May 2012

Slingo Mystery 2 Recently we released Slingo Supreme 2, which has become an incredible sensation among our players. Today we released our newest free game, Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape! We know how much our beloved players love the Slingo series so we thought we’d bring some more Slingo action.

Slingo Mystery 2 combines the Slingo fun you enjoy with entertaining  hidden object adventure gameplay. If you’ve been looking a game with these two elements mixed in with a charming story to pass the time, then this highly rated game may be a winner. Get ready for a Slingtastic ride in Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape.


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Amazing Adventures: Riddle of The Two Knights

Guess what, iWin Fans? Amazing Adventures: Riddle of The Two Knights is finally here. We know you’ve been anxiously waiting for this sweet game release. The game has many fun features that will keep you entertained for hours and hours. After you finish the game, it’ll definitely leave you wanting more.

In this latest episode of the hit Amazing Adventure series, you are to travel across the globe on an incredible new quest. A medieval chessboard has turned up and all its pieces are missing. Set out on a journey to find all the missing pieces and to also solve a very mysterious riddle.

So what are you waiting for, iWin Fans? An Amazing Adventure awaits you!


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Roads of Rome IIRecently we released something for our time management fans. Our newest free game release is Roads of Rome 2. It’s an entertaining  Roman-themed game that involves strategy and  resource management fun.

You take on the role as Victorius who is an honorable general. Set out on a quest to save Caesar who has been poisoned. Your job is to build a road to the Gods in order to find the potion that will cure Caesar. Of course, it won’t be easy–there’ll be many obstacles in your way. If you haven’t already checked this out, then there’s no reason to not to play it because it’s free to play! Our customers have given it many high ratings so you know it’s good.


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Amazing Adventures: Riddle of The Two Knights

Guess what’s heading over to iWin very soon. It’s the newest installment to the popular Amazing Adventures series, Amazing Adventures: Riddle of the Two Knights! If you’re not familiar with the hit franchise, then you’ve been missing out especially if you’re a huge hidden object game buff. Don’t worry, though. It’s never too late to get in on the Amazing Adventure games. If you want to learn more about this upcoming release then head on over to Coming Soon page now.


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It’s time to celebrate. We released our 2,000th game today! We’re not going to just stop at 2,000, of course. We’ll still continue to release awesome games every single day. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. Fun never takes a break at iWin.

Since this is a big milestone for us, we want to thank our iWin Players for their support. We definitely could not have reached our 2,000th game without them. To show our gratitude, we are giving away an ad-free game. Download your free game now here. The promotion ends May 27th, 2012 so hurry!


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Whoa! Tomorrow we’re going to release our 2,000th game. That’s a LOT of games. Hidden objects, match-3, time management, arcade, solitaire, casino, marble shooters… There’s so many genres. It’s hard to believe that we’re going to reach 2,000 already. This is a special moment for us so we’d like to celebrate it by giving our iWin Fans a surprise tomorrow. So be sure to tune into our blog, Facebook page, or Twitter to see what it is.

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Here are last week’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Games! See what our players have been downloading and see what you may have missed!

1. Temple Of Life The Legend of Four Elements Collector’s Edition

• Adventure Game | ☆ Premium Game ☆

2. Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover Collector’s Edition

• Hidden Object Game  | ☆ Premium Game ☆

3. Book of Desires

• Hidden Object Game | ☆ All Access Game ☆

4. House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector’s Edition

• Hidden Object Game | ☆ Premium Game ☆

5. Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

• Hidden Object Game

6. Jewel Legends: Tree of Life

• Match-3 Game | ☆ All Access ☆

7. Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur – Collector’s Edition

• Adventure Game  | ☆ Premium Game ☆

8. Ghost Towns: The Cats of Ulthar

• Adventure Game

9. Mystic Palace

• Casino Game | ☆ All Access Game ☆

10. Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers

• Adventure Game


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Relic Hunt

Hey All Access and Club iWin Members,

Did you remember to download your free game of the month? Good thing we’re here to remind you in case you haven’t yet. This month’s free game is Relic Hunt(more…)

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Looking to satisfy your hunger for a dark hidden object game? Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is now available for free on iWin. In this game, you play as Mark who finds himself on stranded on an island where he needs to find his fiancée.  It looks like there may be people on the island to help him, but the nearby town is desolate. It’s up to you to find your fiancée and find out what’s going on in this eerie town.

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Dear iWin Players,

Did you know that we’re only a week away from reaching our 2,000th game? That’s an incredible amount! Think about how many hours of gaming that is if you were to play every single game. Follow along with us as we count down the days to this milestone. We just might have something special for you.


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