February 2013

There are many ways for a day to get off to a less than stellar start, but little else can ruin your day faster than an invasion of Mongol hordes from the north, right? That has to rank pretty high on anyone’s list of Bad Ways To Start The Day.

That’s why, in today’s release Building the Great Wall of China Collector’s Edition, it’s essential for our hero, the clever and cunning Kong Baotu, to build the Great Wall as fast as he possibly can. The only thing he requests in exchange for his utter commitment to this monumental task is for the hand of the Emperor’s daughter, Fan Tanrui, in marriage. With 40 levels of game play,  4 unique locations, danger and peril in the form of fire breathing dragons and harsh natural elements, Building The Great Wall of China Collector’s Edition is an adventure through Ancient China that you won’t soon forget!


Imagine finding yourself on bizarre alien world. Now imagine that you have no way of getting home. Would your first instinct be panic or curiosity?

If you’re anything like Dr. Ellie Wright, the protagonist of today’s release Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector’s Edition, it will likely be a mixture of both. Finding herself marooned on the strange, beautiful and dangerous world of Botanica, Ellie’s natural scientific curiosity is piqued. But she’s also acutely aware that she needs to plot an escape from this exotic, lush and menacing planet all while evading the machinations of the clever and fearsome Queen Kassandra! It’s up to you to help Ellie navigate through the dense forests, strange, steampunk villages and bizarre creatures found on Botanica and help her get back home in one piece!

Paris is the city of dreams…love, romance, art, blue skies, little bistros and flowers.

Because it’s still winter and showing I loved last Sunday’s release: Big City Adventure: Paris!

With Big City Adventure: Paris I traveled to Paris and felt like I was savoring my cup of coffee while sitting outdoors, in a bistro, with the noisy Parisian streets in the background.

At least, that’s how I dream of Paris…Let Big City Adventure: Paris take you on a wonderful Parisian Tour.

You’re probably still recovering from your Mardi Gras celebration, (I know I am!), probably just wanting to relax a bit, take it easy. Well why not relax with some new games? And now is a great time to stock up on some fun iWin games during our Mardi Gras Sale! Better hurry though! The sale ends tonight! Log on and fill your cart with some awesome new games on the cheap and keep that Mardi Gras spirit of celebration going!

If there are any guiding principles by which I staunchly adhere during my day-to-day activities, I’d have to say that somewhere near the top of that list is “do not anger psychotic, multi-tentacled mad scientists prone to nightmarish human experimentation.” This rule has largely worked for me as I’ve managed to retain most of my limbs and have yet to sprout any new ones or any vestigial tails, wings, brains, etc. I take great pains not to run afoul of anyone either employed by a sanitarium or who strikes me as a potential Herbert West: Reanimator-redux. I also think that as a rule, it’s best to avoid anyone with tentacles. But that’s just me (no offense meant to any of our tentacled readers).

The hero of today’s release, Haunted Halls: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore Collector’s Edition, clearly has no such guidelines for their life, having managed to pique the ire of one sinister, tentacled Dr. Blackmore some time ago. Playing as this unfortunate soul, you must use all your facilities to escape the evil Blackmore’s laboratory and  evade the horrific experiments he has planned to exact his revenge on you.  Haunted Halls: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore Collector’s Edition is a hidden object adventure like no other and is definitely one that will shock and delight you.

Mardi Gras is a time to celebrate, to party, to cavort, to rouse rabble, to eat, drink and be merry! And what brings merriment? Games! And what’s better than games? CHEAP games! For a limited time get 50% off a select assortment of games during our Mardi Gras Sale! Just click on the link and see what’s on offer!

It’s fairly common knowledge these days that the tales upon which the Brothers Grimm based their fairy stories were pretty darn…well, grim. You had all manner of atrocities unleashed upon poor unsuspecting children who’s only mistake was venturing too far into the forest and off the beaten path. There was cannibalism, bodily dismemberment, grandmothers living inside wolves’ bellies being hacked out by a huntsman’s axe. Pretty harrowing stuff. Needless to say, Disney it wasn’t.

Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief Premium Edition, one of our featured Premium games, definitely does not shy away from the darker aspects of the Grimm tales. In this challenging hidden object game, the Brothers Grimm have tasked you with investing a puppet theater, shrouded in mystery, that seems to be at the heart of a rash of disappearances of the town’s children. You must discover the truth behind this evil occurrence before the town erupts into full blown anarchy!

So what’s your candy vice? Me, I can’t resist anything combining peanut butter and chocolate. If there are peanut butter cups in the room, well, I can assure you that they will not be in that room much longer. I will have stuffed them in my mouth with a speed rivaling that of light. Sure, most other candies are fine, some are even pretty great, but to me nothing comes close to the pure unctuous, deliciousness of peanut butter and chocolate.

Om Nom, the adorable hero of today’s release Cut The Rope isn’t quite so discerning. He just wants candy. ALL OF THE CANDY! And it’s up to you to make sure he gets it. Through each new level of the game, you must use your mouse to cut the rope releasing the precious candy and satisfying cute little Nom’s sweet tooth. Don’t forget to collect as many stars as possible to open up new levels. Cut The Rope is sure to have you jonesing for a sugar rush just like Om Nom himself.

February is a month both filled with hope, and fraught with heartbreak. Mostly thanks to Valentine’s Day, the bane of single folks everywhere. But you can take your mind off of all of that with some brand spanking new games! And what better way to keep track of those games than with the February Game Release Calendar? Download and print out your copy today!