantis from certain doom!

Sign up for All Access today and for only $9.99 per month, you can play these games as well as enjoy unlimited play on over 900 other games with no ads ever! Join now!


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