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Oh My Ancient Deity!


My Shattered Mind and Musings at the Mechanic’s

Don’t Miss Out! iWin Halloween Sales Are Ending Soon!

I Hate Mondays but…

What’s the last game you played all the way through?…he-way-through/

Halloween Game Spooktacular

Facebook Gameshow Halloween Sale On NOW!

              Are you a fan of iWin’s gameshows on Facebook? Of course you are! Well now is the time to stock up on Tokens and episodes of your favorite game, whether it be Family Feud or Deal or No Deal or $100,000 Pyramid for a frighteningly cheap 50% off! […]

I Hate Mondays…

…but after the weekend I had, I’m accepting this one graciously.  My great outdoor plans were preempted by rain and there’s nothing worse than a wet Yorkie.  Fortunately, the beginning of this week brings a special seasonal treat in the form of “Halloween:  The Pirate’s Curse“, a great hidden object game.  After playing the demo […]

TGIF: Hazy Shade of Autumn

The weekend is almost upon us and I have autumn on my mind.  While I have recently taken to donning sweaters and light jackets as the days grow shorter and temperatures slowly drop, I have yet to make any additional concessions to the slight crispness in the air signifying the change of seasons.  I have to […]

Nikola Tesla: Villain or Victim?

Nikola Tesla, futurist, innovator, eccentric scientist, the father of the electrical age (Edison? Bah!) possessor of a photographic memory, possible sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder…dastardly villain responsible for the loss of all color in the world? Or was he merely the unfortunate victim of an experiment gone awry? Find out for yourself in today’s release […]

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