July 2013

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Hey folks, have you had a chance to check out all the hot games available in All Access lately? If not, here’s a quick glimpse at some exciting and fun recent releases!

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 3
– In this release, the thrilling third entry in the popular Cognition series, the hidden identity of the Oracle is revealed and post-cognitive FBI agent, Erica Reed is shocked to discover a connection to the killer. It’s up to you to help Erica determine who she can trust on her path to the truth!

Kingdom Tales – Once upon a time there was a prophecy that heralded the return of dragons to the world of men! That day has finally arrived and the wisest, bravest and most just leaders of humanity are brought together in the hopes of forging a friendship with these fearsome creatures. In this time management adventure, you must travel through the land, trade resources with its inhabitants, repair and build your subject’s homes and encounter druids, trolls and of course, dragons!

Chronicles of Albian 2: The Wizbury School of Magic – Someone has robbed the famed Wizbury School of Magic! You must track down this dastardly thief and return all the stolen items before the Magician’s Guild arrives to inspect the school! With a whimsical storyline, hidden objects that change each time you play a scene, 40 trophies to win, 80 unique ways to upgrade the school’s facilities and and award winning cast of voice actors, Chronicles of Albian 2: The Wizbury School of Magic is a hidden object game that’s certain to keep you coming back for more!

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The upcoming release of Apothecarium: Renaissance of Evil Collector’s Edition, takes you on a journey all the way back to the Italian Renaissance. In this unique hidden object adventure, you must find the legendary town of Apothecarium, a place rumored to contain the secrets to curing some of the worlds most horrific diseases. Now the citizenry of the town is disappearing under very mysterious circumstances. Could something ancient and sinister be at play? You will need to investigate every nook and cranny of Apothecarium, finding clues and solving any puzzle presented to you in order to save the imperiled innocents and conquer the ancient evil once and for all. Apothecarium: Renaissance of Evil Collector’s Edition is a trip to the Italian Renaissance that you won’t soon forget!

Build A Lot Mysteries is a bona fide hit and the stellar reviews are pouring in! Users are praising the “spooky” atmosphere, the improved graphics, and the unique supernatural setting! The graphics, sound and gameplay are all rated 4 stars by our users! You should definitely head on over to iWin.com, download Build-a-Lot Mysteries and find out for yourself what all the excitement’s about !


It’s officially summer! The days are long and hot and all anyone wants to do is cool off, relax, maybe go to the beach or check out the newest, hottest big budget blockbuster at the movie theater. Which of course, you could do. OR you could check out all the big budget, action packed, blockbuster games on sale during our Summer Blockbuster Sale! So many great titles and they’re all Collector’s Editions, loaded with extras and bonus features! Why venture out into the punishing heat of summer, when you could relax in your home, with a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade and lose yourself in some blockbuster games? Click HERE to see all the fantastic games on sale!

In the soon-to-be-released Build-A-Lot Mysteries, the 8th entry in the popular Build-A-Lot series, you must work alongside the mysterious Graves Family as you move through each of their dark and spooky neighborhoods building, buying and flipping properties. Along the way, you’ll uncover the family’s bizarre history, eerie habits and strange talents, all while earning fun achievements, and finding cryptic clues. If you’re one of the many fans of the Build-A-Lot series, then Build-A-Lot Mysteries is certain not to disappoint! Check out an exclusive sneak peek at some game art below!

Hey everyone, the July Game Release Calendar is here! Looks like it’s going to be a month packed full of gaming fun! Click HERE to download and print a copy for yourself today!

Who doesn’t love snacks? I could go for a snack right now in fact! Some chips perhaps, or maybe some gummy bears! No! A pizza! Okay, I guess that’s not really a snack per se, but you get my drift. In today’s release Snack 2 Go you are responsible not only for fulfilling the snack cravings of your busy, harried customers, but also making sure that the lessor of your boss’ snack van is happy. The happier they are, the more upgrades you can get; from snack van, to snack bar to…who knows? The sky’s the limit! This exciting, hilarious match-3 game also requires all of your time management skills, and is sure to make you crave all the fun it has to offer!