March 2013

In a land of sword and sorcery, orcs and goblins, good and evil, one hero rises above all others; the hero known as Solar!

The eponymous hero of today’s release, Ballad of Solar, renowned across the land for his bravery, his swordsmanship and of course, his rugged good looks, is very likely the only man capable of stopping Grogan, an evil wizard bent on immortality! Grogan has captured the beautiful Lumina and it’s up to you to help guide Solar and his merry men to victory over the sinister sorcerer and to rescue the fair maiden. Using all of your time and resource management skills, you will assist with the rebuilding of towns, completing quests and most importantly, halting the machinations of the dread Grogan. Ballad of Solar is a witty, gorgeous, challenging and fun adventure suitable for the entire family!


It’s been years since Dorothy and her little dog Toto have left, yet in today’s release Towers of Oz, that magical land is under siege once again. The threat this time? Wooden Soldiers! The current Wizard of Oz however is no slouch. He’s a man of ideas. He will not sit idly by while his beloved Oz is overrun with these wooden men. The wizard concocts a plan to snatch computer and cat loving Timothy, the great grandson of Oz-legend Dorothy Gale and bring him to Oz.

Once in the bewitching land of Oz, Timothy, along with his kitty, is stunned to realize that all of his great grandmother’s stories were true! Oz is real and it’s in peril! The wizard enlists Timothy in his fight against the wooden menace. It’s up to you to assist Timothy and his trusted feline in their attempts to defend the wondrous land of Oz. With 30 exciting missions, all your favorite beloved Oz characters, you can explore the furthest reaches of Oz and marvel at the stunning 3D graphics, unlocking new strategic attack to help you defend your towers. Towers of Oz is a thrilling and hilarious strategy game that will keep you and your family entertained for hours.

A word to the wise – just avoid spooky abandoned farmhouses altogether.

But ESPECIALLY avoid them on Halloween. No good can come from exploring them. None. Just forget it. If, however, you decide to forge ahead and explore that creepy, undoubtedly haunted place, and you stumble across some kind of ancient looking artifact, here’s a pro tip – Leave. It. Alone. Just walk away. Forget you saw it. Exit scene left and, I dunno, go soap someone’s windows or TP their house. Something productive. Something decidedly other than meddle with weird, old artifacts.

These would be lessons too late in the coming for the folks in today’s release Shadows: Price for Our Sins. Against what should be any rational person’s better judgment, young, naive Dylan and her equally naive student friends do precisely all the aforementioned things one should never do in any freaky, spectrally-infused abode. I mean, haven’t these kids ever seen a horror movie? Jeez.

Anyway. Needless to say, happiness and joy does not henceforth abound once they find the abandoned, exceedingly spooky Stone Farm and then decide to mess with said artifact, thereby unwittingly (of course) opening a portal to some kind of hell dimension, releasing the prize possession of Lord of Darkness, and generally-not-very-swell-chap, Samhain; the souls of the Stone family themselves. Buffy and the Scooby Gang Dylan and co. are not. Samhain takes none-too-kindly to losing these souls and as recompense claims the souls of the meddling kids. Dylan, proving a bit more wily than her friends, manages to escape the demon’s grasp. Now it’s up to you and Dylan to gain the trust of the most assuredly post-hell-dimension-stress-disorder inflicted Stone family’s spirits and save Dylan’s pals before it’s too late and their souls are lost forever. Or at least until another group of puerile teens stumble across the accursed Stone farmhouse!

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Few things in life are capable of bringing about pure, unbridled terror quite like a nightmare. As everyone well knows, save for those lucky few capable of lucid dreaming, while one is in the midst of a dream, it feels as real as anything that happens while we’re awake. Thus even though it makes no earthly sense that  your high school algebra teacher should be in front of you, wielding an ax, blood dripping from his mouth, (a mouth which you could swear you don’t remember having quite so many fangs) would hand you a test  for which you are completely unprepared, while it occurs to you that you forgot to wear anything but your underwear,  in the dream, you don’t give it a second thought, it’s perfectly logical that things should turn out this way. But then suddenly the scene melts into a new one, and you’re standing in front of a school assembly, clad only in your skivvies, having to give a speech on a subject with which you’re completely unfamiliar. Ultimately though, we’re all saved by the only thing capable of defeating a bad dream – consciousness.

Now imagine being trapped in a perpetual nightmare from which you cannot awake…

This is precisely the…well, nightmare, facing Laura, the heroine of today’s release Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector’s Edition. Laura was once virtually immune to the world of nightmare thanks to the Dreamcatcher given to her by her father. Upon his shocking death, however, the Dreamcatcher mysteriously disappeared and Laura was lost to a nightmare with no end. Now it’s up to you to journey through this haunting, terrifying world of bad dreams. You, with the help of one Professor Sander’s miraculous machine that grants you access to Laura’s dreams, must guide this unfortunate girl through her night terrors, calming her frayed nerves as much as you can, and collect the pieces of the Dreamcatcher. Once it’s completed, you will have returned poor Laura to the waking world and saved her from a cycle of neverending horror!

Are you a fan of hidden object games, but sometimes yearn for something a bit different? Well then today’s online release Mysteriez! may be just what you’re looking for.

Mysteriez! is definitely a unique hidden object game. For one thing, you’re not exactly searching for objects per se, instead you’re looking for numbers. And they could be anywhere; on a clock, scrawled on a paper, carved into a table, even hidden in the intricate patterns of curtains! But that’s not the only challenge. You’re also working against the clock. As it relentlessly counts down the minutes, you have to make absolutely certain to only click numbers or items with numbers on them that you have not already clicked. If you repeat a click, you will automatically be docked 10 seconds. It’s a lot more challenging than it sounds!

But it’s also a lot of fun and VERY addictive! I highly recommend Mysteriez! to fans of hidden object games, puzzle games or just colorful, addicting games in general. The only criticism I had was the duplicate ad that a player is required to watch at the beginning of the game. They’re brief, and, like I said, only occur at the beginning of the game, but I was anxious for some hidden object-meets-numerological fun and didn’t want to wait! Still it’s a small price to pay, and considering the game is FREE, is not much of a bother at all in the grand scheme of things.

So log on and play Mysteriez! today!

While Spring hasn’t exactly sprung just yet, it’s springiness is certainly imminent! You can practically feel the burgeoning Springitude in the air! The days are getting a little warmer, a little longer and the flowers are starting to bloom. And of course, it’s time to get started on that Spring cleaning!

But wait! It’s also time for the March Game Release Calendar which is out NOW and ready to be downloaded! Click HERE to get your copy!