January 2011

A bowl of donuts?! It may seem slightly excessive, but why not? Donuts are good, and bowls can hold them – so why not have a whole bowl of donuts? Your doctor may disagree, but it’s delicious.

If you don’t feel like stuffing yourself with a bowl of donuts, you can always put more reasonable stuff in them! But, I think you know what I would do. The choice is yours!

Green Beer Mug Food
Yellow Pillow Beds
Rosy Red Sofa Sofas
Blue Diner Booth Sofas

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Bag of Chips Food
Box of Donuts Food
Red Mixing Bowl Kitchen & Bath
Blue Mixing Bowl Kitchen & Bath
Large Yellow Bowl Kitchen & Bath
Large Green Bowl Kitchen & Bath


LuLu I am pretty sure that Virtual Villagers was the very first casual game that I played that I fell madly in love with. I was single at the time and just really got into the match-making element of the game!  *sigh* Put a girl villager next to a boy villager and see if there is a match.  Wish it were that simple in real life!

And as I have gotten older (and found the match of my own) I have also come to really just love the game play mechanic- it is so simplistic, yet so true-to-life.    I find that when I play this game, my worries fall away and I revert back to the most basic element in our human psyche (Survive!) and find myself quietly (and not so quietly) rooting for my little guys to make it happen.

This all being said, I am very pleased to announce that the next installment of Virtual Villagers (or VV for people in the know) is ABOUT to come out. Excited? I am. And since I work here, I also have some special access to games before they launch and I can tell you that this one will blow your socks off. It is really cool.  I know, didn’t mean to make you jealous, but I promise, the wait will be short.

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Introducing Virtual Villagers: New Believers

About the game: Explore the center of Isola in this innovative new chapter of the much-loved Virtual Villagers series. Reckon with a band of mysterious masked heathens, who do not believe in you! Guide your tribe as they attempt to convert the savages by dismantling their precious totems and removing their scary masks! Make them believe!

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For several months, Family Feud on Facebook has seen reports from users regarding multiple answers being provided during Tournament Play rounds. Although we realize that users who use this “method” are unaware that their Tournament answers or round score could be viewed and utilized for another player’s Tournament round to compete against, this multiple answer practice has proved frustrating for many.

The Good News!– We’ve implemented a method that will eliminate some of this frustration. Users who enter multiple correct answers within Tournament Play rounds will no longer receive points for the top answer. We’ve explored many of your suggestions related to this issue and feel that this method imposes the least number of complications for those who love the Feud and play as the game is intended. We appreciate all of your feedback and hope that this will benefit the game and Tournament Play in general! Have fun!

Don’t worry, the Hotel has fire insurance. Also, I’m fairly sure that pixels are inflammable… or does that mean they can catch fire? I’ve never been clear on that.

At any rate, we have some candles for you! And pet beds! Snake beds not included, but the dog and cat beds can be adapted for reptile usage. Also, paper towels, in case something goes wrong!

Persian Cat Pets
Ragdoll Cat Pets
Yorkshire Terrier Pets
Beagle Pets

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Dog Bed Decor
Cat Bed Decor
Blue Designer Candle Decor
Pink Swirly Candle Decor
Green Twisted Candle Decor
Blue Peeled Candle Decor
Paper Towels Kitchen & Bath

As moderator for The Family Feud on Facebook and iWin Facebook pages, I assist users each day with frustrating game issues and problems that they face while playing. It’s an extremely gratifying feeling to know that you’ve made a difference, even if it’s considered “just a game” by some. Being heard and helped makes people happy, which, in turn, makes me happy.

On January 10th, I was contacted by a Family Feud user named Joanne Wood.  She needed some assistance regarding her recent purchase of Feud episodes, and mentioned that playing Family Feud on Facebook was helping to keep her mind off of the inland tsunami heading her way. It took me a minute and some research to grasp the scope of what Joanne was describing.  I asked her if she lived in Australia, to which she replied, “Yes, I’m in Ipswich. The river is at the end of my street 5 houses down. I am on a hill, so hopefully I’ll be ok.” I then asked Joanne to keep in touch, if possible, so that I’d know that she and her family were safe. I heard from Joanne the next day, as she gave me an update–the river near her home was expected to rise even higher. She thanked me for my concern and mentioned she’d be in touch.

Several days passed and no Joanne. Anxiously waiting to hear from her, I finally received an update from her within a few additional days. She mentioned how everyone around her was affected, how families were living in cars, cars often washed away in the flood waters.  As a mother of two boys, Joanne expressed frustration that she was unable to do more to help due to a lack of availability for a babysitter.

I was later contacted by Nickole Stanicki, also from Ipswich. She described further devastation near her area: “I have seen everything here…people crying and telling me they have lost everything”. Nickole has been volunteering by helping to clean up affected homes, as well as by offering her home to 3 families who no longer have shelter.

These pictures I’ve included were sent to me by Joanne, who is also pictured.

Many of our Family Feud players, as well as our iWin.com players, reside in Australia. We want to let you know how you can also help those affected. Donations can be made at the Queensland Government site by clicking here. US dollars will be converted to AUD (Australian dollars) automatically. Read more about the devastation and other ways to help. Thank you!


Hey folks!

Has everyone been able to try out Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star Premium Edition yet? It is, as cliche as it may sound, a runaway hit. It launched over 2 months ago (yikes! time flies) but it continues to stay in our top 10. What is it about this fantastic game?

Well, I have a couple of ideas. One is that for the money, it provides a tremendous amount of entertainment.  Especially when you compare it to other casual games on the market. I have played this game EVERY SINGLE DAY since the day it launched (really, my husband thinks I have a problem with it) and I STILL have not finished the game!  How on earth can you compare that to any other form of entertainment? I mean, I readily pay over $10 for 1-2 hours of entertainment at the movies every other week and after 2 hours, my experience it over and my money is long gone. But this game… well… I would wager that I have over 20 hours in on this game… I guess, that puts the hours of entertainment to dollars ratio at an all time high.

And… if I haven’t lost you by now, a second is that the game is unreal. You think that all match- 3 games are the same? They aren’t.  This game manages to introduce new elements of gameplay that most players have never even thought of. In fact, most game designers wouldn’t think of them either. The game boards that grow as you progress through them? Magic. I literally cannot get enough of them!

Sample screen:

Another screen

So, in short, if you haven’t already, please give this amazing game a try. The good news is that the first 60 minutes are 100% free. Go on… try it out. Let me know what you think. Do you guys love it as much as I do? Play Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star now!

Have you had a long day? Perhaps, you’ve been running in place for 6 hours? Or climbing a lot of mountains? Those seem pretty unreasonable, but you may have been standing for a great portion of your day, and if you have, it’s time to sit down and relax!

You could of course sit in some quaint little chair, or you could go all out and sprawl out in some ridiculous fluffy luxury couch. The choice is yours, how relaxed do you want to be?

Snakeskin Sofa Sofas
Icy Blue Sofa Sofas
Striped Lavender Sofa Sofas
Yellow Striped Sofa Sofas
Cream and Blue Sofa Sofas

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Cream Couch Sofas
Cream Loveseat Sofas
Modern Glass Table Tables
Slate Chair Chairs
Slate Couch Sofas
Slate Table Tables

Take a trip back to the 80s..the danceable, glamorous music, totally tubular big hair, and day-glo fashions (strike a pose!). In Cake Mania: To The Max, you’ll return to a really rad decade and will help give high schooler Jill, who has no idea what she wants to do when she graduates, some direction! Her Grandpa, however, has given her an awesome opportunity-to become the cake centerpiece designer for her prom!

You’ll have to use your time management skills to help Jill juggle her incoming customers while she prepares for the night of her life! Some of her customers: the cutest jock in school, antsy new wave kid, and the most popular girl in her class! Jill must provide all of her incoming customers with menus, as well as take their orders! One wants a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting, while another wants a square-shaped cake with green striped icing, and pronto! Argh, the pressure!! Don’t let Jill be a freak-a-zoid! You can help her fulfill all these tasks and have fun while doing it! Awesome, totally awesome game!

Family Feud Facebookers! Due to the overwhelming demand during our last 50 % off promo, Family Feud on Facebook episodes are again available at half price with promo code (Note: Code valid when episodes purchased via credit cards only). This promo code, FEUD4U, is now active and is good through January 14th! (Please note that the code is case-sensitive).

Here’s how to redeem:

1. Click the “Get More” or “Get Episodes” button:

2. Click the “Buy Episodes” tab and select the #2 option, “Buy with Credit Card”.

3. After the “Buy Episodes with Credit Card” window pops up, click the “Enter the Gift Certificate or Coupon Code” button.

4. Enter your coupon code in the box provided and click “Apply”. Then, enter your form of payment and click continue to receive your discount.

So be sure to cash in on this offer and stock up on your Family Feud on Facebook episodes today! Remember that this offer only lasts until January 14th!

Are you getting your nutrition? Every morning, you should be eating a balanced breakfast! Orange juice is good, some toast with some peanut butter – perhaps some cereal. If you’re feeling adventurous, how about some pickles on a roll?

Whatever you eat, you gotta eat something! It’s the most important meal of the day! So go eat, even if it’s not the morning, it counts.

Toaster Kitchen & Bath
Microwave Kitchen & Bath
Toaster Oven Kitchen & Bath
American Breakfast Food
Basket of Rolls Food

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Bowl of Cereal Food
Box of Cereal Food
Orange Juice Food
Peanut Butter Jar Food
Pickle Jar Food

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