Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse With Zombie Solitaire

It’s really never been a better time to be a fan of zombies. What with World War Z, The Walking Dead and all manner of undead-related media, zombies have certainly captured the zeitgeist of the modern age. Now there’s a solitaire game for all you zombie aficionados out there – Zombie Solitaire!

Two weeks after an infected tofu burger causes some unfortunate soul to transform into the walking dead, the city is overrun with brain eating zombies. You need to get out ASAP! But before you can get to your zombie-less island sanctuary you’ll have to play through a series of rounds of solitaire and solve¬† fun, challenging mini-games. with more than 100 solitaire levels, 9 zombie-filled settings, 10 power-ups, goofy humor and wacky action, Zombie Solitaire is the game all zombie lovers have been waiting for!


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