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As I write this, the number one game for the day on iWin is Big City Adventure: London Premium Edition.  The game is several months old now but just keeps rising to the top.  What makes this game so special?  Like the others in the Big City Adventure series (I’m a huge fan of Big City Adventure San Francisco for hometown reasons), the graphics are cute and quirky, the difficulty level is enough to be challenging but not enough for my teeth to go on edge every time Molly my yorkie barks, and the story is fun and propels you through the game.
For me, Big City Adventure: London Premium Edition takes me back in time to a school trip made during my sophomore year of high school “across the pond.” It stands out so much because it was the first time I was away from my parents.  I remember the excitement of packing bags while my younger sister Patty sulkily looked on (who ironically later went on her own Big City Adventure to Sydney –  funny how these things work), clutching the hand of my best friend and co-traveller Bev during the nervous last minutes waiting for the plane to take off , and the strange feeling of landing in another world upon arrival.  While seeing all of the tourist sites one reads about (Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, etc.) were of course thrilling, these weren’t actually the things which made the deepest impressions.  The way people dressed and the way they silently negotiated space in crowds, trying fish and chips with vinegar for the first time (I still get occasional cravings), stopping into a small but well stocked grocery and finding so terribly exotic the little things that the natives found mundane.  But by Day 9, I was a little homesick, Bev and I were on each other’s last raw nerve and I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed.  Still, playing Big City Adventure: London Premium Edition takes me back to a time when the world seemed larger yet less scary and to a place where people were essentially the same – they just speak a little differently and drive on the opposite side of the road.


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