Take A Stand Against The Zombiegeddon!

In today’s release I Am Vegend – Zombiegeddon, a massive plague of zombies has invaded your plant kingdom and you must use every plant in your army of veggies to defeat them! They’ll attack from all angles in their mindless rampage; from the side, from below, from above (apparently zombies can pilot planes! Who knew?) Luckily you’ll have the power of the Vegendary Heroes on your side! An armada comprised entirely of a fierce cadre of weaponized veggies! Your battle-hardened sunflowers, tomatoes and eggplants will unleash the full power of their arsenal against these undead interlopers until the zombie horde has been vanquished! With 11 unique fighting vegetables, 45 missions, power ups and bonuses, and super simple controls (just point and shoot!), I Am Vegend – Zombiegeddon is a fun, colorful fighting game like no other!


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