Can You Beat The Mob?

Have you ever sat on your couch and cringed while watching 1 vs 100 because you knew all the answers to the questions? Especially that math question about the number of bottles of beer on wall or maybe it was the incredibly easy question about Donald Trump. I know I definitely had moments where I screamed at the TV hoping that the contestant could just somehow hear me. Moments like this can definitely make you feel like you have could do better and practically steal that prize money like taking candy from a baby.

Well here is your chance! 1 vs 100 is finally here to play in the comfort of your own home (and for some of us, it’s inside our office cubicles) without the consequence of being publicly humiliated on TV. The iWin Team has added some fun features such as themed episodes, mini-games, and a High Roller round. You may even see a familiar face in the mob if you have played iWin’s popular titles such as Jewel Quest and Jojo’ Fashion Show.

Do you know all sorts of facts about celebrities? Are you a math whiz or a big history buff? Do you want to prove that you know more than your friends? Maybe you are just darn good at trivia and want to test your knowledge.

If you answered yes to any of the questions, I have one last question for you… Do you want the Money or the Mob?


The iWin Team


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