TGIF: The Next Contestant

The weekend is almost here and I have game shows on my mind.  I’ll tell you why:  Last night I was looking at an antiquated relic known as a “family photo album” and came across some pictures which never fail to make me smile:  A series of my sister Patty on the set of  a quiz format game show (which shall remain nameless) in various states of expressive animation all taken by her first husband Ron.  Overjoyed and running down the aisle at being selected. Confused and contemplative at a question posed to her.  Escalating shots of joy as she ranked up wins followed by a look best described as the personification of greed (incongruous mouth, flared nostrils, and eyes narrowed and barely visible under her false eyelashes)  displayed right before she risked it all for a dream patio showcase package…and lost.  There are some blank spots in the album that follow, clearly she has tampered with this recording of history somewhere along the way.   The final entry is a picture of Patty dejectedly holding aloft her consolation prize (a blender) in a manner suggesting that she was about to smash Ron with it.

On the subject of game shows, I’d be remiss (and derelict in my duty) if I failed to remind you of the sale we’re running on “Family Feud on Facebook” for the next few days with tokens now at 25% off.  I love the game and play it quite often with members of my own clan and plan to do a little package hoarding on my own.  Inexplicably all of my online Family Feud invites to Patty go ignored and if I breach the topic when I’m sitting in the kitchen, she invariably fires up the blender to drown out my voice.


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