May 2013

In today’s release I Am Vegend – Zombiegeddon, a massive plague of zombies has invaded your plant kingdom and you must use every plant in your army of veggies to defeat them! They’ll attack from all angles in their mindless rampage; from the side, from below, from above (apparently zombies can pilot planes! Who knew?) Luckily you’ll have the power of the Vegendary Heroes on your side! An armada comprised entirely of a fierce cadre of weaponized veggies! Your battle-hardened sunflowers, tomatoes and eggplants will unleash the full power of their arsenal against these undead interlopers until the zombie horde has been vanquished! With 11 unique fighting vegetables, 45 missions, power ups and bonuses, and super simple controls (just point and shoot!), I Am Vegend – Zombiegeddon is a fun, colorful fighting game like no other!


The year is 1799 and you have been tasked with investigating a series of murders in the town of Sleepy Hollow in today’s release Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector’s Edition. But these aren’t just any murders; all of the victims have been beheaded leading the superstitious citizens of the town to suspect that an ancient curse may be at play. The townspeople are convinced that the killer is none other than the legendary and dreaded Headless Horseman! You’re not convinced by any of this supernatural hogwash, but still, it’s your job to investigate these bizarre goings-on. To your astonishment and horror, the more you discover about these killings, the more convinced you become that something otherworldly may actually be taking place!

The collector’s edition of this chilling Hidden Object adventure features an additional bonus chapter, integrated strategy guide, as well as gorgeous wallpapers and screensavers. Download Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman Collector’s Edition today and prepare yourself for the chills that will soon be running down your spine!

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In today’s release Bret Airborne, you play as the titular hero as he helps Doctor Altus defeat his evil twin brother. Using all the Match-3 skills you have at your disposal, you’ll venture through this exciting steampunk world via hot air balloon, solving puzzles, dueling with the minions of the dastardly villain, right up until you face have to the main big bad himself! With fun, challenging hot air balloon puzzle duels, a single player campaign in which you can set the difficulty level you desire, a “Gauntlet mode” that allows you to challenge an array of increasingly difficult opponents, as well as 40 different powers and augmentations you can use to fortify your balloon, Bret Airborne is a Match-3 adventure that will keep you soaring for hours!

In today’s release, Solitaire Egypt you are the chief architect in all of ancient Egypt and you are tasked by the Pharaoh with rebuilding what was once a thriving metropole near the river Nile that was destroyed in a violent sandstorm. But you can’t merely recreate the previous one, you must make the new metropole evdn more gorgeous and stunning than it was. As you play through the campaign mode, accompanied by an adviser to the Pharaoh himself, you will earn points and extras that will help you construct awe-inspiring buildings. Don’t be surprised if even the gods look upon your architecture with admiration and are inspired to offer their help! With multiple levels and a wide variety of card sets, Solitaire Egypt is bound to keep you engaged for hours!

After our quick look at what’s new in All Access, it’s time to take a gander at what’s happening with some hot gaming bargains over in Steals and Deals!


First up is Summer Super Sports! In this exciting hidden object game, you accompany brother and sister, Mike and Sally on their family summer vacation to one of the worlds biggest sporting events! Explore the athlete’s village, ride the subway to events, and watch the different sports such as basketball, baseball, swimming and tennis!

In The World’s Legends: Kaschey The Immortal, you must help return the kidnapped Tsaritsa, imprisoned in a tower in the Kingdom Beyond The Ends of the Earth, to her home and defeat the dreaded Kashchey!

Solve a baffling murder mystery in Criminal Stories: Presumed Partners! Help two detectives suss out the truth behind a twist-filled case using every criminology tool available. Be sure not to miss a single clue or the killer may never be caught!

The delightful game, FarmQuest is sure to charm, with 120 different match-3 levels, a fast paced “action” mode, a calming “relax” mode and of course a plethora of cute pigs, cows, chicken and sheep that you must care for and protect! There are also time management levels involving a wily fox with a taste for your delicious chickens that you must shoo away, honey that needs collecting from the bees, and apples that need picking! Are you the sturdy stuff that farmers are made of? Find out in FarmQuest!

Hey folks, have you taken a look to see what’s new and hot in All Access lately? If not, read on for a peek at some recent releases!

In Elisa Cameron: Ghost, based on the hit Dark Horse graphic novel, Ghost, you must solve the mystery behind your own death! You suddenly awake in a haunting netherworld, somewhere between life and death and you must use your formidable detective skills in 14 puzzles and mini games, as well as 32 hidden object scenes, to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding your murder.

The fall of Atlantis is a tale that has captured the imagination of countless generations. In the game, Legend of Atlantis you will accompany the great philosopher Plato as you explore this colorful, vibrant underwater world. Using your match-3 skills, you can increase your score and use that to purchase helpful items to assist you in your exploration. Take a dive and explore the lost city of Atlantis!

In the thrilling new adventure game, Scarytales: All Hail King Mongo, it’s up to you to put a halt to the evil machinations of the dark sorcerer Zarrar, who has used his wicked magic to possess your brother’s mind and in the process made himself nearly invulnerable! Using every puzzle solving skill you have at your disposal, you must rescue your kingdom from certain doom at the hands of a nefarious, powerful foe!

Finally, in the fun and addictive new game, Webbies, you must help rescue all of your adorable woodland critter friends from the cranky old wizard, Hurgen who has employed his accomplice, Alfred the spider, to spin webs around all the available food in the forest. Not only that, but he’s used his magic to fortify the webs! It’s your job to untangle them, free the food and make sure that all of your forest pals are saved from starvation!

Check back later for a look at what’s new in Steals and Deals!

In the new release, The Path Of Hercules, the gods of Mount Olympus are NOT happy and only YOU can help appease them. Over the years, the people of Ancient Greece have forgotten to give the gods the proper devotion and respect, and this negligence has not escaped the gods’ notice. After all, without the gods, the people wouldn’t live in the world of beauty and abundance that they enjoy. But they must be woken from their complacence! With an engaging mixture of Match-3, Hidden Object and Adventure-style gameplay, it is up to you to restore 7 ancient artifacts to appease the gods and save the people from destruction! With over 60 match-3 and hidden object scenes, 7 legendary cities to explore and loads of thrilling adventure, you can be the hero that Ancient Greece so desperately needs!

From Playrix, the makers of such games as the recent Aquascapes Collector’s Edition, as well as the Fishdom, and Gardenscapes series, comes The Path of Hercules, an exciting new addition to the ever popular ‘Match 3′ genre of games!

In Path of Hercules, you are tasked with helping restore the faith that the people of Ancient Greece had in the gods of Mount Olympus. With a mixture of match 3, hidden object and adventure gameplay, it’s your responsibility to bring back 7 ancient artifacts and save the Peloponnese from destruction. The only way to do this? Well, follow the Path of Hercules of course! Check out the exclusive screenshot below!

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