January 2013

Ah, the days of Arthurian legend! Knights in shining armor! Chivalry! Excalibur! The Holy Grail! Lancelot and Guinevere! The undead!

Wait, what? Zombies? In MY Arthurian legends? It’s more likely than you think!

Today’s release New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 2 will take you back to those halcyon days of yore as you venture across the land, battling the aforementioned undead skeletons in search of the fabled Fountain of Living Water. With 40 levels of time management fun, a snarky wife by your side, witches, goblins and gun-toting madmen all trying to stop you in your quest, New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court is an hilarious epic that will transport you back to a time of chivalrous deeds, brave, honorable knights and rip roaring adventure!


It’s no secret that vampires are hot now and have been for some time. From the sparklers of Twilight, to the libidinous dracs of True Blood, the emo, high school vamps of The Vampire Diaries, that ever-popular slayer of bloodsuckers, Buffy, all the way back to Anne Rice’s tortured pair of exsanguinators Louis and Lestat, vampires haven’t been far from the jugular of the mainstream for decades.

In today’s release, Mystery Agency: Vampire’s Kiss, you play as Sarah as she desperately searches for clues in the disappearance of her friend Emily. One night, on a twilight walk through the park, Emily loses an earring. As Sarah and Emily search for the missing piece of jewelry, night falls and Emily is abducted by a shadowy stranger (perhaps a vampire?) right before Sarah’s eyes! Up against a disbelieving police force, Sarah must scour through challenging hidden object scenes in a tense race against time to rescue Emily from the arms of her vampiric captor!

Parallel universes have always held a particular fascination for me. Growing up as a comic book nerd, the idea of a universe exactly like ours save for one small, crucial difference (what if, for instance, baby Superman’s rocket had crashed in Gotham City and he had been raised by Thomas and Martha Wayne? Perhaps…SUPERBAT!?!) piqued my curiosity like few other ideas. What’s even more mind-blowing is that some real world science-y type folks (I believe they’re commonly referred to as “scientists”) theorize that not only are there parallel universes, but that there are an INFINITE number of them and that for each choice we make (or don’t make) there is a universe wherein the exact opposite occurred; where you went left instead of right, where you asked your crush out to the senior prom, instead of skulking 20 feet away from her locker, too shy to approach her.

In today’s release Deadly Voltage: Rise of the Invincible, thanks to one of those ever-pesky tears in the fabric of time and space, a destructive force from a parallel dimension is unleashed on an unsuspecting town, while one solitary scientist stands alone to fight it from the relative safety of his laboratory on the outer edge of that town. He enlists you, protected only by one of the bizarre scientist’s inventions strapped to your wrist for protection from the random electric charges crackling through the air, to explore this abandoned town, search for clues in 17 hidden object scenes, solve gorgeously animated puzzles and help defeat the Invincible, a deadly menace from another dimension bent on total control, before it can complete construction of its army of robots that will help enslave humanity!

When I was a wee lad of 4 years old, my uncle decided it was time for me to sink or swim. Literally; he threw me into the deep end of a pool. Given little choice in the matter, I promptly sank. Like a stone. Thankfully, my mom was there to jump in and pull me out (and to give my uncle a particularly loud, and profanity-laden dressing down) but that experience instilled in me a deep-seated fear of water that lasted from the wee lad years up until my teens, when I took it upon myself to conquer this fear and taught myself to swim.

Which is good, because if I hadn’t done that, today’s release, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden would likely induce a panic attack were I to play it. But played it I have and assure you I can that the only kind of attack you’ll have is a fun attack. That’s a thing, right? Well it should be. Anyway, in this game, it’s up to you to explore the once idyllic, now sunken (which definitely reduces the idyll-osity of a place) city of Eden to search for your lost fiancée. As you explore this mysterious underwater realm, you will encounter clever minigames and challenging hidden object scenes before your final confrontation with the menace lurking in the watery depths.  This game is definitely an abyss into which you’ll want to dive over and over again.

Okay, let’s face it; clowns are terrifying. I mean really, who finds them anything but relentlessly freaky? I can’t remember a single instance where a clown has ever done anything I’ve found remotely funny, unless of course one defines “funny” as ‘able to produce terror in amounts equaled only by spiders, zombies and maybe Cthulu‘.  This, of course, makes a sinister clown by the name of Louis the perfect antagonist of today’s release Weird Park: Scary Tales.

Louis, along with his nefarious cohort Mr. Dudley will be your guide through twisted reinterpretations of famous and beloved fairy tales in which you are tasked with rescuing poor, unsuspecting children used as pawns in Louis’ malevolent games. These children, doomed by the dastardly clown to play the parts of fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Peter Pan, Aladdin and others in dark, foreboding versions of those characters’ familiar worlds, desperately need your help! As you play through each visually stunning hidden object scene, you come ever closer to your final battle with Louis himself. With its engaging storyline and its gorgeously dark graphics, Weird Park: Scary Tales is a hidden object classic you’re guaranteed to love, even if it does give you the heebie-jeebies something fierce!

Happy New Year everyone! The January game release calendar is now available! You can download and print your own copy right now by clicking HERE!

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The Three Musketeers may not have excelled in math (since there were, y’know, 4 of them) but their adventures are legendary. Now is your chance to join them! In today’s All Access release, The Three Musketeers Extended Edition, you play as D’artagnan, who leaves his home in Gascony to journey to Paris in order to join the famed Royal Guard of musketeers!

Throughout the course of your journey, you’ll encounter the eponymous musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis and assist them in their fight against the sinister Cardinal Richelieu. Duel alongside them in swordfights, help them find the Queen’s missing diamonds and restore glory and honor to France. It’s the adventure of a lifetime! The Three Musketeers Extended Edition is a hidden object game like no other, steeped in history, danger and intrigue, and you’ll love every minute of it!