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Spring Bonus Screenshot

If you checked out our Steals & Deals games recently, then you may have noticed one of the most adorable games you probably have ever seen. What game am I talking about? It’s Spring Bonus. This match-3 puzzle game is full of cute critters and colorful graphics. Don’t be fooled by it’s cuteness. Just because it’s full of rainbows and innocent creatures doesn’t mean the game is easy. So for those of your that are having trouble through the game, we have some tips to tricks to help you.

Spring Bonus screenshot

  1. Match 10 glowing items to fill the Rainbow meter.
  2. When the rainbow meter is full, the next bonus used will be extra powerful.
  3. Try to drop bonuses into positions where they will be more effective.
  4. If you need a bonus try to match 4 or more items and one will appear.
  5. Make matches under golden eggs so that they fall off the grid.
  6. Bubbles, birds, lightening, four-leaf-clovers and stars are all great bonuses to help drop eggs off the grid.
  7. Make a match with a frozen item in an ice cube to release it, or use a bonus like a hammer or sunshine.
  8. Golden eggs can only be released from ice cubes with bonuses.
  9. You can change from timed to relaxed mode on the map screen on a per-level basis.
  10. When you complete a level you can set the background as your desktop wallpaper
  11. When you finish the game you can read a personal message from the game’s creator.
  12. There is a hidden “Easter egg” in the game somewhere…


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