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Do You Like Adventures? Try Macabre Mysteries: Curse of the Nightingale


A Creepy Recommendation – Weird Park: Broken Tune

During the week, my friend and I spent majority of our time by playing games. Out of the many games that we finished, one game that stood out from the rest was Weird Park: Broken Tune. You take on the role of a detective and you must uncover the mysteries behind the “accidental” deaths of carnivals […]

Time is running out for iWin’s Christmas Sale!

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Christmas games you love? Tell us!

The holidays are already almost over and I am kind of sad about it. I love those chilly days before the holidays, running around to gather the last presents and make sure I have enough food. In my family we play board games during the few days we can all be together. As for most […]

Coming Soon – Grim Tales: The Bride

We have a new title coming to iWin next week for our hidden object fans. We present you Grim Tales: The Bride! In this adventure, your sister has vanished on her wedding day. No one knows what has happened to her. People say that your sister is dead, but her body has never been recovered. You […]

This Week on All Access – Macabre Mysteries: Curse of the Nightingale

This week on All Access, we have Macabre Mysteries: Curse of the Nightingale. Your grandfather has sent you an invitation to go see a ballet performance at the famous Nightingale Theater. However there’s just a couple of problems… Your grandfather has been missing and the Nightingale Theater has been closed down for years.   Macabre Mysteries: […]

Happy Holidays From Your Friends At iWin

Now that we’re just a day away from Christmas Eve, doesn’t it seem like everything is strangely calm and peaceful? If you have to do some last minute Christmas shopping then we wish you good luck in getting the last few items on you list. It won’t be easy with the long lines and crazy […]

Free Game of the Week – World Mosaics 3: Fairy Tales

Just because our office is located in California doesn’t mean it’s warm and sunny all the time. Recently it’s been freezing cold and I don’t know how much longer I can take it! I’m definitely sure a lot our friends outside California are suffering from even colder weather. Anyways, weather like this makes me want […]

Coming Soon – Vampires vs. Zombies

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