December 2012

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I have been enjoying a lot of time with family this holiday season and, as often happens with family, I have played a lot of games of all kinds: monopoly, battleship, clue as well as favorite PC games.

To ring in the new year right and make it easier on everyone’s wallet, we have selected fifteen great games for the New Year sale! Check out the full list here. Most games are rated 4 stars or higher!

If you enjoy hidden object, make sure you check out Agatha Christie: Dead Man’s Folly, an all time favorite of mine!

If you have already played Dead Man’s Folly, give Luxor Adventures, Alexandra Fortune or Hidden World of Art a try.

Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life is a fantastic game for fans of time management.

Play one, play them all! As always you enjoy 60 minutes of free trial to help you find the perfect games for the long weekend!

Which one is your favorite game?


Don’t miss out! After midnight tonight, Tokens and episodes of your favorite gameshows will no longer be 50% off! Time is running out, so if you’re a fan of Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, or $100,000 Pyramid now is the time to stock up, so you can while away those cold, rainy, winter days playing hours upon hours of your favorite gameshow! Head on over to Facebook and grab some Tokens and episodes now!

From all of us here at iWin to you and yours, the very happiest holiday wishes!  I’d love to sit and write a few thoughts about the holidays but I have a dog scratching at the door, two pies in the oven, and I need to do something about this hair before company arrives.  As Phyllis Diller once said “You know what keeps me humble?  Mirrors!”  Anyway, enjoy your holiday and go easy on the egg nog!


…And you definitely don’t want to live there.

With a name like Tormente,  it was probably never going to be prime vacation locale, but few who visit this particular island will likely ever forget their time there.

It’s a land replete with horrors great and small, a vile grotesquerie of creatures whose only reason to exist is to harm and even kill whomsoever has the misfortune to get in their way. This is not a nice place. Probably best to avoid it altogether. But in the All Access new release, Twisted Lands: Origin, that’s simply not an option. In fact, in your role as a brilliant, though slightly naive detective, it’s your job to travel to Tormente to find a woman who’s gone missing on this island of Lovecraftian horrors. With terrifyingly gorgeous art and bloodcurdling sounds, this relentless hidden object adventure will hold your attention captive while you explore this dread land of fell beasts . Come to Tormente and discover the origin of terror!

Try your luck in finding the $1,000,000 briefcase in this super exciting game based on the hit TV game show! You’ll need nerves of steel and a little good fortune to beat the Banker. No trivia, no stunts. Just one question: Deal or No Deal? Do you have what it takes to make the right deal or will you be left with nothing? Test your skills now!





People of a certain age (such as myself) might be familiar with an old commercial featuring anxious diners waiting for their Heinz ketchup to pour to the backdrop music of Carly Simon’s “Anticipation.”  Many a time while waiting for a download game to complete installation, I hum the tune while watching the minutes remaining tick away.  Most of the time, the end product is well worth the wait but sometimes there will be that title that I WANT NOW!  Fortunately iWin does have a growing selection of Online games that allow the immediate gratification I crave.  One game I’m really enjoying in this format is the recent release of the mystery title City of Fools.” If you haven’t checked this one out yet, I’m recommending that you give it a try.  You’ll get that hidden object fix in – without a moment’s wait to dig in.  Those diners in the commercial may not be so lucky, perhaps still sitting in a now dusty cobwebbed room awaiting the first drip of ketchup.  Just a whimsical thought.

With the impending release of a new trilogy of movies based on J.R.R. Tolkein’s high fantasy epics, why not get yourself in the mood with today’s release Dragon Crossroads?

Granted, you won’t find any diminutive, furry-footed folks or double crossing, nefarious, cave dwelling tricksters tortured by a piece of jewelry, but you will find 50 challenging levels in beautifully realized comic book like settings. Help save the realm from an evil magician that kidnaps a baby dragon using your arsenal of time management skills! Beware of all manner of beasts intent on stopping you in your tracks. You’ll encounter ogres, goblins and other such nightmarish creatures as you gather materials to rebuild the realm’s villages, so proceed cautiously, as peril awaits at every turn!





When someone mentioned  Holiday Bonus Gold this morning as I walked into the office, I immediately seized on the mental picture of a seasonally themed compilation CD with classic crooners Roger Whittaker, Nat “King” Cole, and Burl Ives (and don’t forget Johnny Mathis!), but  I was not at all disappointed.  I love holiday themed games – to me, they’re just as mood setting for getting in the spirit of the season as Rankin/Bass television specials or turning on the radio to catch “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” for the millionth time (maybe I’m just a tad oversensitive, but I’ve never been a fan of that little ditty).

Not only is Holiday Bonus Golda great seasonal game thematically – it’s also a great match-3 title, a genre I can’t ever get enough of.  With gingerbread men, candy canes, wrapped gifts, and other holiday symbols – I’ve found a great companion piece to my Frank Sinatra Christmas album and the home made fudge tempting me at every turn.





While I prefer the term “sophisticated palate,” I’m widely known as a fussy eater – particularly if I’m preparing the meal in question.  Getting the right combination of seasonings (and quantity – no one likes a bland chili or an over-salted stew) has been an imperative for my busy kitchen.  Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated by strange fusions where mundane components combined create something entirely new, an epic adventure if you will.  If someone hadn’t already done it, I might have been the culprit blamed for putting someone’s chocolate in someone else’s peanut butter.  While I’m no longer apt to dip french fries in my ice cream or pour peanuts in my cola, I’m still up for an experiment to create delicious exotica.  Some are commonplace such as ham and pineapple, salt and caramel, blue cheese and pears, and bacon and…everything.  Less obvious, but still completely delicious are: mixing cinnamon with savory flavors, curry with ketchup, and don’t laugh…tuna fish on pizza.

One pairing that will never fail to disappoint is today’s together-for-the-first-time combo release of “Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon” with “Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur” inDouble Play:  Jewel Quest Bundle. Mixing the Match-3 adventure classic of Dragon with the Hidden Object extravaganza of Oracle, you can play these iWin originals reflective of the best of both genres to your heart’s content at one low cost.  I’ve always loved both of these games but never really considered alternating the game play experience until now.  I plan on going home tonight to pull a chocolate dipped banana out of the freezer and settle down for an hour or two of this amazing fusion.

I got a wake up call this morning from my ever perky sister Patty.  “There’s a problem with your game,” she snarled into the receiver and hung up.  Confused and drowsy, I fell back asleep without knowing what she meant until my alarm went off fifteen minutes later.





Now that I’m fully awake I know what she meant.  Today’s initial release of “Legend of Rome” had a couple of problems and has been temporarily “benched.”  In its place is the exciting and mysterious Grim Tales:  The Wishes.” Interestingly, the tag for this game states “Be careful what you wish for… When her young son begins to wither and age before her eyes, your sister desperately requests your help. You arrive to discover that a deadly bargain has been made.”  I hope I didn’t jinx Patty and her son Tommy by virtue of this switcharoo!

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