Uncover A Kingdom’s Shocking Mysteries In Mahjong Secrets!

In today’s release Mahjong Secrets, you play as a young, obedient, but very bored and curious princess. One day, in the throes of tedium, you enter a room you’ve been warned not to enter and discover a shocking secret – you have a twin sister that your parents, the king and queen, never told you about!

But why haven’t they mentioned her and more importantly, where is she now? When you find out that she was kidnapped years ago, your quest begins! You must reunite your family and uncover the secrets behind your twin sister’s abduction! With over 100 different mahjong boards, multiple fun mini-games and side quests, even beautifully rendered hidden object scenes, Mahjong Secrets is a game designed to keep you guessing and enthralled for hours!


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