August 2013

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Vacation Mogul
Green City
Big City Adventure: Paris
The Veil Of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes
Secrets of the Titanic: 1912-2012
Titanic’s Keys to the Past
Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower
Tiger Eye – Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box

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Love puzzle games, but hate to be limited to one genre per game? Well then 2D Knifflis is for you! 2D Knifflis combines some of the most beloved types of puzzles into one game! I’ll admit to not knowing precisely what a ‘knifflis’ is, or if such a thing exists in dimensions other than two, but that’s besides the point. This game is seriously fun and quite the brain teaser, combining match-3, complex Sudoku stages, and relaxing Mahjong levels. But 2D Knifflis isn’t just a game that’ll get the ol’ noggin cranking, it’s also a feast for the eyes and the ears, with gorgeous visuals and fun, whimsical sound effects. If you’re a serious puzzle addict, then you really need look no further than 2D Knifflis to satisfy any puzzle cravings you might have!

Explore the enchanting world of Myst in today’s release Millennium 2: Take Me Higher. Marine’s beloved home of Myst has been taken over by a despotic dictatorship responsible for all manner of terrors they’ve visited upon the land. Marine’s family in particular has been shattered by this sinister government that has kidnapped her mother and critically injured her father. Marine decides to take it upon herself, with assistance from her most trusted friends to save her homeland from this tyrannical administration, and repair the damage done to her family as well. Along the way she’ll have to fight savage monsters, explore dark caverns, and complete a series of challenging quests to restore hope to her once-magical home and its inhabitants.

While on a peaceful boat trip on board the Sea Bliss, a yacht owned by the young couple Mike and Jane, is suddenly struck by a freakish storm. Overhead, Mike and Jane spy a strange symbol forming in the menacingly darkening skies, right before a rogue wave slams into their boat, tossing the young couple overboard.

In today’s release, Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light Collector’s Edition, you must help Jane, who after waking up on a mysterious island sees Mike’s unconscious body being dragged away, search every nook, cranny and cave on the island, uncover clues and solve complex and detailed hidden object scenes to reveal the frightening truth of the island and its sinister lighthouse keeper and reunite with her beloved Mike.

As a special bonus, available ONLY in the Collector’s Edition, you can play the game again from Mike’s perspective once you’ve uncovered the secret of the island and the phantasmal light!

Who doesn’t love great value? Why buy two things individually, each at full price, when you could get both for one low price? It wouldn’t make any sense at all to do otherwise! Well, for those of you gamers who are Match-3 fiends, the Match-3 Masterpiece Bundle is a fantastic value! This awesome bundle includes two match-3 classics; Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star and Around the World In 80 Days.

In Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star, you must guide famed explorer Percy Peck on his hunt for the titular jewel, stolen from a Native American village. Using your formidable match-3 skills, you must help return the jewel to its rightful owners! Based on Jules Verne’s classic novel,  Around The World In 80 Days takes you on a madcap adventure circumnavigating the globe in, as the title plainly states, 80 days. This game transports you to the 19th century as you follow English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his trusted servant Passepourtout on their breathtaking journeys on land, sea and in the air!

So if you’re a match-3 fanatic, be sure to take advantage of the excellent value of the Match-3 Masterpiece Bundle today!

Time for another glance at what’s new and exciting in All Access!

Family Tales: The Sisters – In this dark, suspenseful and haunting Hidden Object game, you play as a young woman called upon to rescue her sister Anna from a terrifying parallel reality ruled over by the dreaded Dark Lord. You must battle this Dark Lord and rescue your sister from this frightening alternate dimension.

Beware Planet Earth! – In Beware Planet Earth, it’s up to you to protect Earth’s most important resource; our cows! Utilizing towers, various traps and a wide array of fun, whimsical objects, defend Farmer Barney’s precious “ladies” against a horde of Martians intent on making off with his beautiful bovines!

Times of Vikings – The great dragon, sleeping at the base of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, has awoken and begun burning the roots, causing massive earthquakes in the Viking village of Hawksworth! The villagers send their most formidable warriors off on a quest to find four elemental runes needed to fight this beast. Can they find the runes before the dragon destroys the Tree and with it, the world? Help the warriors find the runes and defeat the dragon before all hope is lost!

Sign up for All Access today and for only $9.99 per month, you can play these games as well as enjoy unlimited play on over others games with no ads ever! Join now!

In today’s haunting and exciting release, Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones Collector’s Edition you must solve the mystery of the woman in white! After your plane crash lands on a strange island, you discover your co-pilot, Henry, is missing. Upon finding him and tending to his wounds, a presence suddenly manifests out of thin air – the sinister woman in white! Before you’re able to react, Henry’s soul is gone; stolen by the ghostly lady in white with the icy blue eyes. Armed with the powerful Book of Fire, you must explore the island city of Erlenbourg, the inhabitants of which have all been transformed into living skeletons, discover the secrets of this white witch, learn the Viking legend of the Ship of Bones, and restore Henry’s soul as well as the souls of Erlenbourg’s residents. Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones Collector’s Edition is a spooky and challenging Hidden Object adventure unlike any other!

Hey everyone, the August Game Release Calendar is here! There are some pretty exciting games coming out this month! With titles like the just-released Farm Frenzy 4, Times of Vikings, NOW PLAYING: Familiar Strangers (which features an unlockable full-length feature film starring Nikki Reed from the Twilight film series), Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma, and Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light Collector’s Edition, August is jam-packed with gaming fun! And whatever you do, don’t forget that August 8th is Sneak Some Zucchini On To Your Neighbor’s Porch Day! You wouldn’t want to go out for the morning paper and slip on some zucchini!

Today’s the day – Farm Frenzy 4 is finally here! In this highly anticipated fourth entry in the incredibly popular series, it’s up to you to save your grandparent’s farm! Design your character and outfit them however you like, then put them to work to save the family farm! You’ll need to buy the animals, harvest the goods they produce and then sell those goods in town. You’ll also need to protect your farm from various pests like bears and moles. With over 90 levels spread across 4 unique worlds, Farm Frenzy 4 is yet another fantastic entry in this venerable series that is sure to provide hours of fun for you and your entire family!