Our Top Pick of the Week – Fairway

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Looking for a relaxing way to pass the time this week? We present you our newest release, Fairway. It’s a golf-themed solitaire card game, which has gotten many five-star reviews from our players.

Fairway puts a nice little twist to the game of solitaire by adding in a golf theme. You try to clear all the cards on the board without using too many moves. This works surprisingly well with the golf theme. But I must warn you, the combination makes the game very addicting. See what some of our players have to say about the game…

fairway screenshot

“I’ve been waiting for this game for ever. It’s so fun to play…”

“I can see myself playing this game for hours…”

“…if you’re a fan of regular solitaire you will LOVE this game.”


So what are you waiting for? Check out Fairway now!


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