November 2012

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Stories of scientific research and development gone awry have always fascinated and scared me half to death, given the accelerating rate of knowledge that exists.  The possibility of unintended consequences of experimentation permeate our culture with examples ranging from “Godzilla” to “Waterworld.” They play on our fears, exposing the dark underbelly of progress as we know it.  I’ve always gravitated towards the more far fetched and ridiculous story lines such as H.G. Wells “Island of Dr. Moreau,” with its humanoid creatures which were both menacing and pitiable.  Who can forget either the 1977 film with Michael York and Burt Lancaster, or the deliciously campy 1996 version with Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer?

Needless to say when the game Natural Threat: Ominous Shores made its way into Steals and Deals, I was delighted.  As the research assistant of Professor Steiner (who looks a bit like Riff Raff from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), you are dispatched to his remote Pacific island.  Once there you encounter all sorts of obstacles and creepy biological mutations.  I’m not going to give too much away, but I will say that I’m loving this game – and by most of the user reviews on this one, it appears that most of you who’ve tried it agree with me.  At $3.49/500 iCoins for our subscribers for a limited time, this is one you really don’t want to miss out on!

So did you survive Thanksgiving? Personally, I stuffed myself practically to bursting. Thankfully the ensuing food coma allowed me to circumvent what would most assuredly have been an uncomfortable few hours after such an epic meal. But then of course there was Black Friday to contend with. Mom had us up at the crack of not-even-close-to-dawn (usually, I choose not to believe in the existence in something as nightmarish as this whole 3am thing) in hopes of hitting the stores before the marauding hordes of ferocious shoppers. Unfortunately it was for naught as we found ourselves in a three-times-around-the-store line, much to my mother’s (and my…actually WAY more my) chagrin.

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I wanted to take a moment out of peeling potatoes and fussing over my turkey to drop you a quick line.

For those paying attention to my recent post on the subject, I can now report that I was right in my early predictions regarding my leaked titles for iWin’s Thanksgiving Sale – Games for 50%.





There are some good ones in there (though I might wait until after Black Friday to play Mall-a-Palooza – I’ll be dealing with the brass knuckle crowd soon enough.  Best of all, I didn’t really take any heat for my big mouth…for leaking sale titles at least.  I can’t say the same about Aunt Ginny’s reaction to the news that I’d published her relish recipe, but I digress.  Back to the kitchen I go, but before I do:  I want to wish you and yours the happiest and safest of Thanksgivings.   Enjoy your meals, play some games, and spend time with your loved ones.

This week has been so hectic!  Between grocery runs, picking up out of towners from the airport, and coordinating my Black Friday itinerary (Remember:  Be assertive but do not use brass knuckles as I witnessed last year at a big box retailer!), I’ve barely had a chance to sit down!  My sister Patty the showboat is hosting at her house, but actual cooking details are being left to yours truly.  As in previous years, she’ll get off her duff from playing her new favorite Online Game “Treasure Seekers Enchanted Canvases” long enough to dust her crisp (read:  never used) Williams-Sonoma apron with a little flour and feign exhaustion as guests arrive before settling back to her game as if it were a reprieve from her tireless efforts at creating the perfect meal.  My Aunt Ginny is an incredibly secretive person (and as my post from last Friday reveals, I’m not  so inclined when it comes to good upcoming sales!) but has relented to years of pressure and has passed on to me a family favorite which I’m sharing with you as well.

Aunt Ginny’s Cranberry Relish

My suggestion is to make this a day before the meal.  You’ll need:
1 bag of fresh cranberries washed and picked over2 medium apples (I like Braeburn) – cored but not peeled
2 medium navel oranges (collect about 1 teaspoon of zest before peeling)
1 cup sugar
Optional:  a splash of Gran Marnier (I use it to help preserve the concoction but restore the bottle to its hiding place immediately afterward, in case my best friend Patty happens to stop by)
….and break out your food processor and mixing bowl.

Process cranberries and add to mixing bowl.
Process apples and add to the bowl.
Process oranges and the zest  – It will look like thick orange juice when you’re done and add to bowl.
Add sugar to the mix and taste.  If it’s still too tart add more sugar accordingly.
Put in a quart jar and refrigerate.

The best part about this is it freezes well and can be used for Christmas as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s turkey time! Time to get WAY too full on stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and all the traditional Thanksgiving fixin’s! But what to do while you wait for all that sumptuous food to be ready (or after you’ve woken up from your food coma)? Play one (or all) of iWin’s Gameshows on Facebook, of course! For a limited time, you can get Tokens and episodes of your favorite gameshows, Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, or $100,000 Pyramid, for 50% off! Gobble gobble them up now while you can!

It is the Age of Discovery and you are one of Spain’s most respected and courageous explorers, the noble Don Diego De Leon! You have been tasked by the Queen herself to venture to the New World in search of a lost expedition, as well as recover the gold for which that expedition was searching, in today’s online release Adelanto Trilogy: Book One!

But don’t expect this to be a cakewalk! Not only are you to recover the lost expedition and the gold, you must also assist and gain the trust of the native tribes of these new lands! Complicating matters even further, one of the Queen’s nefarious ministers, hoping to claim the glory and riches for himself,  has hired a thuggish mercenary to track you down and sabotage your mission! Danger lurks everywhere in this addictive time management game. So log on and play Adelanto Trilogy: Book One for free right now!

I’d like to say that to know me is to love me.  That is a matter of opinion and in some circles is a very debatable statement.  Depending on who you ask in the neighborhood association, you’ll receive wildly different answers ranging from the aw shucks flattering to the unprintable.  A more accurate truism would be:  To know me is to know that I’m thrifty (but never cheap).  Around this time of year, I take sourcing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in advance as a competitive sport and my true calling.  Throughout the rest of the year I take a lot of ribbing for my deal hunting, but around mid-November I become the wise sage that friends and family alike come to with reverence for guidance and advisement.  Think of Marlon Brando in the Godfather without the cotton stuffed in my cheeks.

My sister Patty wants to know where the best prices on Blu-ray machines are.  No sweat. My best friend Bev has been asking about tablet pricing.  I’ve pointed her in the right direction.  Even that imbecile Mr. Martin across the street has made queries about George Foreman grills and where the deals may be had.  While I considered sending him on a fool’s errand (the only kind he knows), my generosity of spirit directed him to an incredible offer.  The only perplexing request I’ve had so far is from my elderly Aunt Ginny, who’s asked about getting a new portable tape deck.  We’ll figure something out for her.

With you in mind I did a little sleuth work here to find out what some of the titles would be for iWin’s upcoming Thanksgiving Sale, casually throwing some titles into conversation and gauging reactions.  You’d think I was after classified state secrets by the reaction I got!  I wasn’t able to find out exact pricing or a full list but if you’ve had your eyes on any of these games, you might be in for a pleasant surprise next week:

Cradle Bundle
Vegas Penny Slots Pack 3
The Otherside Realm of Eons
…and I suspect there will be many more.

Now I do have to provide a disclaimer:  If I’m wrong or have been deliberately thrown off the trail, please don’t blame me.  If I’m right and get into trouble for talking out of class, can I count on you to back me up?  I hope so!  Have a great weekend!

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Strange things will trigger nostalgic reactions, bringing me back to other periods in my life.  Handwriting that looks like my mothers.  The scent of the aftershave my grandfather used to wear.  I recently saw a 1968 Mustang in the parking lot as I was coming out of the supermarket that nearly made me run towards it in expectation that my Aunt Ginny would be sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for me to go to the Dairy Queen for a dipped cone.

I was delighted to find that today’s game release “RISK” similarly brought about a wave of memories back to me.  Ronnie, one of my neighborhood friends growing up unwrapped  the board game version at his birthday party and I was immediately curious.  He initially excluded me from playing, saying flatly “This game is for boys only,” as he often did when his preconceived notions of gender roles were challenged.  Having been shut out of softball and soccer games, bike rides across our small town with the boys, and trips to the public pool I was more persistent than usual.  He relented when the other boys went home and there wasn’t anyone else to play with.  We played until my mother summoned me home for bedtime and again the following day.  I loved the strategy and the big world perspectives it offered in a way that most of the other board games we played just couldn’t offer.  Ronnie’s budding sexism was challenged and defeated as soundly as my mounting wins against him did.  I felt at the time that a crack in his armor had been made and I’d earned his respect.  While I would recommend this new download version to anyone, I do so especially to any of you ladies who were shut out of the boys’ room when it was time to play “RISK.

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