2D Knifflis Will Satisfy All Your Puzzle Needs!

Love puzzle games, but hate to be limited to one genre per game? Well then 2D Knifflis is for you! 2D Knifflis combines some of the most beloved types of puzzles into one game! I’ll admit to not knowing precisely what a ‘knifflis’ is, or if such a thing exists in dimensions other than two, but that’s besides the point. This game is seriously fun and quite the brain teaser, combining match-3, complex Sudoku stages, and relaxing Mahjong levels. But 2D Knifflis isn’t just a game that’ll get the ol’ noggin cranking, it’s also a feast for the eyes and the ears, with gorgeous visuals and fun, whimsical sound effects. If you’re a serious puzzle addict, then you really need look no further than 2D Knifflis to satisfy any puzzle cravings you might have!


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