What’s New In All Access?

Time for another glance at what’s new and exciting in All Access!

Family Tales: The Sisters – In this dark, suspenseful and haunting Hidden Object game, you play as a young woman called upon to rescue her sister Anna from a terrifying parallel reality ruled over by the dreaded Dark Lord. You must battle this Dark Lord and rescue your sister from this frightening alternate dimension.

Beware Planet Earth! – In Beware Planet Earth, it’s up to you to protect Earth’s most important resource; our cows! Utilizing towers, various traps and a wide array of fun, whimsical objects, defend Farmer Barney’s precious “ladies” against a horde of Martians intent on making off with his beautiful bovines!

Times of Vikings – The great dragon, sleeping at the base of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, has awoken and begun burning the roots, causing massive earthquakes in the Viking village of Hawksworth! The villagers send their most formidable warriors off on a quest to find four elemental runes needed to fight this beast. Can they find the runes before the dragon destroys the Tree and with it, the world? Help the warriors find the runes and defeat the dragon before all hope is lost!

Sign up for All Access today and for only $9.99 per month, you can play these games as well as enjoy unlimited play on over others games with no ads ever! Join now!


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