TGIF: There Go I Feuding

There are many types of Family Feuds.   There are the well known cases, such as the Hatfields and the McCoys, with the generational bad blood resulting over something petty like an un-returned lawn mower.  There is my long standing feud with the Martins across the street with their ill kept lawn and slipshod house painting they did over the summer (for today’s purposes, I won’t even go into the sickly shade of yellow they picked), lowering neighborhood property values.  They in turn harbour contempt for my big band music on Saturday afternoons.  This feud has led to clenched teeth in low tones, but will go no further.  We’re polite people, even when severe dislike exists.  There are also internal family feuds, like the one I’m currently engaging in with my younger sister Patty, who considers herself a political activist and tries to tell me how to cast my vote next week for a district city council seat.  I love her very much, but there’s no way I would cross the street to shake the hand of her candidate, let alone vote for him.  Suffice it to say, feuds are a fact of life.

iWin also has a few types of Family Feuds out there.  There are the download versions (“Family Feud,” “Family Feud II,” “Family Feud™ Hollywood Ed.,” “Family Feud: Dream Home,” etc.) , there’s the much revered chestnut “Family Feud Online Party” as well.  I’d be very remiss if I failed to mention the wildly popular “Family Feud on Facebook,” which so many people enjoy day in and out (even Patty).

Right now though, I’m really enjoying the online game version of “Family Feud,” for both its immediacy (no download required!) and I can also play it on the Mac computer Patty gave me for my birthday last year.  Overall, she’s a good sister and would do anything for me.  After the election, we’ll make amends as we always do.  Should her candidate win, I’ll be the first to walk across the street to shake the hand of Mr. Martin, but I’ll do so with a grimace.


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