What’s New In All Access

Hey folks, have you taken a look to see what’s new and hot in All Access lately? If not, read on for a peek at some recent releases!

In Elisa Cameron: Ghost, based on the hit Dark Horse graphic novel, Ghost, you must solve the mystery behind your own death! You suddenly awake in a haunting netherworld, somewhere between life and death and you must use your formidable detective skills in 14 puzzles and mini games, as well as 32 hidden object scenes, to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding your murder.

The fall of Atlantis is a tale that has captured the imagination of countless generations. In the game, Legend of Atlantis you will accompany the great philosopher Plato as you explore this colorful, vibrant underwater world. Using your match-3 skills, you can increase your score and use that to purchase helpful items to assist you in your exploration. Take a dive and explore the lost city of Atlantis!

In the thrilling new adventure game, Scarytales: All Hail King Mongo, it’s up to you to put a halt to the evil machinations of the dark sorcerer Zarrar, who has used his wicked magic to possess your brother’s mind and in the process made himself nearly invulnerable! Using every puzzle solving skill you have at your disposal, you must rescue your kingdom from certain doom at the hands of a nefarious, powerful foe!

Finally, in the fun and addictive new game, Webbies, you must help rescue all of your adorable woodland critter friends from the cranky old wizard, Hurgen who has employed his accomplice, Alfred the spider, to spin webs around all the available food in the forest. Not only that, but he’s used his magic to fortify the webs! It’s your job to untangle them, free the food and make sure that all of your forest pals are saved from starvation!

Check back later for a look at what’s new in Steals and Deals!


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