October 2012

I once had a wacky friend who truly believed that at some point in the future, faith in and worship of the gods of Ancient Roman mythology would experience some sort of renaissance; that otherwise sane and rational folks would suddenly forget that a thunderstorm, instead of being the result of an unstable air mass,  was actually the work of Jupiter, ruling on high from the Pantheon, issuing the rain, lightning and report of thunder to express his displeasure with humanity. This friend also enjoyed knitting tiny scarves (and something he called “wing cozies”…don’t ask) for his parakeet, so clearly there were other issues at play here.

But fascination with the gods of the ancient mythologies has never waned. For thousands of years, stories of Zeus, Diana, Apollo, Mercury, Odin et al. have held humanity in their thrall; from Edith Hamilton’s bane-of-high-school-freshman-everywhere-tome, Mythology, to the Wonder Woman and Thor comic books, even to the popular (albeit critically derided) Clash and Wrath of the Titans movie reboots, ancient gods remain relevant. If you’re one of these folks endlessly intrigued by the gods of the ancient myths, then today’s online game is right up your alley!

All My Gods is an addictive time management game where you’re tasked with ensuring Saturn’s rise to the apex of the Pantheon by working to improve the daily life of the Romans. Turn your tiny, dawn-of-civilization village into an essential cog of the Roman Empire and prove your mettle to the gods of the old world. So if you can’t wait to show loudmouthed ol’ Jupiter a thing or two, click over to All My Gods and play for free right away!


As I write this, I’m on my laptop in the waiting room at my mechanic’s garage waiting him to hand me a yellow carbon printed out invoice with oil spots.  The room is a relic from the past, with fake wood paneling, ghastly coffee available self-serve from styrofoam cups, and a calendar hanging towards the back of the room that I wouldn’t want my nephew Jimmy to see until he’s a little older.   I’ve been going to this shop for about six years now and have built up a high level of trust.  In the beginning however, I scrutinized and interrogated over each scribbled line item, and he would patiently explain in a language that babel fish does not yet support.

It seems fitting to mention then, as some of you might have noticed, we had a little glitch with this morning’s expected release of “Shattered Minds:  Masquerade,” which was quickly detected and pulled from the iWin website and back to the garage for retooling for release very soon.  I expect the explanation for the problem would be about as comprehensible to me as the one from my mechanic and so I won’t ask, I’ll just trust them.  In the meantime, we’ve bumped up the release of a game I’ve been itching to play – “Pirate Solitaire.”  So until that invoice shows up, you know what I’ll be doing.  Sometimes a game can restore my sanity, if not my Shattered Mind.

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After you’ve stocked up on those scarifying iWin games, head on over to Facebook and load up on Tokens and episodes of your favorite gameshows, such as Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, and $100,000 Pyramid! The monstrously cheap 50% off sale ends Thursday, so get those Tokens and episodes while they’re hot!

I love free stuff.  Call me cheap, call me frugal, call me what you will (I’ve heard worse) but I do clip coupons, partake of the groupons, and even smuggle out of my favorite deli extra packets of Gray Poupon.   When I go out to eat in a nice restaurant, the best part of the meal is the “amuse bouche” – the little unexpected tasting dish that the server brings as a surprise appetizer, even if it seems to have been constructed as a dare.   It’s the surprise element that makes it so delicious.

It should then come as no surprise that one of my favorite iWin subscription benefits is the monthly free game available to both Club iWin and All Access members at no cost whatsoever.  Don’t know how to locate this treat?  No problem, let me show you…

1.  Log into your account and then click on “My Account.”

2.  Click on the “Membership Info” tab.






3. In the “This Month’s Specials” box on the right side of the page you’ll see the monthly free game “Pengu Wars.”   You’ll have the option of getting the backup cd of the game for an additional cost, but the game itself is free.






I plan on getting well acquainted with “Pengu Wars,” but only after my hair appointment.  There’s a new student stylist at the beauty college who is supposed to be top notch for pennies on the dollar!

I have to admit I play at least a few minutes of most games. I particularly enjoy Hidden Object games with a little adventure and mini-games to break up the pace. In general though, with a new game to try every day, I only end up playing a couple of games a month all the way through.

In the last month I played a few games all the way and LOVED them so much I want to share and get your input on what you liked to play this month.

Where Angels Cry:  This one was very enjoyable, on the easier side.  I had a great time! and the title is simply too funny. It reminds me of soap operas while my husband says it’s more of a title for a punk song from the ’80s. Check it out here.

Tesla’s Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery:  This one was a lot of fun and LONG! Good value. A great adventure following our heroes back and forth in time as they save the world. Check it out here.

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis:  This is also LONG with lots of spaces to explore. I love stories set in space and love stories that wrap you in too of course! This game marries two of my favorite things! Check it out here.

I would love to hear from you. What is the last game you loved and played all the way through?

Halloween is almost upon us and this, my friends, is a holiday I take seriously.   I spend a lot of time getting the house in full spooky mode with items I’ve collected over the years and assembling the perfect costume to greet the trick or treaters in when they show up.  I confess to being somewhat of a traditionalist and have always preferred the scary to the aspirational.  Even as a child, when my friends were going as ballerinas and ninjas, I stuck to my guns and wore zombie or mummy outfit.  This year will be no different and I’ll be ready with granola bars (no high sugar snacks dispensed from this domicile –  if you’re looking for tooth decay those insufferable Martins across the street will happily oblige your little ones) at the fore.
I confess that I’m also more apt to dig deeper into the vault for my seasonal amusements as well, with a preference for Lon Cheney or Boris Karloff horror flicks to tremble to over slasher flicks which lack the suspense I crave.  When it comes to games, there is an unbelievable selection of titles which are just right for putting me in the right spirit.  And would you believe it?  They’re all on SALE at 50% off through October 31! Check ’em out…

















Now as for my costume, I’m taking my cue from Bela Lugosi who once said “I never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.”








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…but after the weekend I had, I’m accepting this one graciously.  My great outdoor plans were preempted by rain and there’s nothing worse than a wet Yorkie.  Fortunately, the beginning of this week brings a special seasonal treat in the form of “Halloween:  The Pirate’s Curse“, a great hidden object game.  After playing the demo I’m anxious to play some more (and I will, believe you me).  It’s also a good reminder to start carving the pumpkins and playing “The Monster Mash,” for the season of the witch is nearly upon us.

The weekend is almost upon us and I have autumn on my mind.  While I have recently taken to donning sweaters and light jackets as the days grow shorter and temperatures slowly drop, I have yet to make any additional concessions to the slight crispness in the air signifying the change of seasons.  I have to confess that it truly is my favorite time of year and the weekends are the best time to enjoy it.  Here’s my plan:  I’m going to get up early to rake the leaves, clean out the gutters, and get the last of my small garden harvest (just a few potatoes and carrots left) put away before the first frost comes.  Maybe a nice roast?  If I’m sufficiently motivated perhaps.  Mostly I’m looking forward to sitting on the covered porch on my laptop playing Royal Detective:  The Lord of Statues Collector’s Edition with a nice cup of hot cider while Molly, my Yorkie runs around the yard in her new sweater.  It’s not a bad life at all.  Enjoy your weekend!

Nikola Tesla, futurist, innovator, eccentric scientist, the father of the electrical age (Edison? Bah!) possessor of a photographic memory, possible sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder…dastardly villain responsible for the loss of all color in the world? Or was he merely the unfortunate victim of an experiment gone awry? Find out for yourself in today’s release Tesla’s Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery.

In what should have been his crowning achievement, a history-making experiment guaranteed to seal his place in the annals of scientific legend, something went horribly wrong; the world lost all color and Tesla himself disappeared into the great unknown. Now it’s up to you to restore color to the world, redeem Tesla’s reputation and somehow wrangle him back into this earthly plane. Are you equal to this monumental task? I sure hope so! I certainly don’t want to live in a drab gray world devoid of joy! Get to it! Play Tesla’s Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery right away and bring color back to the world!

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