Ready to sail and travel back to the 18th century?

Golden Trails 2

I must confess I love historical dramas, be it books, movies or games! I get lost in the scenes, the costumes, the life, the darker lights and not to mention the pirates. I imagine long evenings by the fire after a long day working in the fields or at the local joint, listening to past adventures of a long lost relative who just made it back to England after traveling the world.  These stories clearly appeal to the romantic in me.

So, when a 4 1/2 star rated game with a great story and fantastic locations is released in Steals and Deals, I just have to play it.

Give it a try and download your free 60 minutes trial of Golden Trails 2 here.  or buy it directly…only $3.49 or 500 iCoins for members.

Happy Playing!


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